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  • Highlights:accordingcomeScore - comScore is a global leader in measuring the digital world and the preferred source of digital marketing intelligence.enablers are compunding and providingexplosivegrowthbetter and more powerfuldevicesneed 3G bandwidth for richdigital contentcarriers are subsidizingsmartphoneownership in exchange unlimited data plans, or more reasonablypriced data plan contractsunlimited data plans are not the norm in EU, and are bereplaced in the US withlimitedplans
  • Highlights:The EU5 and US markets (excludingItaly) have all seendoublealmostdoubledigitgrowth in 2010Smartphone usage in Italywasalreadyquite high – over 30%Usage in Spain is almost at 40%
  • Nokia (symbian OS) is still global deviceleader, but a laggered in the app developmentspace, in 2011 signed a strategicagreementwith microsoft to use Windows Phone OS, and justthismonth (April 2011) announced a new version of their OS – Ana.overalldown trendApplewasundisputedleaderwiththeir app store, but hasnowbeendethroned by android, but theirdevice sales are takingshareawayfromboth nokia and blackberry, and the iphone is gaining acceptance in the corporate enterprise spaceoverallstronguptrendGooglewith android is the newest major player, theystarted by makingbothdevices and an OS, and havetakenawaymarketsharefrom nokia, apple, and blackberry. But theirveryopendevelopmentenvironment and rapid app ecosystemgrowthhavecreatedqualityissuesoverallstronguptrendBlackberryhaslongbeenheld the original smarphone in the corporate world, app development and app storesignificantlylagapple and android, and marketsharehassatyed more or less sameoverallneutral trend for a long time microsoft has done verylittlewiththeir mobile OS and theirmarketsharecontinues to slowlyshrink. Theyhaverecentlylaunchedan app store and theysaytheirdevelopmentcommunity is vibrant and willdeliver great things – key thing is they are microsoft; too big, too cash rich to ignore (eg. Nokia deal)overallneutral trend
  • Highlights:wecansee symbian’s (nokia’s) decline, as wecansee iphone and android significantlyincreasing microsoft is contracting at a slowerpace, and RIM is more less holding steady
  • Highlights: nokia (symbian) isalmostnotpresent in the US and palmOS (aquired by HP recently) has a 20%+ sahre, but doesnotregister in Europedistinctionbetween OEM device and device OS: OEM device = computer – e.g. HP (hewlettpackard)device OS = operating system – e.g. windows (microsoft)
  • Highlights: is thisanimportantstatistic…topselling or most popular phone?whenwe look at handsets [specifichandsetmodels] appletakes top twospots in US and EU5however (as the previousslidesshow, it is important to distinguishbetween OEM devices and device OS): nokia is still global deviceleader and os isntall base leader in the US android across 60+ devicemodelshas a largerinstall base thanapple, as doesbalckberry
  • Highlights: the tabletmarket is projected to growrapidly, and itsnotjustconsumers, enterprise is evaluatingtabletdevices as wellabovechart – Gartner is notorious for beingwrongwiththeirprojections, but wewillbeseeing more and more tabletsapple (stated in manyplaces) hasredefinedthis segment and is clearly a marketleader.ios (apples mobile operating system) wasredesigned and rebranded for the ipad…however, early feedback on portability of apps to ipad and android tabletshasnotbeenverysimple… a comprehensive mobile platform addresses more thanjustsmartphones, it looks at the mobile device
  • Highlights: business travellersthat travel more than 5 timesannually - 70% are smartphoneusers – thismeansthat BTS customersrightnow are ready to interactwith us via mobile…!!
  • Highlights:graphicrepresentsstatcounter.comregisteredwebsites; e.g. in HR ios (iphone) represented 40% of all mobile requests to statcounter sitescannotbeaccepted as statisticswithinanykind of marginoferror, but more as anindication of which mobile devices (mobile users) are more inclined to use the device to access the internet
  • Highlights:Concur + tripithavepublishedan APIprimarily for itinerary management that is in production withover 300 mobile developers, and is the corner stone of the partnershipwith BCDitinerary management (increasingdirecttouchpointswith the traveller) and continuedpolicycompliance are key mobile features for the leading TMC’s BCD is alsosponsoringmeetingsapps: ACTE association of corporate travel executives, NBTA north american business travel association
  • Highlights:nativeapps: a native app is a smartphoneapplicationthat is built for a devicespecificenvironment – e.g. an app for the iphone that is downloadedfrom the appstore, or an app for android that is downloadedfrom the android marketplace. Theseappsonly function on the platform for whichthey ere built.e.g. a native platform for iphone, android, and blackberry = 3 seperateapps, 3seperateplatforms, 3seperatedevelopmentefforts… 3 x resources…3 x costs… web apps: are websitesbuiltwith the latesttechnology; HTML5, CSS3, Javascriptthatmimicnativeapps – supportsaccessingsmartphonefeature, e.g. location services (gps) and accelerometer (tilt), andallows for richerexperienceover mobile sitesalthough web apps are a considerablyricheruserexperiencethat mobile optimized web sites, they are lessrichthannativeapps and can access lessdevice (phone) features mobile site (mobile optimizedwebsite): standard xHTML + simple code modifications for presentation on smallerscreens – existingwebsites are betterviewed on mobile devices
  • Highlights:The best practice for developing a mobile strategy and a mobile platform do notexist, and there is little to no informationaround ROI and benchmarking - notenough time haspassed for a winning formula to haveproveditself… Buteach of the aboveoptionshas it’s positives and negatives… to buildverycomplexnativeapps for the big fivedevices (iphone, blackberry, android, windows phone, nokia) the costscouldreach 600,000K EUR!!native app price range – 25 for simple app, 120 for complex app all prices are very general estimates…
  • Highlights: radar graph – visual representation of where the three options are similar and wherethey are different a perfect option would uniformly fill the hexagram the native app vs. mobile website are almost perfectly contrasting solutions the web app appears to the the most appropriate solution graph not intended to be used as deciding factor – if rich brand experience is most important criteria (not an easily quantifiable criteria and therefore not represented in graph) then a native app approach would preferred choice…
  • Orbitz splittheir mobile offering in severalwaysorbits on the go – leisure/unmanaged travel iphone app, android app, and web app why the hybridapproach – notice on the leisure web app they provide a link to download the apps; consciouseffort to promote the nativeappsoverthe web app in thisspace > richeruserexperience, after more meaningfulbrandexperience… NOTE – theydiodnotbuildan app for balackberry, nokia (symbian) or windows phone…orbitz for business – corporate/managed travel web app only ( 15.4.2011) why – “In order to build a scalable platform with a consistent user experience – and equally important, full travel policy application – Orbitz for Business focused [on a web app] that only required a user to have a Web-enabled mobile device and browser,” … “Rather than building, deploying and maintaining three or four native apps that would inevitably leave out a portion of corporate travelers, we decided to build a focused mobile experience that looks and feels like a native app but offers the flexibility, scale and accessibility of the mobile Web.”notofficiallystated by orbitz,anotherreason for the web app maybethatblackberry, leading corporate device, hasan OEM corporate travel app (partnershipwithworldmate) > BlackberryTravelAdditionalreasoning for mibileaorbitzfor business - “Mobile gives us another avenue to engage our corporate travelers with the right product at the right time, and vice versa,”…and “the ability to use our mobile platform to merchandise last-minute promotions to in-market travelers is definitely on the radar” 
  • Highlights:…wehave a webapp or apps…whatthen…maybenotnecessarily 24x7 – but wewillneed to staff, or provide call center supportwith a mobile platform we are asking for greater feedback fromourcustomers, and weshouldnot put ourselves in the position of notclosing the loop…regardless of platform option – an IT infratructure review willberequired to determine how well the new mobile technology and featurescouldbeincorporated, whatchanges or additionsmayberequired…maybeinsignificant for mobile optimized web site option the mobile platform roadmap must beowned by business; the vision, strategy, and objectives must beclearly set by business technical teams and IT serviceswillberesponsible for providing support and guidance to business teams in setting the aboveonce BTS is up and running, whatother business segmentscouldbenefitfrom a mobile offering…?
  • Business case 4mobile

    1. 1. Mobile Platform Proposal forAtlas d.d. Business Travel Services (BTS)
    2. 2. Introduction• Presentation overview• Mobile landscape• What are mobile drivers• Smartphones, mobile devices, and mobile OS platforms• Whats happening in travel• Platform options – Types, benefits, and disadvanatages• Orbitz use case• Implications + the longer term• Questions Atlas d.d. BTS mobile proposal 2
    3. 3. Overview• “For many people, mobile [usage] has rapidly moved from an occasional activity…to an essential service they depend on every day while at home, work or on the move.”[comScore 2010 mobile year in review]• 2010 can be viewed as the mobile-turning point in travel – All the major players either announced or launched some sort of mobile offering – The big TMC’s are all moving to incorporate mobile in core business strategy• To stay relevant in the market, to anticipate customer mobile expectations, and to lead from a regional perspective; Atlas BTS must extend their offerings and services onto a mobile platform• A relevant and economically viable mobile startegy = appropriate technology selection, and long-term business buy-in Atlas d.d. BTS mobile proposal 3
    4. 4. The mobile landscape…• “New channels of doing business and reaching out to the customers will always keep coming but the game-changing technology for the foreseeable future I believe is the mobile…As mobile devices get smarter and as people get used to doing business on the move, companies will need to adjust to this technology. This is not a prediction, it is already happening, so they’d better hurry up.” Q What is driving this?• Mobile landscape is not only growing rapidly it is changing rapidly• The big 5 for now… an early consensus… • iphone, android, blackberry, nokia (symbian), windows phone • Not just phones, tablets are mobile devices too…• The travel industry is reacting!! Q What are some recent significant events or indicators of what may come? Q And more specifically… what are the big TMC’s doing? Atlas d.d. BTS mobile proposal 4
    5. 5. comScore has identified 3 key enablers driving the up-trend in mobileAtlas d.d. BTS mobile proposal 5
    6. 6. Smartphone adoption is growing very rapidly…Atlas d.d. BTS mobile proposal 6
    7. 7. The mobile space is changing as quickly as it is 14.4.2011 Atlas d.d. BTS mobile proposal 7
    8. 8. In the EU5…Atlas d.d. BTS mobile proposal 8
    9. 9. The US market…Atlas d.d. BTS mobile proposal 9
    10. 10. Device and OS platformAtlas d.d. BTS mobile proposal 10
    11. 11. What about tablets…Atlas d.d. BTS mobile proposal 11
    12. 12. Frequent business travelers outpace all other travelers in use of smartphones Smartphone Usage by Frequency of Travel 80%Smart phone usage % 70% 60% 50% 40% Leisure 30% Business 20% 10% 0% 1 to 2 3 to 4 5+ # of trips annuallyPhoCusWright’s Consumer Technology Survey 2010 Atlas d.d. BTS mobile proposal 12
    13. 13. Is it just iphones and nokias? Mobile OS by core Atlas regions 60% 50% OS share % 40% iOS 30% SymbianOS 20% Android BlackBerry OS 10% Windows Phone 0% HR SLO BiH SRB EU GeosStatcounter 2010 Atlas d.d. BTS mobile proposal 13
    14. 14. What’s happening in travel?• Concur Inc bought tripit for 82 mil USD• Expedia unveiled their new mobile strategy – “Expedia everywhere” and they bought mobiata, a mobile developer• Worldmate and RIM (maker of balckberry) partnered to create a device native “BlackBerry Travel” app• The big TMC’s have focused on itinerary and expense management – AMEX and CWT are partnering with Worldmate and Reardon commerce – BCD is partnering with Tripit Atlas d.d. BTS mobile proposal 14
    15. 15. What kind of options do we have? web appsnative apps mobile website Atlas d.d. BTS mobile proposal 15
    16. 16. What are the pros and cons…? native app web app mobile sitePros • very rich user experience • rich user experience • covers broadest range of • fully leverages device features • access to device features devices • monetization model in place • platform neutral • least expensive option (app store) • repurpose existing web content, • widest distribution reach - no •offline capability • less expensive than native app app store business model • rich brand experience • no app store to limit distribution/accessCons • high development costs • cross platform consistency issues • least attractive user experience • platform dependent • HTML5 development resources •no access to device features • distribution restriction – app • less memorable experience – store submission lesser brand experienceCosts 25K – 120K EUR 25K EUR 10K EUR Price for an iphone app, prices increase by factor of one for each additional platform Atlas d.d. BTS mobile proposal 16
    17. 17. A picture says a 1000 words… user experience cross platform device features consistency native app web app mobile sitecontent/infrastructu cost mitigation re repurpose distribution ease Atlas d.d. BTS mobile proposal 17
    18. 18. Orbitz as an example…orbitz on the go, orbitz for businessOrbitz iphone app Orbitz web app Atlas d.d. BTS mobile proposal 18
    19. 19. Atlas BTS…?• Impact to business + business process – Another touch point with customers (24x7?) – Audit existing IT infrastructure – Business must lead – Beyond BTS… • or on your xxxx phone… • in destination services (while your in croatia app…) Atlas d.d. BTS mobile proposal 19
    20. 20. Questions!
    21. 21. Thank you!