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Sa technologies inc capabilities & qualifications

  1. 1. CAPABILITIES AND QUALIFICATIONS1| 2700 Augustine Dr. Suite 285 Santa Clara CA 95054 Ph. (408) 400 3900 F: 650 963 3238 Website:
  2. 2. CAPABILITIES AND QUALIFICATIONSTable of Contents 1. Executive Summary 3 2. Corporate Overview 4 Clients 4 SA TECHNOLOGIES Financial Stability 5 Company Organization 5 Competitive Strengths 6 3. Service and Solutions Overview 8 IT Consulting Services 8 Staffing – Contract and Permanent Placement 8 Recruiting Practices 8 Sourcing Methods 9 Innovative Recruitment Quality Programs 10 SA TECHNOLOGIES Managed Solutions 11 4. Delivery 12 Service Delivery Continuum 12 5. Why SA TECHNOLOGIES? 13 Commitment to Quality 13 Process Improvement 13 Management Commitment 13 Training and Development Program 14 Comprehensive Benefits Program 15 2 | 2700 Augustine Dr. Suite 285 Santa Clara CA 95054 Ph. (408) 400 3900 F: 650 963 3238 Website:
  3. 3. CAPABILITIES AND QUALIFICATIONS1. Executive SummarySA TECHNOLOGIES has been providing information technology talent and solutions to private andpublic sector clients since 2002. We bring over Nine years of experience to bear in the delivery oftechnical and human capital solutions.Over the course of the last 9 years, SA TECHNOLOGIES has continuously evolved in response to clientneeds with enhanced service lines, expanded presence, and flexible, client-centric delivery models.We help our clients achieve business and cost containment objectives through IT Solutions and byproviding the expertise, processes, and tools necessary to maximize productivity and createcompetitive advantage. From contract resources to turnkey technical services, SA TECHNOLOGIES hasevolved into a full-spectrum provider and partner for the IT and business communities.Our sole mission is the enhancement of client productivity and profitability across the requirementsspectrum including:IT Consulting – a foundation for today’s scalable IT workforce by providing single consultantsor an entire teamManaged Solutions – distinct practices that address a wide range of technical requirementsthrough hybrid or turnkey solutionsSoftware Development and Production SupportSA TECHNOLOGIES is a Certified Woman owned, Minority owned business.SA TECHNOLOGIES is an Oracle Certified Partner, SAP Certified Partner and IBM CognosCertified Partner.SA TECHNOLOGIES was ranked #15 in top 50 Businesses in San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CAand No 86 in Top IT Services Companies in USA. In 2008, Inc 5000 also listed SATECHNOLOGIES as No 595 in top 5000 fastest growing private companies with a growth of548.6%.OUR TECHNOLOGICAL SPECIALITY is ERP (Oracle E-Business Suite, SAP, Peoplesoft, Siebel)Data warehouse, Database Administration (Oracle, MSSQL), Business Intelligence (OBIEE,Business Object, Cognos, Microstrategy), Web Application Development (Java, .Net, PHP, Coldfusion, Ruby on Rails) SOA, Fusion Middleware, Mobile Application Development (iPhone,Android etc), SAAS and Cloud Computing 3 | 2700 Augustine Dr. Suite 285 Santa Clara CA 95054 Ph. (408) 400 3900 F: 650 963 3238 Website:
  4. 4. CAPABILITIES AND QUALIFICATIONS2. Corporate OverviewFounded and incorporated in 2002, SA TECHNOLOGIES has grown from a regional business in theWestern and Southwestern U.S. into an international organization through a series of internalexpansions and acquisitions. Drawing upon its expertise in IT human capital recruitment andmanagement, SA TECHNOLOGIES developed a range of technical services and process solutions. Today,SA TECHNOLOGIES supports our clients in the fulfillment of a wide range of discrete, mission criticalprojects and ongoing business requirements.Some of our top clients include:MOTOROLA HERBALIFE SAP AMERICALOGITECH ORACLE CORPORATION MEREDITH CORPJPMC SONY CORPORATION FUJITSU AMERICASHAKLEE BLOOM ENERGY NOLTCI-SPX TRIMBLE NAVIGATION CISCO SYSTEMSHITACHI DATA SYSTEMS CASH EDGE ADT SECURITY SYSTEMSAPPLE SMUD STATE OF OREGONSTATE OF NEBRASKA STATE OF GEORGIA UCLAPIMA COUNTY COUNTY OF LA HP ENTERPRISE SERVICESOver the last 8 years, SA TECHNOLOGIES has evolved, often ahead of the Industry. Our reputation asan IT expert is built on our founders and Managers three decades of experience as a full-spectrumsource for the IT community.We have more than 300 employees and consultants nationwide. With 5 offices across the US andmore expansion is expected in the upcoming year. We have additional offices in India and Singaporeand 200,000 resumes in our database of IT professionals; we support clients with an internationalscope. 4 | 2700 Augustine Dr. Suite 285 Santa Clara CA 95054 Ph. (408) 400 3900 F: 650 963 3238 Website:
  5. 5. CAPABILITIES AND QUALIFICATIONS Chicago, IL New York, NYSan Clara, CA Phoenix, AZ Dallas, TX Corporate Office SA TECHNOLOGIES Financial Stability SA TECHNOLOGIES has provided IT Consulting, Software Development, resource management, and project support to leading private and public organizations and agencies at all levels for more than 9 years. As such, SA TECHNOLOGIES continues to maintain and grow its position as an industry-leading IT Consulting, Software Development and managed solutions firm. SA TECHNOLOGIES is a Certified Minority Women Owned business, Certified USPAACC Asian American Business and Utility Supplier Clearing House Certified. SAT is also an Oracle Certified Partner, SAP Certified Service Partner and IBM Cognos Certified Partner. Company Organization In selecting an IT Consulting Partner, many organizations look for a company with National presence and local consulting resources for each office site. SA TECHNOLOGIES has the organizational structure and internal resources to support our customers nationally while remaining focused on their local needs at each site. We have offshore development centers in Singapore and India. With corporate headquarters in Santa Clara, California, and offices strategically placed throughout the United States, SA TECHNOLOGIES is able to support all of its customers locally. Every office has full access to the complete range of corporate resources and is connected to a national wide-area network, to a national email system, and to our proprietary web-based recruiting tools. Each branch office has flexibility within our common business practices to address the unique challenges of your local requirements while receiving centralized support from corporate resources. This maximizes our recruiting efficiency because each office is familiar with the local recruiting environment and provides a local account team to attend to our customers’ needs. 5 | 2700 Augustine Dr. Suite 285 Santa Clara CA 95054 Ph. (408) 400 3900 F: 650 963 3238 Website:
  6. 6. CAPABILITIES AND QUALIFICATIONSCompetitive StrengthsWe believe that our competitive strengths differentiate us from our competitors and haveallowed us to successfully create a sustainable and scalable national IT Consulting servicesbusiness. Our competitive strengths include:National and International footprint: We believe our name, high-quality consultant base, andbroad geographic presence gives our clients a distinct advantage. We currently engageapproximately 300 consultants and offer a wide range of IT consulting expertise, including ERP,Database Administration, Analysis and Data warehousing, Web Application development andintegration, application programming and development, client/server development, systemssoftware architecture and design, systems engineering and systems integration. Our coast-to-coast presence of 5 offices allows us to meet the needs of our clients on a national basis, aswell as build local relationships. For our large customers that have multiple IT centers in theU.S., our geographic coverage allows us to provide consistent high quality service through asingle point of contact.Our Employee Base: We believe our strength is our employees. With over 300 experts in ourconsulting practice carrying tons of experience allows us to deliver the best to our clients. Ouremployees are our biggest Asset. Each employee has a story to tell. They have achievedmilestones and are expert in their areas.Focus on IT services: Unlike many of our competitors, we are focused on the IT sector. As aresult, we are able to commit our resources and capital towards a focused goal.Substantial and diverse customer base: Our diversified client base covers a broad spectrum ofvertical markets, including financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing, informationtechnology, government, pharmaceutical, transportation, and health care.Extensive recruiting channels, as well as effective hiring process: The placement of highlyskilled personnel requires operational and technical knowledge to effectively recruit and screenpersonnel, match them to client needs, and develop and manage the resulting relationships. Wemaintain a proprietary database that contains more than 300,000 candidates, and we alsorecruit through the Internet, local and national advertising, and trade shows. Additionally, wehave a National Recruiting Center in the U.S. and an offshore recruiting center in India. All ofthese resources assist us in locating qualified candidates quickly, often within 48 hours of aclient placement request. We believe that our operational expertise provide us with acompetitive advantage in meeting the demanding time-to-market requirements for placement ofthese candidates.Complementary service offerings: In addition to IT staffing, we offer our customersresource/human capital management services, project solutions, and permanent placement ofIT professionals, which help us to build and enhance our relationships with new and existingclients.Proven management team: Our management team has significant staffing industry experience.SA TECHNOLOGIES is a leader in the industry. The SA TECHNOLOGIES Management Teamcontinues to successfully implement that vision by combining decades of solid businessexperience with an energetic, innovative management style. 6 | 2700 Augustine Dr. Suite 285 Santa Clara CA 95054 Ph. (408) 400 3900 F: 650 963 3238 Website:
  7. 7. CAPABILITIES AND QUALIFICATIONSSA TECHNOLOGIES - Strategic Accounts Program: We operate a Strategic Accounts Programthat has both a client- and industry-specific focus to ensure that relevant resources are availableto and have an understanding of our clients’ industries. This program serves as a formal butflexible framework providing SA TECHNOLOGIES with the concentration, responsibility, andaccountability that enables us to proactively address the expectations of our national clients.The continued industry-specific focus of our strategic management team results in theirongoing growth in key competencies, understanding of industry culture, and knowledge of theenvironment in which these clients do business. Another extremely beneficial feature of theprogram is its provision for both “lateral” and “vertical” accountability.Scalable infrastructure: We have a scalable information technology and transaction processinginfrastructure. Our back-office functions, including payroll, billing, accounts payable,collections, and financial reporting, are consolidated in our shared services center in SantaClara, California. We believe this infrastructure will facilitate our internal growth strategy andallow us to continue to integrate acquisitions rapidly. 7 | 2700 Augustine Dr. Suite 285 Santa Clara CA 95054 Ph. (408) 400 3900 F: 650 963 3238 Website:
  8. 8. 3. Service and Solutions OverviewIT Consulting ServicesSA TECHNOLOGIES specializes in providing consulting services in the following areas:ERP (Oracle E-Business Suite, SAP, Peoplesoft, Siebel) Data warehouse, DatabaseAdministration (Oracle, MSSQL), Business Intelligence (OBIEE, Business Object, Cognos,Microstrategy), Web Application Development (Java, .Net, PHP, Cold fusion, Ruby on Rails)SOA, Fusion Middleware, Mobile Application Development (iPhone, Android etc), SAAS andCloud Computing.Whether you want us to take charge of the whole project or you want to manage on your ownand just need our consulting experts to help you deliver the best, SA technologies has a provensuccessful track record.Staffing – Contract and Permanent PlacementSA TECHNOLOGIES’ core competency is the delivery of Information Technology resources whoseskills, experience, and aptitudes match the specific criteria designated by our clients and whoseindustry vertical experience and personal traits most closely align with client culture andoperating environment. With a nationwide network of consultants and a database of 300,000resumes, we are uniquely positioned to provide qualified candidates that meet all positionrequirements, including the hard-to-fill positions. Since our founding, we have earned areputation for providing effective and responsive recruiting and client support processes. Wesupport clients throughout the United States from our nationwide network of branch offices. Werecruit IT talent locally, nationally, and internationally.SA TECHNOLOGIES recognizes the importance of recruiting the best and the brightest talent.We’ve built a reputation for providing skilled IT contractors to industry-leading firms and publicsector clients. Whether our client needs to meet a critical deadline, ensure the accuracy of animportant deliverable, or simply fill an IT staff position, we understand how important it is tomeet every client requirement with the best person available.To that end, SA TECHNOLOGIES employs various measures to recruit qualified consultants. SATECHNOLOGIES employs an industry-superior recruiting force, that search for technicallyqualified candidates in multiple ways, including the Internet, local and national advertising,consultant referrals and current SA TECHNOLOGIES contractors who are completing theirassignments. SA TECHNOLOGIES also utilizes the network of referral relationships it has builtwithin the industry and searches among other qualified consultants who have completed theirassignments. The following paragraphs provide an overview of our approach.Recruiting PracticesTo ensure the requisite criteria are met on every placement, it is critical to have a thorough andrigorous recruiting process. Over the years, SA TECHNOLOGIES has continually refined andimproved its recruiting process to capture the best practices in our industry. Our approach isrooted in two key elements: 8| 2700 Augustine Dr. Suite 285 Santa Clara CA 95054 Ph. (408) 400 3900 F: 650 963 3238 Website:
  9. 9. CAPABILITIES AND QUALIFICATIONSGreat recruiting starts with great relationships. The better we understand the client’senvironment, the better we can do at providing the right people. Great relationships areenhanced by great feedback. In today’s competitive landscape, candidates often have multipleopportunities. Quick and detailed feedback between SA TECHNOLOGIES and our businesspartners often makes the difference in getting the right candidate or not.SA TECHNOLOGIES’ recruiting methodology is predicated on the foundation of great relationshipsand feedback. The number one key to successfully recruiting the right candidate for the job,understands the job. SA TECHNOLOGIES ensures this understanding by conducting a “requirementqualification call” with the hiring manager. Present on the call (or meeting) is the BusinessRelationship Manager and the Recruiter that will be recruiting for the position. The BusinessRelationship Manager utilizes a standardized document that creates the template from which theywill recruit. Once the call is completed, the Recruiter is solely responsible for finding the correctcandidate for the job. Using the myriad of tools available – including other Recruiters in the officeand region, they seek to find the best three candidates, not the first three candidates for the job.A key factor in this process is that the hiring manager has full access to the Recruiter throughout theprocess – a great flow of information develops as the Recruiter works on behalf of the hiringmanager in finding the right person. Seeking to make the hiring manager’s job easier, the Recruiteris responsible for scheduling interviews, getting follow-up, and dealing with any questions along theway. The Business Relationship Manager continues to be involved – making sure that the processmoves along smoothly and is always ready to step in and assist in any way necessary.The SA TECHNOLOGIES process uses many common steps along the way. They include:Requirement Qualification Call (or meeting) with customer hiring manager(s) to review/confirmjob requirements and skills, number of personnel, work environment, culture, other informationInitial candidate selection Screening interview (by phone) Detailed face to face interview Technical qualification utilizing Subject Matter Experts Reference checks (minimum of three) Presentation of recommended candidates to client Candidate interview and selection by client Background (employment history, criminal, education) and drug screening – in compliance with client requirements Candidate Start and regular follow-up by branch personnelSourcing MethodsSA TECHNOLOGIES recruiting team searches for technically qualified candidates in multiple ways,including the Internet, local and national advertising, consultant referrals and current SATECHNOLOGIES contractors who are completing their assignments. SA TECHNOLOGIES also utilizesthe network of referral relationships it has built within the industry. It is SA TECHNOLOGIES’experience that the best consultants are not posted in the open market, but are found by word ofmouth. Additionally, SA TECHNOLOGIES searches among other qualified consultants who havecompleted their assignments. If these searches do not produce a match to the requirement, wesearch local candidates who have recently submitted their resumes or interviewed with ourplacement managers. Candidate referrals/networking Consultant Red Hot Sheet—current SA TECHNOLOGIES consultants who are ready for redeployment 9 | 2700 Augustine Dr. Suite 285 Santa Clara CA 95054 Ph. (408) 400 3900 F: 650 963 3238 Website:
  10. 10. CAPABILITIES AND QUALIFICATIONS Available Candidate Hot Sheet Sourcing: Telemarketing/Bulletin Board (online) Walkthrough bulletin board—recent interviews International recruiting bulletin board SA TECHNOLOGIES Partner Bench Database search: Candidate Search/Requirement Search (for similar requirements) Internet sourcing Job fairs Outplacement firms: Downsizing/Military Approved subcontractors Technical schools Direct recruiting (cold calling)Innovative Recruitment Quality ProgramsSA TECHNOLOGIES also has other SA TECHNOLOGIES-developed proprietary programs to furthersatisfy requirements and to promote improvement in overall recruitment efficiency and quality:SA TECHNOLOGIES Elite Recruiting Team: SA TECHNOLOGIES Elite Recruiting team is comprised ofa group of highly proficient SA TECHNOLOGIES Recruiters across multiple SA TECHNOLOGIES offices.This team will be deployed on demand to any branch to support: Large client projects with quick turnaround requirements Client needs for extremely hard to find skill sets Branch requirement overflowSA TECHNOLOGIES Pipeline Recruiting Program: Our new candidate incentive programencourages pipelining of new candidates into our database and provides a constant flow of qualifiedcandidates to submit on jobs through searching and referrals. When a Recruiter brings in a newcandidate and pre-qualifies that candidate completing the “SA TECHNOLOGIES WalkthroughRequirements, all other recruiters have visibility to the pipelined candidate and have compensationincentives to qualify, submit and place these candidates. Pipelining quality candidates into ourdatabase will allow us to make faster better quality submittals.Recruiting Certified Lead Program: SA TECHNOLOGIES Certified Lead Recruiters are responsible forsatisfying all of the responsibilities of the Recruiter and in addition have responsibilities unique totheir lead role, including training new Recruiters, mentoring recruiters within the branch /department and providing various reports and assuring the recruiting staff adheres to systemrequirements, productivity metrics, etc. SA TECHNOLOGIES Lead Recruiters also take part on a dailybasis in job requirement prioritization. This program ensures that the client will receive high quality,consistent recruiting methodology regardless of client location/in every SA TECHNOLOGIES branch.SA TECHNOLOGIES Excellence in Performance: (EIP) is a methodology around improving ourindividual/collective performance in the key areas that we deem most critical in growing ourbusiness effectively. The EIP brings a level of consistency to our coaching/feedback for continuousimprovement and provides the instrument to keep that improvement efforts top-of-mind. Thisprogram ensures that the client will receive high quality, consistent recruiting methodologyregardless of client location/in every SA TECHNOLOGIES branch. 10 | 2700 Augustine Dr. Suite 285 Santa Clara CA 95054 Ph. (408) 400 3900 F: 650 963 3238 Website:
  11. 11. CAPABILITIES AND QUALIFICATIONSSA TECHNOLOGIES Managed SolutionsSA TECHNOLOGIES’ Managed Solutions delivers a suite of specialized services and solutions thatalign technology and processes with client needs. SA TECHNOLOGIES Managed Solutions areorganized into distinct practices and service lines - offering focused capabilities and value withineach practice and complementary value across practice lines.These distinct practices support our clients in the fulfillment of a wide range of discrete, missioncritical projects and evolving business requirements. Through the smart application of technical andbusiness talent, a standardized delivery framework and proven project management methodologies,SA TECHNOLOGIES Managed Solutions consistently delivers. Managed Solutions PracticesDevelopment Solutions / SAAS & Cloud Computing Business Intelligence Analytics ERP Product LifecycleMobile Application ManagementDevelopmentBusiness Planning and SAAS BI Strategic Planning Clinical Financials Systems EngineeringExecution Utility Computing Data Warehousing & Assessments Supply Chain Mgt Product and PortfolioDevelopment and Data Integration ManagementIntegration Services Web Services Installations/Upgrades Program/Project Enterprise Business Management Product DesignTesting Solutions Platform As Service Intelligence BI Customization Customer Relationship Manufacturing ProcessBusiness Technology Internet Integration BI & DW Centre of Custom Application Management (CRM) ManagementSolutions Excellence Development Service Commerce Human Resources Product DataMobile Application Platform Information Advanced Analytics ManagementDevelopment Management Contract Accounting Code Review & TrainingMobile App Testing Data QualityKey Technologies Key Technologies Key Technologies Key Technologies Key Technologies Key Technologies/Partners /Partners /Partners /Partners /Partners /Partners.Net Apprio OBIEE Enterprise BI SAP AgileJ2ee Cisco Informatica Data Integration Studio Oracle E-Business Suite SAP PLMPHP / Cold fusion EMC Micro Strategy Enterprise Miner Siebel EnoviaWeb 2.0 Business Objects Java/JSP Peoplesoft WindchillSharepoint Microsoft Cognos SQL/Server Team CenteriPhone IBM Microsoft Data FluxAndroid Netsuite SAS TrilliumBlackberry Google InformaticaWindows Apps 11 | 2700 Augustine Dr. Suite 285 Santa Clara CA 95054 Ph. (408) 400 3900 F: 650 963 3238 Website:
  12. 12. CAPABILITIES AND QUALIFICATIONS4. DeliverySA TECHNOLOGIES provides solutions that are completely scalable and designed to deliverconsistently while maintaining the flexibility to meet each client’s individual business requirements,industry characteristics and organizational culture. SA TECHNOLOGIES teams are equally experiencedand successful in delivering quality, cost effective solutions whether working directly with clientmanagement and resources or independently on-site or at one of SA TECHNOLOGIES’ TechnologyCenters. Our teams possess a broad spectrum of experience ranging from managing existingprojects to developing turnkey systems.SA TECHNOLOGIES’ wide range of services and flexible yet well-defined delivery model allow ourManaged Solutions teams to provide clients with solutions that both comprehensively addressbusiness requirements and optimize return on technology investments.Service Delivery ContinuumFull Project Outsource (Turnkey Solution offering) - Client expects SA TECHNOLOGIES to provide a full and complete solution - SA TECHNOLOGIES owns responsibility for all aspects of project execution and delivery of contracted scope and deliverables, often using a fixed cost commercial arrangementPartial Project Outsource (Partners-in-Projects offering) - Client expects SA TECHNOLOGIES to provide a solution while maintaining control of the overall effort - SA TECHNOLOGIES owns responsibility for some aspects of project execution and delivery of contracted deliverablesStaffing Solution (Partners-in-Projects offering) - SA TECHNOLOGIES assists with the definition of a solution approach during the early stages of the engagement as well as provides additional value-add during engagement executionStaff Augmentation - SA TECHNOLOGIES augments client teams with quality contract resources. The graphic below illustrates where this offering falls in the spectrum of the SA TECHNOLOGIES service delivery model. 12 | 2700 Augustine Dr. Suite 285 Santa Clara CA 95054 Ph. (408) 400 3900 F: 650 963 3238 Website:
  13. 13. CAPABILITIES AND QUALIFICATIONS5. Why SA TECHNOLOGIES?At SA TECHNOLOGIES, our focus on quality and continuous process improvement has been essentialto building and maintaining our reputation for client service and support. Quality standards andperformance begin with senior managers who set the tone and direction with activities and initiativesthat are carried throughout the company. Our commitment to quality emphasizes:Client focus and satisfactionManagement of process qualityHuman resource development and managementLeadershipCommitment to QualitySA TECHNOLOGIES has developed a reputation for providing quality services to our client base ofFortune 500 companies. A steady growth of repeat and referral business confirms our clients’satisfaction with the quality of our work and our consistent, dependable performance. We frequentlygather feedback through client surveys and other measurement tools to assess if our qualityassurance program is as effective for our clients as it is in our own operations.Our proven strategies, plans, and resource allocations reflect our long-term commitment to quality.In addition, our focus on training, employee development, and technology evolution, also ensure thequality of the services we deliver to our clients. Long-term client commitment includes regular reviewand assessment of each client’s plans and follow-up assessment of SA TECHNOLOGIES’ progress inhelping our client reach its goals.Process ImprovementTo continually improve our technical services processes, SA TECHNOLOGIES regularly reviews, audits,and improves our business processes and methods. We fine-tune our techniques, staff, policies,procedures, and corporate goals to provide our clients with the best personnel and resourcesavailable. SA TECHNOLOGIES practices a proactive strategy for process improvement. Our fiveprocess goals, discussed in detail below, are incorporated in our business processes and operatingstrategies:Create a Positive EnvironmentIdentify Process ObjectivesIdentify Measurement CharacteristicsManage Process VariationContinually Improve the ProcessManagement CommitmentSA TECHNOLOGIES’ executive leaders are personally involved and highly visible in our day-to-dayoperations. They recognize that to compete  and succeed  in the staffing and professionalservices market, we must rely heavily on quality processes to reduce costs and increase efficiencyOur management team is committed to ensuring a quality process for our valued clients, consultantsand our entire organization. 13 | 2700 Augustine Dr. Suite 285 Santa Clara CA 95054 Ph. (408) 400 3900 F: 650 963 3238 Website:
  14. 14. CAPABILITIES AND QUALIFICATIONSTraining and Development ProgramAs IT systems and technology are upgraded frequently and become more complex, it is critical torealize that a fixed repertoire of skills or a static curriculum taught “once and for all” cannot possiblysuffice.SA TECHNOLOGIES understands this importance and continually invests in human capital withinstructions and professional development courses available to our employees. Access to thesedevelopment courses ensures that our consultants have the requisite skills for their assignments.Whether employees need specific IT courses or certification paths, knowledge is just a mouse clickaway. Application Development and Programming ERP Technologies Database Technologies Information Technology Overview Internet and Intranet Technologies Internetworking Essentials Managing Information Systems Microsoft Applications Networking Technologies Operating Systems Project Management Systems and Database Design Technical Support Web/Mobile Development Microsoft Certified Database Administrator Oracle 11g Certified Database Administrator Java Certification Project Management Professional (PMP) 14 | 2700 Augustine Dr. Suite 285 Santa Clara CA 95054 Ph. (408) 400 3900 F: 650 963 3238 Website:
  15. 15. CAPABILITIES AND QUALIFICATIONSComprehensive Benefits ProgramSA TECHNOLOGIES offers its employees and consultants comprehensive benefit plans that areamong the best in the industry. We offer several benefit plans, thereby providing the employee theflexibility to select the coverage that best meets their needs. For salaried consultants, SATECHNOLOGIES pays all or part of the cost of most benefits. Our comprehensive benefit plans arereviewed and modified as necessary to meet the changing needs of our staff and their families.SA TECHNOLOGIES consultants and staff are offered the following benefits: Medical insurance Dental insurance Paid time off (PTO) (salaried consultants only) Employee Assistance Program Employee Referral Rewards Program Business Referral Rewards Program Interest-free Computer Loan Program Employee Training Program Family and Medical Leave Program (eligible after 12 months service) Available for purchase 15 | 2700 Augustine Dr. Suite 285 Santa Clara CA 95054 Ph. (408) 400 3900 F: 650 963 3238 Website: