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Measuring your way towards a successful application - 2012-10-04 - Google Developer Group DevFest Kuala Lumpur
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Measuring your way towards a successful application - 2012-10-04 - Google Developer Group DevFest Kuala Lumpur


This was a presentation given to 650+ developers at GDG DevFest Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) 2012. The event was organised by the Google Developer Group (GDG) Kuala Lumpur chapter and supported by Google …

This was a presentation given to 650+ developers at GDG DevFest Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) 2012. The event was organised by the Google Developer Group (GDG) Kuala Lumpur chapter and supported by Google Southeast Asia.

This talk covers the ways developers and product managers can leverage measurement practices to grow their user base. We look at identifying and tracking the right KPIs and goals. Then we explore implementing advanced Google Analytics features to track meaningful goals. We conclude with best practices for analyzing Google Analytics reports for actionable insights.

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  • 1. Sparkline Analytics Measuring Your Way Towards a aar Successful ey a kum Application Vino a j Vij arklin ea naly tics. c om a j@sp vino oaj @vin plus .co /vvg vnjv din vv linke .co/ vnjv
  • 2. Sparkline Analytics About this presentation •  Presented at Google Developer Group DevFest 2012. •  Presented on Thu 4 Oct 2012 at Berjaya Times Square (Kuala Lumpur). •  PDF copy available at http://vnjv.co/devfestkl @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 3. Are you a Growth Hacker? •  Recommended reading: http://vnjv.co/SjbjjqSparkline Analytics •  Scale for growth •  Part developer / part marketer @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 4. Measurement framework for growthSparkline Analytics @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 5. Sparkline Analytics Today @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 6. •  Vinny Sparkline Analytics •  2012 - Chief Consultant /Sparkline Analytics Founder – Sparkline Analytics •  2007-12 – Senior Conversion Specialist, Google Southeast Asia @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 7. Measurement framework for growthSparkline Analytics @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 8. How it’s usually done Implement measurement tool Learn to use measurement toolSparkline Analytics Read all reports Try and find some meaning in the data Do nothing (inertia) @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 9. How it’s usually done Implement measurement tool Learn to use measurement toolSparkline Analytics Read all reports Try and find some meaning in the data Do nothing (inertia) @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 10. … you wont go far unless youSparkline Analyticsknow where the goal posts are.Arnold H. Glasgow Why Goals? aar a kum ey a j Vij tics. c om Vino arklin ea naly a j@sp vino oaj @vin plus .co /vvg vnjv din vv linke .co/ vnjv
  • 11. 4 Google Analytics Goal Types Goal Type Goal Triggered By … … page visitor lands on URL Destination (e.g. /thankyou.html)Sparkline Analytics … time spent on the site Time on Site during a session … number of pages visited Pages/Visit in a session … a dynamic event (e.g. Event clicked on a video play button) on a page @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus 11
  • 12. Setting Meaningful Goals Free Paid Loyalty / Awareness Users Users WOM # impressions # signups # paid users Return visits # new visits # referrals # sales # mentionsSparkline Analytics KPIs # mentions # in-app # referrals purchases Time on site User signs up User upgraded Referral made (new visitors) Referral made Product Referral signup Pages / purchased Goals session (new Referral signup visitors) In-app purchase made Macro ($) @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 13. Other Uses for Goals •  Flow Visualization •  Multi-Channel Funnels Sparkline Analytics •  Intelligence Events •  Advanced Segments @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 14. Measurement framework for growthSparkline Analytics @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 15. Sparkline Analytics Google Analytics @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 16. Track Behaviour BehaviourSparkline Analytics Entry Exit Engagement @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus 1 6
  • 17. The GA Async Tracking Code Look for _gaq stack and execute queued HTML5: Execute commands script asynchronouslySparkline Analytics Dynamically load the ga.js tracking library @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus 1 7
  • 18. Customizing Your Tracking Code <script type="text/javascript"> •  Tracking across var _gaq = _gaq || []; multiple domains or _gaq.push([_setAccount, UA-23181160-1]); _gaq.push([_setDomainName, conversionplaybook.com]); subdomains. _gaq.push([_setAllowLinker, true]); _gaq.push([_trackPageview]); •  Setting/reading/Sparkline Analytics deleting custom (function() { var ga = document.createElement(script); ga.type = text/ variables. javascript; ga.async = true; ga.src = (https: == document.location.protocol ? https:// •  Other ssl : http://www) + .google-analytics.com/ga.js; var s = document.getElementsByTagName(script)[0]; customizations. s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s); See API docs at })(); http://vnjv.co/ </script> gamethods @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 19. The __utm.gif hit __utm.gif?utmwv=6.3&utmn=101027544&utmsr=1280x854&utmsc=32- bit&utmul=en&utmje=1&utmjv=1.5&utmfl=7.0 r24&utmdt=My %20Website&utmhn=www.site.com&utmp=/ index.html&utmac=UA-51244-4&utmcc=__utma %3D117945243.823564440.1131054947.1131080858.1133834608.4%Sparkline Analytics 3B+__utmb%3D117945243%3B+__utmc%3D117945243%3B+__utmz %3D117945243.1131054947.3.2.utmccn%3D%28Spring%20Sale %29%7Cutmcsr%3D%28google%29%7Cutmcmd%3D%28ppc%29% %7Cutmtm%3D%28shoes%29%3B Screen Resolution: 1280x854 Page Title: My Website Screen Colors: 32-bit Hostname: www.site.com Browser Language: English(en) Filename: /index.html Java Enabled? Yes (1) Google Analytics Account: UA-51244-4 Java Version: 1.5 Visits: 4   Flash Version: 7.0r24 Campaign: Spring Sale | Google(PPC) | shoes   http://vnjv.co/gagifparams @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 20. Sparkline Analytics What about the 1-page App/Site? @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus 2 0
  • 21. Enter Event Tracking •  Track events on your site •  Detect events and trigger tracking callSparkline Analytics _gaq.push([_trackEvent, Purpose Example category, Group of objects being Rating Buttons action, tracked Type of user interaction Click opt_label, with the object opt_value]); Additional info about Thumbs down the event Numerical data about -1 the event @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus 2 1
  • 22. Sparkline Analytics YouTube Video Tracking Example http://vnjv.co/ytgaevts @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 23. How did visitors interact with my videos? (Action)Sparkline Analytics @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 24. Sparkline Analytics Which videos were played? (Label) @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 25. Custom Variables: Extended Measurement Model BehaviourSparkline Analytics Entry Exit Engagement 125+ Metrics and Dimensions + X Custom Variables = Custom Measurement Platform @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus 2 5
  • 26. Custom Variables • _setCustomVar(index, name, value, opt_scope); •  index – position to store and transmit the variable (1 to 5)Sparkline Analytics •  name – variable name (e.g. “member-type”) (case sensitive) •  value – variable value (e.g. “premium”) (case sensitive) •  opt_scope – 1:visitor-level; 2:session-level; 3:page- level (default: 3) • _setCustomVar(1, ‘foo’, ‘bar’, 2); @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 27. Visitor Level Custom Variables •  Stays with the visitor across multiple visits to the site. •  Cannot store personally identifiable information.Sparkline Analytics _setCustomVar( 1, ‘MembershipLevel’, ‘Platinum’, 1); @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 28. Session Level Custom Variables •  Labels a session. •  Variable is discarded once session ends. _setCustomVar(Sparkline Analytics 3, ‘UsedChatWidget’, ‘true’, 2); @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 29. Page Level Custom Variables •  Useful for content grouping. •  Identify groups of pages according to attributes other than the page URL.Sparkline Analytics _setCustomVar( 5, ‘Author’, ‘John Jane Doe’, 3); @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 30. Measure social interactionsSparkline Analytics @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 31. Setup for +1 button •  Setup for the button: NoneSparkline Analytics •  The +1 button on your website is already tracked. @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 32. Sparkline Analytics Setup for other networks _trackSocial(network, action, target_url); @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 33. Copy & paste Twitter & Facebook codeSparkline Analytics http://code.google.com/apis/analytics/docs/tracking/gaTrackingSocial.html @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 34. Sparkline Analytics MilkADeal.com @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 35. <!– Email share button: --> <a onclick="showMailer(&#039;Check out MilkADeal for huge discounts in Malaysia! Here is my referral link: http://milkadeal.com/r/&#039;);return false;" href="#"><div id="lnkMail"></div></a>Sparkline Analytics <!– Functions to track email share button usage: --> <script> function showMailer(myBody){ _gaTrack(); $(".winMessage").html(myBody); $("#mailer").modal(); } function _gaTrack() { _gaq.push([_trackSocial, email, share]); } </script> @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 36. What value do socially-engaged visitors hold?Sparkline Analytics @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 37. Sparkline Analytics Socially-Engaged Conversions @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 38. Sparkline Analytics Encourage email sharing @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 39. Sparkline Analytics @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 40. Sparkline Analytics Social Listening @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 41. Sparkline Analytics Social Sources @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 42. Sparkline Analytics Social Sources @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 43. Sparkline Analytics Social Sources @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 44. Sparkline Analytics Social Sources @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 45. Sparkline Analytics Social Conversations @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 46. Mobile Tracking HTML & Applications WAP iPhone  Sparkline Analytics Windows     Mobile   Pearl  &  Curve   Android   Blackberry   http://code.google.com/apis/analytics/docs/tracking/mobileAppsTracking.html @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus 4 6
  • 47. Sparkline Analytics Tracking Feature Phones @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus 4 7
  • 48. Tracking Your Mobile Site •  Provided with server-side code to generate the calls to Google Analytics •  Will track all web-enabled devices, not just JS- andSparkline Analytics cookie-capable devices •  Currently provide code snippets for PHP, Perl, JSP, and ASPX platforms @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus 4 8
  • 49. Sparkline Analytics Server-to-Server Communications Secure Google Servers Website Server Request pixel: Send /ga.php?.... request to GA servers @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus 4 9
  • 50. Google Analytics Mobile SDK •  Native App Tracking •  Unique UsersSparkline Analytics •  Pageviews •  Events •  Ecommerce •  Custom Variables •  Android Market Referrals @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 51. Setting Up A Tracker Object In An Activity import com.google.android.apps.analytics.GoogleAnalyticsTracker; public class UserActivity extends Activity { GoogleAnalyticsTracker tracker; Sparkline Analytics protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { ... tracker = GoogleAnalyticsTracker.getInstance(); tracker.startNewSession("UA-xxx-y", this); ... } @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus 5
  • 52. Pageviews & Event Tracking tracker.trackPageView(/homeScreen);Sparkline Analytics tracker.trackEvent( HomeScreenButtons, Rate App, Click ); @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 53. Dispatching Events •  Tracked data is queued and dispatched in bundles •  Saves battery life •  Can track while users are offlineSparkline Analytics tracker.dispatch(); - or - tracker.start("UA-xxx-y", 20, this); @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus 5
  • 54. Tracking In-App Purchases •  How much revenue does my application generate? •  Which products are most popular?Sparkline Analytics @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 55. Sparkline Analytics Reporting In App Purchases @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 56. Measurement framework for growthSparkline Analytics @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 57. Sparkline Analytics View your Data in Context •  Goal conversion rates •  Ecommerce values @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 58. Sparkline Analytics The default view is OK … @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 59. But conversion context is much more powerful …Sparkline Analytics @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 60. Sparkline Analytics Advanced Segments @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus 60
  • 61. Sparkline Analytics MY vs non-MY Visits @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 62. Sparkline Analytics Traffic Segmented @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 63. Sparkline Analytics Insights through Segments @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 64. Advanced Segments: The Choice is Yours Visitor Profile New vs. Returning Geographic Distribution Language Mobile vs. Desktop BrowsersSparkline Analytics Behaviour Engagement (Time-on-Site, Pageviews) Became a Member Requested a Trial Channels Brand vs non-Brand Keywords Paid vs non-Paid Search Paid vs Organic Direct vs Referral @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus 6 4
  • 65. Intelligence Events Speaker Notes •  Google Analytics (GA) Intelligence Events aim to surface the unknown unknowns for your business through your web analytics data. •  Constantly monitors your data and alerts you whenever there are any significant changes (+ve or – ve). •  Highlights specific areas to focus on and investigate.Sparkline Analytics @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 66. Intelligence Events & Shoes of Prey Speaker Notes •  Case Study: Shoes of Prey •  Download full case study at http://vnjv.co/sopgaia Sparkline Analytics @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 67. Speaker Notes •  A spike in intelligence alerts with an unexpected surge in traffic from referrals. Sparkline Analytics @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 68. Speaker Notes •  Analyzing the referrals, Shoes of Prey saw a surge in traffic from polkadotbride.com •  Engagement from that source is also pretty healthy. High time on site and pages/visit.Sparkline Analytics @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 69. 10% increase in sales Speaker Notes “We knew that their [Polka Dot Bride’s] audience would be receptive and it was a natural choice to partner with them,” he says. “Together we ran a competition for their readers to design and win a pair of wedding shoes on Shoes of Prey. This helped kick-start the launch ofSparkline Analytics our range of wedding shoes, and we’re seeing great sales as a result.” Michael credits the 10% uplift in sales following the release of the new wedding shoe range to this intelligent approach. @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 70. “So much happens around us that we don’t always know, and Intelligence Alerts allows us to becomeSparkline Analytics aware of these ‘unknown unknowns’ and make sure we’re responding effectively.” Michael Fox, Co-Founder & Director of Operations, Shoes of Prey @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 71. Measurement framework for growthSparkline Analytics @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 72. Sparkline Analytics A/B/Multivariate Testing Speaker Notes •  HiPPO = Highest Paid Person’s Opinion •  Democratize creativity •  Take the HiPPO out of the equation @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 73. Sparkline Analytics Google Content Experiments @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 74. Sparkline Analytics Things to do Tomorrow @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 75. Measurement framework for growth Define your micro- and macro-conversionsSparkline Analytics •  Mobile •  Event Tracking •  Custom Variables •  Social Interactions •  View data in context •  Segment •  Review Intelligence Events @vinoaj | vnjv.co/vvgplus
  • 76. Sparkline Analytics aar a j Vij ey a kum tics. c om Q&A Vino arklin ea naly a j@sp vino @vinoaj oaj @vin plus .co /vvg vnjv din vv linke .co/ vnjv