How The Global Automobile & Airline Industries Are Impacting The Global Energy Business
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How The Global Automobile & Airline Industries Are Impacting The Global Energy Business






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How The Global Automobile & Airline Industries Are Impacting The Global Energy Business Presentation Transcript

  • 1. 170 Page Research Paper Vincent J. Lentini
  • 2.  Executive Summary Pages 3-4 Global Natural Gas Dynamics Pages 5-16 Global Crude Oil Dynamics Pages 17-42 Canada Pages 43-47 Columbia Page 48 Libya Pages 49-50 Iraq Pages 51-53 Venezuela Pages 54-56 Top 10 Vehicle Markets Globally Pages 57-75 U.S. Automobile Market From 2000-2010 Pages 76-79
  • 3.  Top 10 Global Automobile Manufactures Pages 80-94 Global Airline Industry Dynamics Pages 95-99 Boeing Airline Industry Forecast From 2011-2030 Pages 100-105 Major Global Airline Carriers Pages 106 Major North American Oil & Gas Producers Pages 107-149 Statistical Tables Pages 150-153 Conclusion Pages 154-161 Sources Pages 162-168 Acknowledgements Page 169 Renaissance Analytics Page 170
  • 4.  Major Global Supply Regions Current Pricing Environment Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Major LNG Producers Major Shale Gas Regions in U.S Major Natural Gas Transactions Which Have Occurred Recently
  • 5.  Hydraulic Fracturing Or Fracking Environmental Concerns With Fracking Cheniere Energy Major LNG Players Major LNG Projects Being Developed Qatar’s Major LNG Projects
  • 6.  Global Crude Oil Addiction Historical Price Perspective Globalization Impact Major Developments Within OPEC Brent Versus WTI Major Oil Producing Nations Major Oil Consuming Nations Major Deep-Water Regions
  • 7.  Great Britain Challenges Norway Challenges Mexico Challenges New Projects Slated For Norway and Great Britain Sabotage Of Oil Tankers Total Crude Oil Subsidies Enhanced Oil Recovery Techniques
  • 8.  Description Of Refining Business Challenges Within U.S. Refining Business Crack Spread Major Proposed Pipelines In North America Divestitures Which Have Occurred Within Refining Sector Recent Global Economic Turmoil & Crude Oil Fluctuations
  • 9.  Oil Sands Mining Versus In-Situ Projects Major Oil Producers In Canada Western Canadian Select (WCS) Canadian Crude Oil Output Prolific Natural Gas Regions Oil Sands Environmental Concerns & Steps Being Taken To Reduce Environmental Impact
  • 10.  Foreign Investment In Columbia Favorable Investment Climate Eco-Petrol Eco-Petrol’s Investment In Future Projects Columbia’s Potential Crude Oil Output By 2020
  • 11.  Potential To Emerge As One Of The Most Important Conventional Crude Oil Producing Nations Enormous Production Potential Major Projects Being Developed Major Partners Awarded Contracts Total Crude Oil Reserves Recent Developments In 2011
  • 12.  Oil Production Resumes In Libya November 2011 Production Major Foreign Operators 3 Major Oil Fields Political Uncertainty Remains
  • 13.  Total Heavy Oil Reserves Heavy Oil Production Potential Total Investment Required Major Projects Being Developed Recent Developments In 2011
  • 14.  China United States Japan Brazil Germany India Russia Great Britain France Italy
  • 15.  GDP Growth Rates Country Demographics Energy Dependence Exploration Potential Vehicle Growth 2006-2010 Major Challenges
  • 16.  U.S. Population & Total GDP Total Annual Crude Oil Consumption Gasoline Demand 2010 Diesel Fuel Demand 2010 Jet Fuel Demand 2010 New Café Standards Gulf of Mexico Production Since 1995 Production From Oil Shale Regions
  • 17.  Ford Motor Company General Motors The Volkswagon Group Toyota Motors Nissan Motors Honda Motors Hyundai Motors Bayerishe Motoren Werke (BMW) Daimler-Chrysler 2000-2007 Daimler AG 2008-2010
  • 18.  Ford Vehicle Sales 2000-2010 General Motors Vehicle Sales 2000-2010 Volkswagon Group Vehicle Sales 2000-2010 Toyota Motors Vehicle Sales 2003-2011 Nissan Motors Vehicle Sales 2000-2010 Honda Motors Vehicle Sales 2006-2010 Hyandai Motors Vehicle Sales 2006-2010 BMW Vehicle Sales 2000-2010 Daimler-Chrysler Vehicle Sales 2000-2007 Daimler AG Vehicle Sales 2008-2010
  • 19.  Total Revenues & Net Income 2000-2010 Company Summary Major Brands Global Initiatives Vehicle Sales In Germany & In Other Markets
  • 20.  Total Vehicle Units Sold From 2000-2010 SUV Growth Excessive Credit Growth Impact Of Global Financial Crisis Transition To Smaller Vehicles Ford, GM, & Chrysler Challenges During 2000’s
  • 21. Annual Jet Fuel Consumption In 2000 & 2010Global Airline Consolidation During 2000’sMajor Risk Factors & ChallengesFuel Efficient Aircraft & Security ConcernsRemain ParamountIndustry Forecast In 2012
  • 22.  Forecasted GDP Growth Until 2030 Total Aircraft Market Until 2030 Total Replacement & New Aircraft To Be Purchased By 2030 Description of Major Economic Regions Forecasted Passenger Growth Potential Economic Headwinds
  • 23.  Lion Air Southwest Airlines Emirates Hainan Airlines FedEx
  • 24.  Air China Japan Airlines Singapore Airlines Korean Air Lan-Tam Airlines Emirates Air France Lufthansa British Airways United Continental Holdings Delta Northwest
  • 25.  Canadian Natural Resources Chevron ConocoPhillips Devon Energy ExxonMobil Hess Imperial Oil Occidental Petroleum Suncor Energy
  • 26.  Revenues From 2000-2010 Net Income From 2000-2010 Capital Expenditure Plans Barrels Of Oil Equivalent Produced Returns On Capital Employed Major Project Startups Major Operating Regions Major Developments In 2011
  • 27. Forecasted New Airplane Deliveries From 2011-2030Global Vehicle Sales From 2000-2010Vehicle Sales For Top 10 Automobile Markets in 2010Brent Crude Prices, Per Barrel, For Years 2000-2010West Texas Intermediate (WTI), Prices Per Barrel ForYears 2000-2010Jet Fuel Prices, Per Barrel, For Years 2000-2010Global Crude Oil Consumption From 2000-2010
  • 28.  Crude Oil Demand Insatiable Global Oil Industry Faces Daunting Challenge Vehicle Demand Globally Unfazed By Global Financial Crisis India Will Cause Great Strain To Oil Markets In Future Years Boeing’s Projections About Global Airline Fleet By 2030 Liberalization Leading To Increase In Air Travel
  • 29.  Global Economy More Susceptible To Supply Shocks As Crude Oil Demand Continually Increases Global Economy Facing Uncertainty In 2012 Projected Crude Oil Demand Over The Next 20 Years Major Differences Which Have Occurred From 2000-2010 Possible Solutions To Lower Crude Oil Consumption
  • 30.  Over 150 Annual Reports The Lamp (An ExxonMobil Publication) Next (A Chevron Publication) Company Press Releases U.S. Energy Information Agency International Energy Agency International Air Transport Association Press Releases From Bloomberg & Reuters