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  1. 1. Company’s Business:Bizhappy is a free APP for users to connect to their favorite businesses and create a favorites list, called “MainSt.” Their customized "Main St." contains convenient, relevant, real-time business information on the businessesthat matter to their life, all accessed through the Bizhappy portal from either a smart phone or online.Bizhappy is a marketing APP that helps any business instantly connect to their customers, promote theircompany, and grow their revenues. We call this “app-vertising.” The businesses live inside the Bizhappy APP.Bizhappy helps local “Main St.” businesses compete with large corporations and achieve “one-tap” cross-channelmarketing in a tech conscious and highly competitive marketplace. The Bizhappy APP can be set up andcustomized in less than 15 minutes at a cost of less than $1 per day. Bizhappy is uniquely positioned to offerinstant marketing gratification to businesses while providing customers a valuable individualized resource toconnect to the businesses that mean everything in their hectic lives.Products and Services:Businesses: Connect, Promote and Grow. Businesses now have the ability to have their business detailsaccessible on mobile devices 24/7. Business owners can create useful and profitable Bizblasts right from theirphone at any time of the day. They can design custom campaigns to drive revenue in real time without revenuesharing or waiting weeks for a special campaign to appear.Bizhappy guides business owners through the “APP Revolution” by providing a turnkey APP with 6 robustfeatures including: Relevant business details including business hours, phone number and more. Real-time messaging called “Bizblasts” for deals, specials and updates. Social integration of the Bizblast is easy: updates Facebook and Twitter in one tap Photo gallery to highlight products and services Geo-location for relevant directions Analytics for tracking the success of a Bizblast campaignCustomers: Connect, Promote and Know.Geo-location helps consumers explore their local area. Userscustomize their Bizhappy “Main St.” by saving their favorite neighborhood businesses in one location. Thisprovides for easy retrieval of useful business details and updates in real time with “one touch” and at their leisure.Customers can find new local businesses based on lifestyle changes, special occasions or travel needs. Also,they can share appealing content via social networks and e-mail. Customers have on average 18 businesses thatsupport their daily life all of which will now be located in one convenient place on their smart phone.Upcoming Features for the Businesses and their CustomersThe Bizhappy App will continually evolve by adding functions to enhance the features of the business owner andprovide an outstanding user experience. Features will include: Individual icon to live on a smart Check-in phone’s home screen Video Gallery Scheduling module for tutors, therapists Photos with Captions and other professionals Mobile Commerce Side St. – a “favorites” listing of all the “After Hours” – all the activities and businesses that support your residence events happening in a users area Text notifications Electronic Coupons
  2. 2. Development Schedule:Bizhappy started web and APP development in February 2011 and completed Version1 in December 2011.TheBizhappy APP has been tested, and is ready for sale to the South Florida market as of January 2012. Version2which includes the “Powered by Bizhappy” is being designed, framed, flow-charted and researched in Q1 of 2012.It will be developed and ready for sale before the end of Q2. The white label and multi-location versions arecurrently under development.The Bizhappy APP is available at no cost to customers on iPhone and Android markets. Other users may accessthe APP by downloading the HTML5 version, which is accessible on any device with an internet connection.Submission to the APP Store for iPad and Droid will commence in the near future along with comparable APPsfor Blackberry RIM and Windows Mobile OS.Business owners who don’t have smart phones can manage theirAPP by using our Bizhappy web module.Differentiation:The iTunes APP store and the Android Marketplace contain hundreds of thousands of APPs primarily in thegaming category. We placed Bizhappy into the business category that has “do-it-yourself” apps, some with similarfeatures but none as robust as the Bizhappy APP.Smartphone APP development for “standalone” APPs costs range between $15,000 and $50,000 greatlyexceeding the marketing budget of most small businesses. This predictably infers a continued competitivedisadvantage for small businesses compared to larger corporations with commensurately larger budgets. Inaddition, most small business owners do not have the time or the expertise to efficiently undertake a "do-it-yourself" APP development process from start to finish.Bizhappy recognizes 7 categories that can be considered for or be identified in coupon deals, social networks,local directories, business app developers, review sites, check-in sites and search engines but those models haveseveral fundamental flaws: Price…price…price we are the best priced business marketing APP provider that exists with one lump sum annual price point. Other do-it –yourself APPs are $1500-3000 for upfront development costs, along with a maintenance fee of $30-50 per month. There are often additional fees for communication by push notifications or texting. Facebook and Twitter are free like Bizhappy but a person’s business detail are distracted by a high volume of advertising and other social content that can easily allow a user to be distracted click out and head somewhere else Marketing the APP…This remains a big piece of the puzzle for the business owner. How to market it to their customers? How to get new customers? Bizhappy provides 4 key post sale support services, at no additional charge: 1. A complete Point of Sale visual aids package ranging from door decals, ceiling mobiles, table tents, checkout signs, window posters, wrist bands, buttons, etc. 2. Preformatted templates so that business owners can send emailblasts to their existing customers to let them know that they have a mobile APP 3. An ongoing touch campaign to the business owner on tips and sample templates, webinars, social media support to promote their APP in Bizhappy 4. An ongoing weekly newsletter to promote those businesses in a certain geographic area reaching thousands of people With directory and lifestyle APPS, the business owner is not in control of his/her information and is confined to a particular APPs content with significantly fewer features than what the Bizhappy APP provides Most importantly, unlike daily deal APPS, the Bizhappy APP allows the business owner to retain COMPLETE control of his/her profitability derived from their unique mobile "app-vertising" by using their Bizblasts as opposed to using daily deal companies Many APP owners are left to be the little fish in a big pond. We believe in a short amount of time there is value to being in a nation where people are searching for their favorite businesses and building their own personalized “Main St.”This critical differential, most notably relevant real-time information will drive business users and ultimately consumers to the Bizhappy Nation.
  3. 3. Price points:The Bizhappy APP has a core price of $299 per year which is affordable and attractive to our target audience ofbuyers. Our typical buyer for the Bizhappy App is a small business or a SOHO business (small office/home office)that is staffed with 1-10 professionals, with an annual advertising/marketing budget of $2000. Bizhappy isproviding them the mobile platform to app-vertise their business.There are 3 pricing tiers per year for the Bizhappy APP: 1. Free – We will offer a 1 page Bizhappy APP to any business in order to populate our search and have them appear with relevant basic business information. We will use this to up sell a business to the other 2 tiers we have available 2. $199 – This will be a 6 page business display APP to include; operating hours, photo gallery, about us, map and 6 action features. This product will have no communication functionality to the customers. 3. $299 – This is the full service APP that will have all the features mentioned above and will include a Smartphone admin panel and the Bizblasts push notification functionality. The APP will also allow the business owner to create deals, specials and updates in real time along with changing operating hours.“Powered by Bizhappy”: The Bizhappy App will provide 6 core features (mentioned above in “Products andServices”) in the base business APP for a one-time annual fee of $499(the $299 is our introductory price) with NOextra charges. Each APP will be customized with the business logo along with key details and will operate fromBizhappy servers. In version 2, Bizhappy will offer multiple deviations from this base price for the followingclasses and types of service. APP Type Opportunities APP Type Opportunities Event (90 day timed) $19 Unlimited Education $199 650,000 Personal $29 Unlimited Homeowners Assoc. $199 255,000 Sports Association $49 675,000 Multi-Location/Chain $199 975,000 Not-for-Profit $99 425,000 Convention $299 325,000 Religious $99 375,000 Business $499 10,651,000 Community $199 288,000 Professional $999 2,650,000MarketTrends: 1 billion smart phones to be sold in 2015 almost double the amount for 2011 In 2014, mobile Internet usage will overtake desktop Internet usage In 2011 6.2 billion dollars was spent on mobile APPs, Gartner, Inc. 75% of marketers are planning to add mobile? to their marketing mix in 2012: Forrester Research Woman are more likely to get an iPhone while men are more likely to get an Android: The Neilson company One billion of the world’s 4+ billion phones are smart phones Google’s Android OS has grown 886% in the last year by activating 160,000 devices per day in over 40 countries.The basis of the Bizhappy business model is simple: over 50% of businesses have mobile marketing in theirupcoming advertising plans. We intend to provide them an efficient, cost-effective,turn-key mobile marketing APPpackage that includes post-purchase APP marketing and promotional support.Our Research:Our team surveyed the market to determine the use of mobile devices in a local business setting. Our purposewas to identify those needs that existed for both customers and businesses which could be met via their smartphones and to alleviate challenges to rapid adoption of such a utility. Seventy-one percent (71%) of businessesqueried had serious interest in a smart phone APP to connect with their customers. Their main requirements werethat the APP must be useful, intuitive and affordable. There were vast variances in the online presence ofbusiness owners however, all were interested in broadening their mobile exposure and believed their customerswould embrace being a part of the process given the customers ability to build their own "Main St.”
  4. 4. Businesses and customers agreed that the most frequent over-the-phone inquires concernoperating hours, price,availability and location. Our business model evolved from the simple hypothesis that easy to locate hours ofoperation, address/directions, promotions/deals, etc. accessed via mobile could be a very profitable niche forBizhappy to fill. Further owner comments provided guidance which resulted in Bizhappy developing Point of Saledisplays and email touch campaigns for spreading the word to current customers of each business using aBizhappy APP. By meeting these criteria we set a platform that creates a Bizhappy Nation of consumers that canfind new businesses simply by scrolling via their mobile phones.Historic and projected size in dollars: Smartphone App Market Reached More Than $2.2 Billion in 2010 Markets and Markets: the total global mobile applications market is expected to be worth $25 billion by 2015 By 2015, International Data Corp predicts that 182.7 billion mobile apps will be downloaded, close to a 1600% increase from 10.7 billion apps downloaded in 2010DistributionBizhappy plans to use traditional and electronic marketing sales channels along side of viral efforts to get theword out. Public relations and branding efforts have already begun. We have already started an email campaigntargeted to businesses in South Florida and we are now looking at specific verticals that have shown interest inhaving the Bizhappy APP. Not exclusive of physicians/doctors, dentists, lawyers and accountantsSales channels:We are presentlyworking with national companies that can assist inlarge distribution networks. These companieslook for revenue opportunities as unique as Bizhappy as a value add to their existing offering. They allow a POSdisplay in their store, simply take the order and make a profit. We are targeting Go Daddy, Office Depot andStaples, Home Depot and Lowes, FedEx Stores and UPS Stores, Fast Signs and Minuteman Press, AmericanExpress and Capital One, Harland and Deluxe, Vista print and Web123. We are also targeting franchise chainsthat can use the Bizhappy APP for easy and instant entrance in to the mobile market. These companies arecatering to small businesses and Bizhappy will be a complimentary product for them.We are researching a licensing component to Bizhappy. We believe finding good people in different towns,counties and cities will give us local representation to promote our product. They will pay us a licensing fee torepresent the Bizhappy product and will get compensation on sales and growth within their territory.Affiliate programs are something we believe will help our viral marketing efforts and we have created an incentiveplan to compensate an affiliate for endorsement and referral. This program will be focused on college studentswho understand technology and will be trained on selling it in their area to earn extra money.Social media and blogging are important to our content management and we have started a daily campaign toupdate these areas to grow traffic and visibility.Partnerships:On a local level some of the easiest sales efforts are through chambers of commerce and entering into a partnerprogram. They bring instant credibility in the early stages of Bizhappy and they are looking for another revenuestream for their organization.We also believe partnering efforts has to be with the not-for –profits like foundations and organizations. We didour first partnering with The South Florida Kidney Foundation which has a monthly event. They have found theBizhappy APP to be very useful by using our push notifications to update members of an upcoming event, wereceived 3000 downloads in one week. They are now interested in becoming an Affiliate member to aid in theirown fundraising efforts.Customers:Bizhappy is supporting the business owner with a tool kit of helpful products such as ongoing touch programs,email templates, videos, and webinars. We are looking to empower the owner to get their customers to joinBizhappy and grow the nation. We believe that a good campaign will get between 100 and 300 downloads perbusiness per year.
  5. 5. Competitive Advantage:Our advantage is that we are a first mover in this sector of mobile marketing in price and depth of features as wellas post sale support. We look to stay a first mover with the second version of our APP by offering the classes ofservices named above in “Powered by Bizhappy.” This will give us penetration into high volume areas that willresult in not only revenue but eyeballs.Leadership TeamBizhappy employs a support team of web and mobile APP programmers, writers and graphic designersspecializing in web and APP development, branding, client retention, market analytics, and strong customerservice. We are currently at 7 employees.In addition to these talented team members, Bizhappy senior management consists of: Founder and CEO Vincent L. Baratta III, a 33 year veteran in retail of medical supply stores and the founder of the largest online portal for hospital and medical equipment, VP of Marketing Terri Ross, formerly the Director of Marketing and Corporate Sales for Bally Total Fitness Creative Director Osiris Santos, award winning multidisciplinary artistBizhappy plans on using a portion of the proceeds to build a leadership team and recruit specialists to build andgrow the Bizhappy model on the business side and on the customer side.FinancialHistoric and Projected P&L: stNo history available as we are launching in January 2012. As of January 31 , we had sold 438 annual mobilemarketing subscriptions.Projected: 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Sales 2,739,250 10515000 17863200 26868800 45562840 Total Exp 2,541,743 7172577 12330753 18412495 29329850 EBITDA 197,507 3342423 5532447 8456305 16232990Projected Cash Flow:We project by month 7 we will be cash flow positiveProjected Head Count:Head count in 2012 will be a total of 10 administrative, 6 specialists, 12 support staff and 15 salesHead count in 2013 will have 15 administrative, 10 specialists, 20 support staff and 50 salesCapitalization:There are 1,150,000 common shares issued and outstanding. The capital invested in Bizhappy has been $80,000in equity and $385,222 in loans.Funding RequirementsAmount:Bizhappy is seeking $5,000,000 in capital to execute our plan which includes increased infrastructure, acomprehensive marketing/public relations plan, including hiring an agency, reduce debt, continue development onVersion 2 of the APP and hirekey executives and personnel to assist in achieving our goals. The funding willfocus on business development, marketing, advertising and a comprehensive rollout of the Bizhappy APP tomillions of small businesses in the US.