8 week seo plan


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8 week seo plan

  1. 1. 8 Week SEO Plan (New Site) □ Remember to wait 3 weeks and fill up your blog with good content before building backlinks! □ Note: A free alternative to Bookmarking Demon is SocialAdr and a free alternative to Article Marketing robot is manual submission to article directories. If you are doing manual submissions, you only need to submit to ~12 article directories a week (see last page for top article directory list). Week 1 - Article Submissions □ Write 4 unique articles (500-600 words) □ Create accounts at the following article directories and submit your articles o Ezinearticles.com o Hubpages.com o Infobarrel.co o Squidoo.com □ Link back to your home page in the resource section, using your main keyword as anchor text Week 2 - Web 2.0 Creation and Submissions □ Create accounts at: o Wordpress.com o Blogger.com o Blog.com o Properous.com □ Post 1 article ( you can use the same ones from week 1 if they were accepted) to each o Do not link back to your site Week 3 - Article Submissions
  2. 2. □ Submit 4 new unique articles to... o Ezinearticles.com o Hubpages.com o Infobarrel.co o Squidoo.com □ For each article, build one link to your main site and one to the web 2.0 from week 2 Week 4 - Bookmarking Demon - Prepare 30-50 word social bookmarking descriptions (using spin syntax) - Using Bookmarking Demon, create ~100 social bookmarks every 2 days o You can also use SocialAdr.com which is free Week 5 - Posting to Web 2.0s - Use the articles you submitted in week 3 as the second post to your week 2 blogs - Again, don’t build any backlinks - Continue building backlinks with Bookmarking Demon Week 6 - AMR Submissions - Prepare 1 article with spin syntax in the title/body/resource box o Submit it to ~150 sites every 2 days o Each article should link to your site’s domain or page o rd Using spun copies of that article for a 3 and final post on your web 2.0s This time, link back to your site or inner pages Week 7 - Bookmarking Demon - Use BMD to build links to your web 2.0 blogs from week 2
  3. 3. o Use about 25% of the available Social bookmarking sites per web 2.0 (so that they all get a similar number and you can reuse the same description for the entire submission) Week 8 - AMR □ Prepare another article with spin syntax in the title/body/resource box o First link (article body) should point to one of the 4 domains of your web 2.0 o The second link (in the resource box) should point to one of the 4 web 2.0 posts from week (the one that contains a link back to your site) □ Submit to about 150 sites every 48 hours Top Article Directories URL Page Rank squidoo.com 7 ezinearticles.com hubpages.com technorati.com buzzle.com suite101.com gather.com goarticles.com brighthub.com selfgrowth.com ezinemark.com thefreelibrary.com infobarrel.com ideamarketers.com pubarticles.com sooperarticles.com selfseo.com amazines.com triond.com articledashboard.com $ web-source.net articlerich.com isnare.com articlecity.com articleclick.com
  4. 4. submityourarticle.com/articles/ $ articlesfactory.com articletrader.com articleblast.com upublish.info EvanCarmichael.com articleslash.net articlecompilation.com thewhir.com/find/articlecentral articlecube.com site-reference.com abcarticledirectory.com