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Marketing 3.0



New models of marketing to emerge from abundance of informati

New models of marketing to emerge from abundance of informati



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Marketing 3.0 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. How long is the future of marketing?3/25/2012
  • 2. We underestimate the long term and overestimate the short term in marketing ?3/25/2012
  • 3. As we move from world of scarcity to world of abundance, the face of marketing will change forever3/25/2012
  • 4. Abundance of Information and Bandwidth will give birth to new models of marketing.3/25/2012
  • 5. In world of abundance of information and bandwidth, access will define business models e.g. Music, Books, Travel, etc.3/25/2012
  • 6. We are already undergoing a shift from Copy society to Access Society3/25/2012
  • 7. As we move from controlled to open system3/25/2012
  • 8. World of Access will create Eco Systems and reduce Ego systems3/25/2012
  • 9. All Content in future will move to Clouds3/25/2012
  • 10. People have started to serve themselves freely with content to keep, share, and use anytime, anywhere.3/25/2012
  • 11. With more technology advances, faster access to larger content stockpiles will be inevitable3/25/2012
  • 12. New business model will evolve connecting cloud and crowd3/25/2012
  • 13. Consumers don’t pay for platform e.g. newspaper, they pay for news (content & editorial )and not paper.3/25/2012
  • 14. In future people will increasinglyconsume content and editorial ondigital platforms.Publications will save on printingand distribution cost provided theyfind a way to create value forpeople to pay for the content andeditorial on digital devices. 3/25/2012
  • 15. People empowerment will shift control from marketing forever3/25/2012
  • 16. As relationships are valued and limited by nature , we will evolve from being a Content Creator to a Context and relevance Creator3/25/2012
  • 17. Content alone will no longer be king. Context and Relevance will be equally important.3/25/2012
  • 18. This will force marketers to make a radical shift from target customers and target consumers to people3/25/2012
  • 19. Interruption will be replaced by engagement and attention will be the new currency for marketers3/25/2012
  • 20. The distinction between digital and non digital will wane as people spend maximum time connected to IP devices3/25/2012
  • 21. In this networked society , every aspect of human behavior that was spent in offline world will shift to online world3/25/2012
  • 22. What it will mean to us in future is that, we will become people of screen and Click on the link generation3/25/2012
  • 23. This always connected generation will change the way we look at four Ps of Marketing forever3/25/2012
  • 24. Products in future will be about Bundle+++ and Up-sell3/25/2012
  • 25. Product choices in future will be made basis emotion and experiences and product centric mentality will give way to a service and experience mentality3/25/2012
  • 26. Brands will create virtual /augmented experiences like virtual travel trips in future enabling people to experience the depth of ocean with family and friends3/25/2012
  • 27. Access is where the money is in future and business models will be build around access3/25/2012
  • 28. Immediacy Personalization Authenticity AttentionIn future people Interpretationwill pay for….. Accessibility Embodiment Find ability and Scarcity 3/25/2012
  • 29. Phase1 – Music goes digital from LP to CD. World of music Phase2 – Challenge fordoesn’t change much same model of conceptualization, marketer as distributioncreation and distribution becomes freeDistribution models of futurewill change beyond recognitionPhase1 – Books goes digital from Britannica to Phase2 – Content becomes decentralized thatCD. World of Books doesn’t change much changes centralized concept of Britannica3/25/2012
  • 30. Education opened‐up learning to multiple delivery methods- in‐campus, distance learning ,e‐Learning and m-learning3/25/2012
  • 31. Promotion will be about We and not Me in future3/25/2012
  • 32. Promotion in future will be increasingly about creating tools that connect and not campaigns that isolate people.3/25/2012
  • 33. World of marketing will be completely reversed from days of marketing 1.0 to marketing 3.03/25/2012