Pipeline Management


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Pipeline Management

  1. 1. Pipeline Management
  2. 2. What is Pipeline Management Why Pipeline Management How to do Pipeline Management
  3. 3. HR pipeline management is to set the goal for HR needs based on organizational goal, to forecast the HR capacity gap and to create initial actions/adjustments to make up the gap accordingly. What is Pipeline Management
  4. 4. Why Pipeline Management HR pipeline Management is important because it will have us forecast Retention Rate, HR gaps and come up with L&D needs.
  5. 5. In a given period, we can do the member pipeline management step by step: 1. Clarify Demanded HR pipeline based on Function goal 2. Predict actual HR pipeline considering retention rate 3. Monthly tracking and adjustment: Demand < Predict Let go Strategy For Team Member Process Optimization Re-allocation Exit Interview How to do Pipeline Management Re-structuring to create new role for more effective process Demand > Retain Strategy Corresponding talent process improvement Predict Take in Strategy External: Recruitment Internal: Re-allocation, Re-integration, Dual role. Process Optimization Outsourcing Re-structuring
  6. 6. In a given period, we can do the TL pipeline management step by step: 1. Identify the number of demanded TL candidate at the end of term 2. Create L&D plan for current members 3. Monthly member performance assessment to see how many senior members we have: How to do Pipeline Management For Team Leader If it’s less than the candidate demanded  Ensure the current L&D Plan’s delivery happened in place  Improve L&D program based on the performance assessment  Need based recruitment / member re-allocation for better member capacity If it’s more than the candidate demanded  Re-allocation of membership  Exit Interview  Reframe the structure to open more TL position to enhance overall organizational efficiency
  7. 7. Framework to Plan L&D for Your Term “My LC is doing L&D plan and I’m confused where to start from...” Identify GAPs VP TM Eric Create customized L&D KPIs Related  Retention Rate  Applicants/TLP  %Newie-Junior-Senior  Knowledge-Skills-Attitude Delivery Evaluation
  8. 8. Questions 
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