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  2. 2. Before IXP consider… O Reallocation O Need-based Recruitment And if it does not work, go to: O Dual XP O New Recruitment
  3. 3. Goal Problem: Lack of TMP/TLP participants in the LC Solution: Increase the capacity in the LC by engaging our EP-s and trainees into TMP/TLP or offering micro-experiences
  4. 4. Types O Exchange after TXP O TXP after exchange O TXP while on exchange O In host entity O In sending entity (virtual) O Micro-experiences O In host entity O In sending entity (virtual) Capacity Growth
  6. 6. Timeline O Integration before exchange O Communication while abroad O Reintegration after exchange
  7. 7. Integration O Promotion of TXP at OPS O Create more impact by helping others live an O O O O exchange XP (CoW session) Opportunity to develop specific skills for professional career Teamwork experience PGS&Career planning – create link between personal goals and TXP Showcasing – share stories of previously reintegrated EPs O Offer micro-experiences O Get in touch with EP manager – start building the relationship
  8. 8. Communication O Define timeline O Contact points and messages to communicate O Take into account: EP’s emotional cycle O Synergy between OGX and TM O OGX tracking returnees timeline O TM tracking opening roles O Monthly EP newsletter
  9. 9. Reintegration O Reintegration seminar O Reflecting O Sharing O TXP promotion O Allocation O Returnee competency assessment (test) O Allocation interview with TM – motivation, time availability, attitude O Induction a. b. During recruitment period - same as new TMPs Outside recruitment period – AIESEC Basics refresh by TM, functional induction by Team Leader
  10. 10. Example
  11. 11. Example - integration John is going on 8-week GCDP O O O As soon as John’s form is raised, start communication – promote microexperiences and invite to LC events John takes a 3-week role as part of OC team for a local induction conference for TMPs OPS – invite reintegrated returnee to share their experience & what TXP has given them to make John see the value of an integrated experience
  12. 12. Example - communication Immediately after arrival •Identify if John arrived safely, host entity is providing support 2nd week. John has reached the end of the honeymoon phase and is feeling frustrated and confused. •Message of support and understanding, share stories of other EPs’ stories 4th week. John has taken the steps to adapt to the new reality and his emotions are positive •Showcasing previous reintegrated returnees’ stories •Offer specific TXP opportunities, emphasize the unique value of each 6th week •Checkpoint - if and which TXP John wants to have. Based on that, design and send timeline for reintegration Few days before returning •Send returnee booklet, competency assessment test (to identify if he is in Newie, Junior or Senior level)
  13. 13. Example - reintegration Few days after EP has returned •Schedule time for interview 1 week after •Interview 1-2 weeks after •Reintegration seminar Until 2 weeks from returning induction should be complete!
  15. 15. In hosting entity O Planning steps • Define experiences open for trainees (as soon as the need is identified) and profile needed • Evaluate trainees – competency test+interview (time availability, motivation, induction done in sending entity) • Customize induction process based on role and previous induction
  16. 16. Virtual role in sending entity O Define roles that can be virtual & competencies needed O Assess EP-s competencies O competency test+interview (time availability, motivation, induction done in sending entity) O Establish tracking system (with team leader), communication channels, goals
  17. 17. Examples of virtual roles O Online marketing O Freelance content writers O Virtual LTT (national on local) O Exchange partnership coordinator for LC O Virtual role in the quality team
  18. 18. What is a micro-experience O Any experience that has a duration less than 8 weeks (thus doesn’t qualify as TMP or TLP) in the LC) O Specific JD defined O Doesn’t give full value proposition of a team experience
  19. 19. Micro-experiences for EPs and trainees O Timeline O Define HR needs, profiles, JD O Create portfolio of micro-experiences O Done at the beginning of the term, constantly updating O Promote micro-experiences to EPs O Involve EPs (and trainees) in LC events – e.g invite to LCM to share their story; cultural evenings about destination countries
  20. 20. Micro-experiences examples O For trainees while in your LC: O Exchange development (for AIESECers – with O O O O O O home LC) EP buddy/orientation Recruitment OC Raising (exchange) Content, design, finance, etc (based on skills) Event promotion Quality control teams
  21. 21. Micro-experiences examples O For EPs before going abroad: O Self matching O Raising for OGX O Trainee buddy O OC for an event O Reception force O Design, IT, any other role that requires specific skills
  22. 22. How to do HR planning for reintegration? O Types O Year plan O Increase capacity
  23. 23. Year Plan O Set a yearly goal O Plan reintegration for periods where you lose more members (and there is no TMP recruitment ongoing) O Reintegration during recruitment periods – count reintegration goal into TMP recruitment goals
  24. 24. Increase Capacity O If you want to use reintegration to increase capacity, identify the gap in HR min. 3 months before O Integration-communication-reintegration steps implemented for TXP after X O If you need urgent HR: O Identify which stage of X EP is in  adjust messages and start communicating asap O Don’t forget: Newsletter, competency assessment, PGS+career planning
  25. 25. Example of TXP after X flow for LC June 1-15th •HR planning and JD creation •Raise July 16th-Sept 1st •Communication Promotion of TXP roles •Competency assessment (before arrival) July 5th July 15th •Match •Realize Sept 3rd •Allocation interview June 15th – July 15th •Microexperienc e •Participati on in LC events Sept 1st-14th •Reintegration seminar •Induction