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oGIP (L&D)

  1. 1. Learning Flow
  2. 2. Remember!
  3. 3. All Levels
  4. 4. TOPIC CONTENT OBJECTIVES  Know the elements of products (price, brand, quality, value, customer segments, etc.) and the different stages of products  Understand the exchange process from Subscription until Completed  Know how to use all the functions on myaiesec.net for exchange management to make the process fast and effective GIP KNOWLEDGE      Program principles Value proposition Product to the market oGIP processes S&D – internal market understanding COMM AND SALES SKILLS     Basic sales skills Basic communication skills Attracting right EP talents Communicating our Value Proposition  Understand how to sell focused on the subproducts and supply     Program planning Execution and Performance Tracking Time management Leadership developed as GIP EP and oGIP member  Understand how to manage the needed resources to provide the right leadership development for members and EPs MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP TARGET Members, Leaders, VPs
  5. 5. TOPIC CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT CONTENT OBJECTIVES  Building loyalty  Customer Servicing  Delivering quality experiences in practice  Showcasing  Understand the importance of our customers and how to provide them the right experience for leadership development TARGET Leaders & VPs
  6. 6. Potential
  7. 7. TOPIC CONTENT OBJECTIVES TARGET MARKET RESEARCH  How to run market research for student market  Understand how to get the needed data to make an efficient promotion to attract the right EP Leaders & VPs PRODUCT PACKAGING  Deep understanding of subproducts  Marketing knowledge to package oGIP products (GTCM)  Understand how to build your product and align with subproducts Leaders & VPs  Supply and demand theory and necessity  CY2CY partnerships  Understand the processes in CY2CY partnerships, responsibility towards delivering the XPs on LC levels and clear WHY of working by CY2CY   SUPPLY & DEMAND CUSTOMER LOYALTY FOR STUDENTS   Building a customer relationship with students (since EwA) Minimums of EP preparation How to satisfy our customers (massive volume) Understand the standards and extra deliveries in oGCDP in order to have promoters and develop leadership VPs Leaders & VPs
  8. 8. High Potential
  9. 9. TOPIC CONTENT OBJECTIVES TARGET PROCESS OPTIMIZATION  Information system management (different advanced platforms)  How to simplify processes to make it faster and more effective  Know how to use and deal with different platforms  Understanding which process they can do faster and how to be more effective ADVANCED MARKET AND SUBPRODUCT  Student market reality based on backgrounds  Subproduct reality based on supply & demand, JDs and market  Understanding how to capitalize on untapped opportunities for oGIP growth  Train the trainers  GCPs and BCPs  Empower LCVPs to bring more innovation and solutions in the local level  Managing a large team  Empower team leaders to be able to provide good TMP experiences to their members Leaders  Work as a team to drive results  Empower members to cooperate and bring results together Members MANAGEMENT SKILLS Leaders, VPs Leaders and VPs VPs
  10. 10. High Volume
  11. 11. TOPIC INTERNAL MARKETING ADVANCED EP ENGAGEMENT CONTENT  Virtual promotion for supply creation  LC2LC partnership  Inner & Outer Journey delivery  High volume of EPs management OBJECTIVES TARGET  Understanding of how to get the right supply for the EPs Leaders, VPs  Know how to use deliver inner & outer journey for GIP EPs  Know how to manage high volume of oGIP EPs Leaders, VPs