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BBMRI - Biobanks, an under-used resource
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BBMRI - Biobanks, an under-used resource


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PowerPoint från "Forskningsinfrastruktur för industriella innovationer". Workshopen ägde rum i juni 2012 och anordnades av Vetenskapsrådet, VINNOVA, Industrirådet och RISE. Mer information: …

PowerPoint från "Forskningsinfrastruktur för industriella innovationer". Workshopen ägde rum i juni 2012 och anordnades av Vetenskapsrådet, VINNOVA, Industrirådet och RISE. Mer information:

Published in: Health & Medicine
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  • 1. Biobanks, an under-used resource Mark Divers Karolinska Institutet Biobank och Vinnova-VR workshop , Stockholm, juni 2012 Forskningsinfrastruktur för industriella innovationer
  • 2. But biobanking is hot!• Big interest • >$1B technology spend per year• Big population studies appeared • Hunt, deCode, UK Biobank, LifeGene, LifeLines, Kadoorie• Big analysis transformation • Genetic and protein technologies• Big discussion • Many hopes, many fears  Growing impact on medical research  Huge public health opportunity 2
  • 3. What is a biobank?• Organiserad collection of biological samples – Often human• Archived long-term – Frozen: -20, -80, -190°C• Searchable & accessible – Samples and data• Used for research, development and healthcare – Described as gold-mine!• Regulated by law
  • 4. Biobank landscape of Sweden• 579 Biobanks
  • 5. Biobank landscape of Sweden – for healthcare Tissue 114 M sampels Cells 28, 7 M Blood/plasma 4530000 Serum 2200000 DNA/RNA 69000 Bone 110000 Others 106000
  • 6. Biobank landscape of Sweden – for research Blood/Plasma 4,2 M Serum 2,3 M DNA/RNA 572000 Tissue 51000 Urin 230000 Salivia 112000 Other 47000
  • 7. The biobanks of KI and are a rich source of samples: 150 studies Population cohorts • TwinGene, LifeGene, EpiHe alth • Karma, Stockhom-2 Disease based studies • Cancer • CV • Neurological • Inflammatory • Immunological Quality registers
  • 8. A good climate for biobank-based research in Sweden• Well-characterised population • personal number system • systematic registries• Track-record • Eg Swedish Twin Registry ”TwinGene”• Large population cohorts emerged 2009 • LifeGene, EpiHealth• Long-term research impact• Public support
  • 9. But challenges too• Fragmentation • Organisational • Logistic • Economic• Complex ethico-legal landscape
  • 10. EU BBMRI initiative: our chance to create biobanks of the future• Technology: test and apply the best!• Network: connect modern biobanks! • Vision: 300 biobanks throughout EU• Harmonise: evolve common standards!• Add big public health value! Swedish Science Research Council and KI fund for 5 years
  • 11. large-Scale Swedish Biobanking (SSB); a service for big national studies
  • 12. Some biobank accounts May 2012 Total KIBB studies 150 140 10# samples 2 634 210 584 578 2 049 632# donors 233 950 153 201 80 749# DNA samples 197 519 138 963 58 556# withdrawals >225 000 >175 000 >50 000
  • 13. Creating a national networkProgressive build up in medical universities• Goteborg node Co-ordinated: • Sample format • launch Jan 2012 • Data format • Processes • 1st project: Scapis • Equipment & consumables• Malmö node • Access and use • launch 1Q2012 • 1st projects: EpiHealth, MKC, MFM• Linköping, Umeå, Uppsala to come • Linköping launch 1H2013? • Projects identifiedStarting co-ordination with healthcare biobanking 13
  • 14. Unifying Swedish biobanks furtherUniversity + Healthcare biobanks• National common infrastructure – VR - SKL declaration• Regional partnerships, eg – Uppsala biobank – Göteborg – Region Skåne – KI – SLL
  • 15. Why are we biobanking?... Study publications GALLSTEN 4 PAIN 2… to advance medical research! BAMSE 8 SCALE 15 Ekonomiskt beteende 2• Combine with modern bio-analysis TwinGene & Euroclot 13 • Systematic HARMONY & SATSA 12 KTS 1 • Statistical power CAPS 40 Totalt 97• Huge potential for public health Emerging highlights • Multiple Sclerosis • TwinGene • Broad • Influenza Like Illnesses • Prostate Cancer
  • 16. What is the value of biobanking?... Multiple Sclerosis research gives a great example*• ~17K MS cases in Sweden• Many represented in our biobank• New therapy, Tysabri™ • Monoclonal antibody • Very effective, very expensive • Serious side effects in some (polyoma viral cross-reacton)• Screen MS biobank for polyoma virus • Save big drug cost (200KKr/patient/yr) • Save some lives, improve others • Match a good drug to the right patients *T Olsson et al 16
  • 17. Biobanking adds big value Clinical practice Better screening, diagnosis and treatment match Health economy Better public health for lower cost eg HPV, MS Drug development Matching patients to treatments eg MS, HIV, HPV Ethical credibility Increased trust and support eg HPV 2012-01-03 Mark Divers
  • 18. Biobanks for industrial innovation?Discovery & Development• Pharmaceuticals – Biomarkers – Patient subtyping – Metabolites – Safety profiling• Diagnostics• …
  • 19. Acknowledgements The BBMRI Crew The Biobank Crew Joakim Dillner Jan-Eric Litton Lab Operations Biobank Development Biobank IT Mats Hansson Carita Rask Gunnel Tybring Eva Büren Göran Hallmans Jaspal Singh Staffan Bergh Ulf Landegren Cecilia Agardh Customer Relations Jonas Birgersson Joakim Galli Peter Arnerlöv Tove Rylander-Rudqvist Ulrika Bohlin Lars-Olof Hansson Anci Carman Cecilia Björkdahl Jesper Lind Joyce Carlsson Pia Hillelson Johan Stenninger Lisen Arnheim-Dahlström Camilla Lagerberg Quality José Tapia Sofie Pettersson Vian Osman Anette Petersson Anni Åsberg Martin Fransson Amina Said Mirja Larsson Niclas Ahlin Loreana Norlin Anette Selander Maria Anderberg Johanna Smith Project coordination Siwonne Andersson Anders Brinne The LifeGene Crew Emma Ridell including William Day Jens Mattsson Valentina Novak Others @ KI Kicki Kjaergaard Karin Lindqvist Henrik Grönberg Mats Thurman Per Hall Camilla Björk Nancy Pedersen Thomas Bergman Rune Franson Per SpångeusMore info