Segmenting mobile audience prst1


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Need based segmenting

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Segmenting mobile audience prst1

  1. 1. Mobile Owner Profile120.0 100.0100.0 80.0 12.3 12.5 12.2 28.7 32.7 27.0 23.0 22.6 23.2 80.0 60.0 60.0 71.3 73.0 30.4 30.3 30.5 67.3 40.0 40.0 20.0 20.0 24.0 23.9 24.1 0.0 0.0 All India Metros NonMetro All India Metros NonMetro 15-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 Male Female 100.0 7.2 Age: 15-44 7.6 90.0 6.3 80.0 7.6 19.2 SEC: ABC 17.2 8.2 20.1 70.0 Gender: Male SkewSEC : E2 23.6 SEC : E1 60.0 24.0 24.2 SEC : D 50.0 SEC : C 10.1 SEC : B2 40.0 11.3 11.9 SEC : B1 30.0 13.5 SEC : A2 12.4 12.0 SEC : A1 20.0 12.9 11.5 10.0 10.9 10.1 0.0 6.7 5.2 All India Metros NonMetro Source: IRS Individual Q2 2010
  2. 2. Understanding how and why customers use their mobile devices 15-24 Y 25-34 Y 35-44 Y Grew up with cell phone Not exposed to cell phone until Cell phones began to infiltrateawareness, experiencing cell adulthood everyday life during their teen phones as a part of their years and early adulthood. everyday lives Tried and want to use more Have the most functional Cell phones as multi-dimensional devices technology features view of cell phones Progressive Transitioner Conformist
  3. 3. The Progressive : Pen Portrait Primary motivation to acquire phone : One point access for almost all my requirements Associated Motivation: On the move flexibility Key Significant differences Mobile is all about style and image and uses all the feature on his device Does not have a landline He is impacted by the built up hype of mobile Skews towards entertainment Personal Profile Sachin is a 22-year-old working as associate at PWC Gurgaon. Personal Information 15-24Y, very social. Mobile phones are a central part of their daily life and they cannot He just started his career and is willing to grab all imagine life without them He will pay extra for the newest technology and frequently opportunities that come his way. downloads apps, watches video along with surfing the net He has 800+ in his Facebook friends list & FB acts ashis social calendar. He reads the Engadget blog online,follows Miss Malini on twitter & lives for the pubbing Technical Information on weekends. Technology inclined. Heavy user of data and Internet along with VAS Will pay extra for the newest technology and frequently downloads apps, watches videos etc.He feels the Samsung android he carries sets him in adifferent league as the applications/features give him an edge over others. His phone acts as computer, Mobile Phone Use GPS, camera, with his life stored on it. Consumes everything from ringtones to Augmented reality, SN, PN, Applications , Games and Videos Very high mobile usage, will receive coupons and promotions
  4. 4. ProgressiveWhat is their mindset ? But when it comes to service providers…
  5. 5. Yes definitely Yes I have two Brand Image & provided the offer is Opted for second Plan tempting for free callsReasons to choose Are you ready to Are you usingcurrent service shift to a new Multiple Serviceprovider? service? Providers? Yes.. 2 of them Vodafone and Idea ,as idea gave a Good Plan Certainly if its better free number with the connection ”
  6. 6. Progressive“Imy mobile Phone. It is mylifeline to the world that mattersto me. The rest of it, I’ll live withit. If I can’t, I’ll switch . There’salways a cheaper option.Everything else is the same,anyway. Right?”
  7. 7. The Transitioner : Pen Portrait Primary motivation to acquire phone : Relational and professional purpose Associated Motivation: Access information anywhere Key Significant differences Personal Profile Somewhat Tech awareVinish is an ambitious GM, he is eager to climb up He has an additional device for personal use the corporate ladder to CEOdom quickly. Hebelieves his 30’s are going to be more fruitful than Personal Information his 20’s. Work and life balance is important to him .Accesses mobile internet often for flight or trainHe tries to stay abreast of new product launches in schedules, cricket scores and stock quotescars, phones, & computers. He carries two mobiles, personal & for work. He subscribes to cricket Will miss his phone very much if he forgets to carry it. updates on his mobile and just learnt how to use Technical Information the BBPIN. Does moderate browsing and messaging , but still not using all the features of a fullyHe spends a lot of time with his wife & children and loaded device takes pictures & videos of his kids with his phone once in a while. He gets news alerts on his Blackberry, but he Mobile Phone Use prefers to watch the morning & evening news. Uses mobile for most communications, frequent texter, average internet and download user. Likely to have two phones ( office & personal).
  8. 8. The Conformist : Pen Portrait Primary motivation to acquire phone : To remain connected at all times Associated Motivation: Mobile phones are cheaper than landline phones Key Significant differences Not Tech Savvy. To remain connected is most important need Mostly uses phone for work related purposes Personal Information Personal Profile He is 35-44Y. Spending time with his family is top priority . Looks out for Sailesh just completed 12 years with First Flight courier. innovative plans and offers to stretch his rupee further Technical Information He likes the stability of his job and providingsecurity to his family. He seeks value in everything Likes technology for the simplicity it brings to his life .In addition to voice useshe buys. And would even go for a local-made brand text but rarely access the Internet. if it is cheaper yet looks expensive. Mobile Phone UseHe sometimes uses the computer at home to check emails but relies on his sons to repair the Uses either device of his choice or any other device that comes free with his computer if it breaks down. plan. His device is always with him.
  9. 9. Voice Core Need Enhanced need based  Functional  Best Plans & Offers offerings Key Motivation Customization  Good hassle free  Stretch my rupee service further Key Attributes Latest Technology  Network and Service  Innovative plansThe Progressive by MediaCom, 00.00.0000 The Transitioner The Conformist Presentation Title Here
  10. 10. Voice Cluster Mobile Usage Augmented Progressive (Voice, VAS & Data usage) Transitioner (Medium data & VAS usage) Always uses mobileRarely uses mobile Conformist ( Mainly Voice users ) FunctionalSource: Mediacom Research
  11. 11. Data Service Core Need Entertainment,  Communication  Communication Communication & & Information Information Usage Heavy  Medium  Light Key Attribute Latest Technology and  Connectivity and  Plan offers thathigh speed  Speed stretches his money further The Progressive by MediaCom, 00.00.0000 The Transitioner The Conformist Presentation Title Here
  12. 12. Data Service Cluster Data Usage Tech-Thusiasts Progressive (Voice, VAS & Data usage) Transitioner ( Voice & Light Data User Medium data Heavy Data User usage) Conformist ( Mainly Voice usage) Tech-IgnorantSource: Mediacom Research
  13. 13. Smart Phones Core Need  Enhanced Experience  Relevant Features  Functional Usage Entertainment, Information  Communication  Communication users & Communication users and Information users Key Attribute Brand Name, Phone  Product functionality  Price along with Look feature, Technology & Price ( battery life , durability etc) and feel of the phone along with price The Progressive by MediaCom, 00.00.0000 The Transitioner The Conformist Presentation Title Here
  14. 14. Smart Phones Cluster Smart Phone Usage Experiential Progressive Transitioner Mobile Smart Phone User User Conformist FunctionalSource: Mediacom Research