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Dual Experiences
Dual Experiences
Dual Experiences
Dual Experiences
Dual Experiences
Dual Experiences
Dual Experiences
Dual Experiences
Dual Experiences
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Dual Experiences


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. DUAL-EXPERIENCES capacity
  • 2. Why dual-experiences?    When we don’t have enough capacity to accomplish the goals When we need to increase capacity fast (recruitment, integrated experiences and other options take too much time) Encourage members to gain more KSA through multiple experience
  • 3. Before dual-experiences consider..    Reallocation Need-based recruitment Integrated experiences Reintegrating returnees  Offering micro-experiences to EPs before leaving  Offering micro-experiences to your trainees  Virtual experiences to your EPs while on exchange  In case it does not work, go to:  Product packaging
  • 4. Type  Types  TMP Experience  Micro Experience Physical/ Virtual
  • 5. Important if it is TMP  The workload of the current TMP experience, not to overload the member  Current      JD, university, personal life, etc. The profile and motivation of the candidate The awareness from the current TL The duration, timeline, start-end date Strong tracking system from current TL and new TL Strong R&R system
  • 6. Important if it is Micro XP      Delivers only part of the value proposition of a team experience Short term XP (less than 8 weeks), not registered as a team experience Has to have clear accountability The main objective is individual development Commitment and prioritizing have to be taken into consideration
  • 7. Steps for additional TMP role Define Talent Planning Discussion with current TL Open the opportunities Competency assessment, motivation and time availability evaluation Intense learning (functional) Strong tracking system by current and new TL Clear evaluation and closing
  • 8. Steps for additional Micro-XP  Define HR needs, profiles, JDs  Create porfolio of micro-experiences  Done at the beginning of the term, constantly updating  Promote micro-experiences to members  Examples:  Trainee buddy  Short-term OC  Quality control  Raising for OGX
  • 9. Conclusion     Dual-roles need to be very well planned in terms of member’s time availability to avoid work overload It provides a fast solution to the lack of capacity The tracking from both sides of TL has to be equal The Talent Management department needs to know all responsibilities in both roles and its urgencies