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Gamc2010   05 - optimizing adwords campaigns via google analytics - lianne mateo and iris cheng - google
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Gamc2010 05 - optimizing adwords campaigns via google analytics - lianne mateo and iris cheng - google


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Published in: Technology, Design

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  • 1. Google Analytics Optimizing Adwords Campaigns with Google Analytics Lianne Mateo and Iris Cheng, Google Analytics Specialists Google Confidential and Proprietary 1
  • 2. 2
  • 3. What are your AdWords goals for 2010? “I want to open my email every morning and see at least 3 new orders” “I’d like to increase sales by 15%” “At least 40 visits to my website every day” 3
  • 4. Improving Online Campaign Performance Google Confidential and Proprietary 4
  • 5. The Google Store Story SALES 5
  • 6. The Google Store Story Linked AdWords to Analytics & set up his goals. Enabled E-Commerce and Site Search 6
  • 7. Sergey asks... Where are my visits and sales coming from? Should I be running a global campaign or should I focus my efforts on specific markets? 7
  • 8. Which Markets Are Interested? Map Overlay Report 8
  • 9. Which Markets are Interested? Singapore Singapore Total Visits: 7,835 Total Visits: 7,835 0.26% Goal Conversion Goal Value: $0.08 Per Visit 20 visits have completed an Visits: $626.80 Total Value of order. 9
  • 10. Which Markets are Interested? Singapore: Total Revenue: $837.41 Thailand: Total Revenue: $1,308.13 10
  • 11. Which Markets are Interested? Making Sense of Your Data Thailand If you can optimize your Total Visits: 2,901 account to double the Per Visit Goal Value: $0.11 visits from Thailand… Total Value: $319.11 Total Value of Visits $638.22 11
  • 13. Sergey’s Next Steps 1 Add Thailand and other profitable countries/cities to his AdWords location targeting. 2 Create a new campaign in Thai language. 3 Offer special discounts/promotions to further increase sales. 13
  • 14. Sergey asks... What keywords do customers use to find me? Are my keywords profitable? I need more keyword cash cows! 14
  • 15. Expanding Keyword List Traffic Sources Report >Keywords
  • 16. Expanding Keyword List Which keywords are profitable? “google store” Total Visits: 18,666 Per Visit Goal Value: $0.65 Conversion Rate: 0.84% Revenue: $12,206.93.
  • 17. Content Report >Site Search 17
  • 18. Expanding Keyword List Site Search Report “blogger” “baseball” “Google Apps Bumper Stickers” 18
  • 19. Expanding Keyword List “10 13101” 19
  • 20. Expanding Keyword List 20
  • 22. Sergey’s Next Steps 1 Find profitable non-paid keywords in the Keyword Report and include these in his keyword list. 2 Include products users are searching for in his keyword list based on the most searched terms in the Site Search report. Google store Blogger shirt Android shirt Keyword Bucket 22
  • 23. Sergey asks... Which sites send me the most visits and quality traffic? Is Facebook my BFF? What sites do my users visit before they get to the Google Store? 23
  • 24. Where are my users coming from? Traffic Sources>Referring Sites 24
  • 25. Where are my users coming from? “” Total Visits: 1 Per Visit Goal Value: $0.00 Conversion Rate: 0.00% 25
  • 26. Where are my users coming from? Site Exclusion Tool 26
  • 27. Where are my users coming from? “” Total Visits: 200 Per Visit Goal Value: $0.24 Conversion Rate: 2.44% 27
  • 29. Sergey’s Next Steps 1 Find websites which bring low-quality visits and exclude them using the Site Exclusion tool in AdWords. 2 Placement-target high-performing sites to increase his ad exposure and potential sales. Find similar sites by using Google Trends. 29
  • 30. Sergey asks... Are my ads, keywords and landing pages effective? Is my website sticky enough? Users, please don’t go! 30
  • 31. Bounces are Single-Page Visits 31
  • 32. Are Users Leaving My Site? Ad Text Keyword Landing Page 32
  • 33. Are Users Leaving My Site? “google kids” “google for kids” Are they relevant to your landing page? 33
  • 34. Are Users Leaving My Site? Is your best keyword linked to your best ad text?
  • 35. Identify High-Bounce Pages Does my landing page match the keyword and the ad? Did I deliver what the users are expecting? Do I need to fix this page? 35
  • 37. Sergey’s Next Steps 1 Analyze the relationship and performance of keywords, ad text and landing pages. Make sure all three are in sync. 2 Optimize keywords that have high bounce rates. 3 Experiment with ad text variations for best performing ads. 4 Choose appropriate landing pages. If landing page matches keywords and ad text, consider optimizing the webpage (try Website Optimizer). 37
  • 38. It’s A Wrap! Google Confidential and Proprietary 38
  • 39. Are You Ready? The 3 Things I Need To Do After This Event… 1 Link Your AdWords to Your Analytics Account. 2 Set your goal page and goal value. 3 Set-up e-commerce. 39
  • 40. Are You Ready? The Five Reports You’ll Love 1 Map Overlay 2 Traffic Sources Report 3 Site Search 4 Bounce Rate 5 Goal & Ecommerce 40
  • 41. Thank You! Google Confidential and Proprietary 41