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Vinnie vortex pp


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Part of my cert 4 in Media......on O H & S!!!!

Part of my cert 4 in Media......on O H & S!!!!

Published in: Design
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  • 1. Vinnie Vortex Induction for new employees
  • 2. Induction Process
    This guide is designed to assist you, on specific induction requirements:
    Take new staff member on an orientation walk
    Key people, manager, supervisor, co-workers, safety representative, associated work areas
    Job description
    Tea facilities, Staff rooms, Toilets, Smoking areas
    Print room, Conference room
    Car Parks
    Fire exit, fire equipment
    Assembly areas
    Safe working procedures
  • 3. Safety procedures
    This guide is designed to assist you, on specific Safety procedures:
    If you don't know ask
    Fire exits & assembly areas are to be kept clear at all times
    Staff will be trained to use fire extinguisher
    In case of a fire go to appropriate assembly area
    re: assembly areas
    Everyone in the workplace is responsible for workplace health and safety
    Report all accidents & incidents on the job immediately, no matter how trivial
    Report all known observed hazards to their supervisor or manager
  • 4. Equipment safety checks
    Check work station
    Make sure computer is not obstructing walk ways
    Make sure monitor is at correct height and stable
    Check chair is in good order
    Check lighting is functioning
    Check printer for paper
    Check seating position
    Stretch before starting work, fingers hands arms back legs
  • 5. Safety representative
    Manager : Vinnie vortex Fire warden
    Supervisor: Fanny Gump Assembly area supervisor
    Designer: Bruce withadick Assembly roll call
  • 6. Existing & potential hazards
    Eye strain
    Back strain
    Hand strain
    Neck strain
    Pins & needles in legs
    Paper cuts
    Frustration, leading to anger, leading to self harm i.e.: hitting desk or someone!!
    Wrong seat height, leading to pain or injury
    Over working, due to not take breaks
    Servere drug addiction!!
  • 7. Controlling the risk
    Take breaks at proper intervals
    Stretch, before ,during and after work
    Walk around when not using pc
    Handle paper with care
    Make sure you back is straight and seat height correct
    If stressed, count to ten real fast, this can help!! Talk to boss if to stressed
    Seek help if not handling stress
    Stay calm, walk out of studio if get to frustrated
    Stay away from drugs!!! (Unless you have run out of ideas...;o)
  • 8. Reporting the risk
  • 9. Meetings, inspection & consultative process
    Take minutes
    Tick off people present
    Read last meetings minutes
    Action taken
    Future plans
    New hazards
    People to follow up
  • 10. Emergency procedures
  • 11. Legal Responsibilities
    Employers Responsibilities: safe working environment, safe working systems
    Safe and well maintained machinery, information, training and supervision
    Workers Responsibilities: work with your employer and co-workers to improve safety
    Obey any reasonable instructions, training and information given; follow safe work
    procedures to do your work
    Not put yourself or co-workers at risk
    Report accidents, near misses and hazards to employer
    Use protective equipment the correct way
    Everyone in the workplace is responsible for workplace health and safety
  • 12. Safety signs & safety symbols
  • 13. Safety signs & safety symbols
  • 14. Hazard signs
  • 15. Hazard signs
  • 16. National O H & S policies
    National Occupational Health & Safety Commission (NOHSC)
    occupational Health and Safety Information and Resources