National Geographic Photo contest 2012


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National Geographic Photo contest 2012

  1. 1. 1 Auto
  2. 2. 2NATURE’S ART(Nature) - Driedup delta of theKimberlyregion, N.W.Australia.Creates themostsophisticatedpatterns onlyappreciatedfrom above.(Photo andcaption by TedGrambeau/NationalGeographicPhoto Contest)
  3. 3. 3SNOW IN ROME (Places) -Piazza Navona atnight, stricken by an unusualblizzard. (Photo and captionby luigi vaccarella/NationalGeographic Photo Contest)#Auto
  4. 4. 4MARIA AND RAUL (People) -Raul and Maria weremarried in 1959, the year ofthe revolution. They havelived for most of their lives inthis tiny apartment inCentral Havana. Raul is nowblind and Marie spendsmuch of her time lookingafter his needs. It is now lateafternoon and Marie takesa siesta while Raul sits in hisrocking chair waiting for herto wake up. (Photo andcaption by DavidCreedon/NationalGeographic PhotoContest)# Auto
  5. 5. 5YOUNG GIRL DRINKING MARES MILK (People) - Fermented mares milk (Airag) is the traditional nationalbeverage of Mongolia. The amount of milk produced by one mare averages about two litres when milked six times per day, so inorder to make enough Airag for the family and any visitors, it isnecessary to have at least a dozenmares. To get good quality Airag, it is necessary to stir the milk mix no less than 1,000 times each day! Produced during the summer months in a specially made hide skin bag, fresh Airag is quite mild, but if kept for long enough turns sour and acidic which is how many Mongolians prefer it. (Photo and caption by AndrewNewey/National Geographic Photo Contest)# Auto
  6. 6. 6LONELY HUT (Places) - Lonely hut on aslash and burn farm in northernThailand. (Photo and caption byPattavee Kaewnoo/NationalGeographic Photo Contest)#
  7. 7. 7LOST SOUL (Nature) - A maleHumpback whale dies on itsannual migration. The carcasswashes ashore on SydneysNorthern Beaches. (Photo andcaption by JackMurphy/National GeographicPhoto Contest)#
  8. 8. 8 GREAT WHITE, SUN LIGHT (Nature) - As I am sitting on top of a suspended submersible cage, 30 feet below the surface, a 15 foot Great White Shark swims overhead just starting to block out the sun. I took the shot right after I had released a breath though my respirator. (Photo and caption by Kirk Nielsen/National Geographic Photo Contest)#Auto
  9. 9. 9HOME ALONE (Nature) - Theprogeny, a solitarychick, amidst the adultGreat Crested Terns, takenfrom a prone position, witha wide-angle lens, at abreeding site on a SriLankan island offnorthwestern seas. (Photoand caption by LalithEkanayake/NationalGeographic PhotoContest)#
  10. 10. 10PREDATION UP CLOSE ANDPERSONAL (Nature) - I wassurrounded by thousands offish that moved in synchronybecause of the predationthat was happening. It wasan incredible experience.(Photo and caption byFransiscaHarlijanto/NationalGeographic PhotoContest)#
  11. 11. 11HANGING LIFE (People) - I sawthis hanging kid along with ahanging bag while walking onthe streets of Chennai. (Photoand caption by SudharshunGopalan/NationalGeographic Photo Contest)#
  12. 12. 12SWEET DREAMER (People) - Quietafternoon in a Thai restaurant.(Photo and caption by AdrianKonopnicki/National GeographicPhoto Contest)#
  13. 13. 13DOG’S LIFE (People)- Two children watchas the dogs getweighed in at theLismore GreyhoundTrack. (Photo andcaption by MarcStapelberg/NationalGeographic PhotoContest)#
  14. 14. 14CITY BIRDS (Places) - Strolling throughdowntown San Francisco during ourvacation, the birds sitting on the wires andskyscrapers in the foggy backgroundcaught my attention. A lucky shot! (Photoand caption by Matthias Luetolf/NationalGeographic Photo Contest)#
  15. 15. 15PELICAN, WALVISBAY, NAMIBIA (Nature) -A marine cruise inWalvis Bay, Namibia, isa memorableexperience. I rememberwatchingdolphins, seals, molamolas, cormorants...and having the privilegeof picturing that onepelican at the exactmoment he grabbed abite thrown from theboat. (Photo andcaption by RomuloRejon/NationalGeographic PhotoContest)#
  16. 16. 16SECLUDED PIER AT LAKE BRUNNER (Places) - I wason my 170 km solo cycling trip around WestCoast, New Zealand and one of the destinationswas famous Lake Brunner. I reached this pier onefoggy morning and I found this moment was “likeno other”. (Photo and caption by Mohd NadlyAizat Mohd /National Geographic PhotoContest)#
  17. 17. ENDEAVOUR FLIES OVER GRIFFITHOBSERVATORY (Places) - The SpaceShuttle Endeavour flies over GriffithPark Observatory and theHollywood Sign before heading to 17Los Angeles International Airportwhere it will be prepared to bemoved to its new permanent homeat the California Science Center indowntown Los Angeles. (Photo andcaption by Axelle Woussen/NationalGeographic Photo Contest)#
  18. 18. 18 HEAVENLY VIEW (Places) - The sea of clouds covered the citymaking a spectacular heavenly view while the photographer is absorbed in taking photo from the top of Mt.Yangbaeksan,South Korea. (Photo and caption by Sungjin Kim/National Geographic Photo Contest)#
  19. 19. 19THE GODFATHER (Nature) - He is big - 4 meters tall and over 4 tons in weight, he is the "Godfather." I have visualized this scene many times. I have checked and rechecked my equipment and decided upon thecamera and lens combination. I now relax and control my breathing as they come into view. The next ten minutes are bliss of forgetfulness as I zone in to the task at hand; only one moment stands out. He stands still before me in all his magnificence, raising his trunk filledwith the red Kalahari dust. In one fluid movement he sprays his forehead and for one brief moment he is covered in the magic of dust and light. (Photo and caption by PeterDelaney/National Geographic Photo Contest)#
  20. 20. 20 CRATER LAKE STORM AT SUNSET (Places) - Athunderstorm swirls across thewater at Crater Lake National Park, as the setting sun creates a rare double rainbow. Taken from Rim Village, approximately 1,000 feet above the lakes surface, providing a straight- on vantage point of the storm. (Photo and caption by Duke Miller /National Geographic Photo Contest)#
  21. 21. AN EXPEDITION AMUNDSEN (People) - A race that follows in thepath of the famous explorer Roald Amundsen brings thecontestants to the Hardangervidda Mountainplateu, Norway. 21100km across the plateau, the exact same route Amundsen usedto prepare for his South Pole expedition in 1911, is still used byexplorers today. Amundsen did not manage to cross the plateauand had to turn back because of bad weather. He allegedly saidthat the attempt to cross Hardangervidda was just as dangerousand hard as conquering of the South Pole. The group in thepicture used the race as preparation for an attempt to crossGreenland. (Photo and caption by Kai-Otto Melau/NationalGeographic Photo Contest)#
  22. 22. 22GLACIER (Places) - The other-worldlyexperience! ((Photo and caption by Rafael Urrutia/National Geographic Photo Contest)#
  23. 23. 23 REFLECTING VANCOUVER (Places) - Walking near the waterfront in Vancouver, I was struck by the beautiful reflection of the nearby buildings in the glass of theConvention Center. (Photo and caption by Martha Katko/National Geographic Photo Contest)#
  24. 24. 24 ADRIFT (Nature) - Penguins adrift on iceberg during aheavy snow storm in Antarctica. (Photo and Caption by Joshua Holko/National Geographic Photo Contest)#
  25. 25. 25DANCE (People) - A female dancer practicing her movements for a performance in the Turbine Hall of Tate Modern, London. (Photo and caption by Tom Radenz/National Geographic Photo Contest)#
  26. 26. BUTTERFLY ATSUNSET (Nature) 26- Macro shot ofa butterfly withthe sunset in thebackground.(Photo andcaption by ToniGuetta/NationalGeographicPhotoContest)#
  27. 27. 27GOLDEN ROAD(Nature) - Aglorious road ofgold through theaspen woods ofSnowmass, Colorado. (Photo andcaption by Chih-HungKao/NationalGeographicPhoto Contest)#
  28. 28. 28HAMER GIRL, ETHIOPIA(People) - The Hamers are apeople of East Africa living insouthwestern Ethiopia, in afertile area of the Omo Valley.The gracious Hamer women,freeing pride and dignity evenin the midst of the bustlingweekly market, are easilyspotted with theircharacteristic outfits. Theytake pride in their dress andaccessories and win the prizeas the most decorated of theOmo people. The traditionaldress code for unmarriedHamar girls includes elegantcowrie-shell collars, seededor glass-beaded necklacesand decorated goatskinclothing. (Photo and captionby Pascal Mannaerts/NationalGeographic Photo Contest)
  29. 29. 29THROUGH THEDUNES (Nature) -Oryx captured inNamib-NaukluftNational Park inNamibia just aftersunset. Headingthrough thedunes in searchof food andwater. (Photo andcaption byMikaelStiller/NationalGeographicPhoto Contest)#
  30. 30. 30WINDSWEPT LADY (Nature) - One of the times visitingMonument Valley, Arizona, I was in a box canyonwhen a severe dust storm came through. This is aphoto of an aged, old juniper tree. Its weather-tornskeleton has lasted sun, heat, snow, wind, andnatures elements. Its shape and outline looks as ifits an old windswept and aged lady still standing ina harsh desert climate. (Photo and caption by DaveDrost/National Geographic Photo Contest)#
  31. 31. 31 THE EDGE (People) - Looking just over the edge, just enough to see what isahead, not enough to know the whole, just getting the gist. (Photo and caption by Mei Ratz/National Geographic Photo
  32. 32. 32TOUR de FORCE (Places) - Thevibrancy and complexity ofcivilization especially manifestedwithin the architectural themes ofcities never ceases to amaze me.It seems that cities undergo agradual metamorphosis, as theyseem to redefine themselves intheir own unique way. Thesculptors that provide the energybehind this change are the variouspeople throughout history, andindeed the present, that lend theirvarious influences as determinedby the period of history andcultural forces at play. (Photo andcaption by KonstantineEleftheria/National GeographicPhoto Contest)#
  33. 33. 33BOYS TO MEN (People) -Masai boys who had justundergone the cultural rite ofpassage. (Photo and captionby Amy Sacka/NationalGeographic Photo Contest)#
  34. 34. 34 SKUGAFOSS - It took me a few tries to take this long exposure of SkÛgafoss, the massive southernIcelandic waterfall, between the small groups of tourists slowly making their way to its base. While a person certainly would have added some scale to how large the waterfall really is, I wanted the silky sheen of the flowing water to be unobstructed and people-free. (Photo and caption by Catherine Cole/National Geographic Photo Contest)#
  35. 35. 35BATHERS (People) - This mother and two children take a bathin this little puddle which is in a secluded place in the middle of one beech forest in Transylvania. The puddle contains sludge with petroleum (crude oil). The boy, continuously asked his mother, why do we bath here in this very stinky puddle? There was no answer, just a severe look... The mother and the other boy believe fanatically in the mystic healing power of this little very stinky puddle. (Photo and caption by M. Istvan Kerekes/National Geographic Photo Contest)#
  36. 36. DELICATE ARCH AT NIGHT (Places) - Iwanted to do something differentthan usual on my first visit to ArchesNational Park, so instead of sunsetwhere the crowds usually gather, Imade the hike to Delicate Arch at 36night. I had my girlfriend stand withthe spotlight we brought and took afew shots. This was the best. (Photoand caption by BenjaminCooper/National Geographic PhotoContest)#
  37. 37. 37BELIEVERS (People) - A group of devotees performs a sacred ritual and celebrate Chinese gods during Phuket Vegetarian Festival. Millions of firecrackers are ignited each year during the celebration. It is an annual event held during the ninth lunar month of the Chinese calendar. Local residents of Chinese ancestry strictlyobserve a 10-day vegetarian diet for spiritual cleansing and merit making. (Photo and caption by Peerakit Jirachetthakun/NationalGeographic Photo Contest)#
  38. 38. 38HELLO WORLD(Nature) - A tinymantis larva inan Americanpoppy flower.(Photo andcaption byFabienBravin/NationalGeographicPhoto Contest)
  39. 39. 39NATURAL GRACE(Nature) - Twoendangered GreenIguanas embraceduring matingseason. (Photo andcaption by RyanHuggett/NationalGeographic PhotoContest)#
  40. 40. 40THE BEST ENEMIES” (Nature) - This photo isfrom a scene quite incredible that I saw afew days ago. A dragonfly (sympetrum)further weakened by the freshness of themorning, came deliberately to hang onthis Praying Mantis that had landed on abroken flower stem that I wasphotographing. I shot some great macrosthis summer, but I must say that this wasthe most amazing that I saw, because wehave here the eater and the eaten but ina configuration that isnt expected.(Photo and caption by CyrilVerron/National Geographic PhotoContest)#
  41. 41. 41LOVELY DINOSAUR(Nature) – (Photo byMehmetKaraca/NationalGeographic PhotoContest)#
  42. 42. 42 MURSI TRIBE (People) - At around puberty, females cut their lower lipand install a clay plate in the opening. As time goes by the plate stretches the hole and a bigger disk is put in. Those plates can easily reach 7 inches in diameter! Lower teeth are often removed to make the lip plate sit comfortably in the opening. (Photo and caption by Dmitri Markine/National Geographic Photo Contest)#
  43. 43. 43NURSING MAMA (Nature) -This female brown bear cameinto the Lake Clark NationalPark area in late July with hertriplet Spring cubs andseemed quite relaxed as shesat nursing her cubs. (Photoand caption by RuthSteck/National GeographicPhoto Contest)#
  44. 44. 44WOMEN IN KENYA(People) -Women wearingthe traditionalKanga, South ofMombasa, Kenya.(Photo andcaption byChristopheViseux/NationalGeographicPhoto Contest)#
  45. 45. HOMEBOUND (Places) - Amother and her two childrenpaddling through the lagoonin a dugout canoe, againstthe backdrop of a dramatic 45sunset. (Photo and captionby Iris Kwok/NationalGeographic Photo Contest)#
  46. 46. 46SHADES OF THE OREGON COASTRANGE (Nature) - If you arelucky you can see over 150kilometers on a clear daystanding atop Marys Peak. Onthe day of this shot visibility wasclear, and the Pacific Ocean (75kilometers away) wasilluminated by a settingsun, framed perfectly byseemingly infinite layers andshades of mountains in theOregon Coast range. (Photo andcaption by BenLeshchinsky/NationalGeographic Photo Contest)#
  47. 47. 47VOODOO TRANCE (People) - Haitian women in a trance during a voodoo ceremony inSouvenance, Haiti. Every Easter, for over 200 years, thousands of devotees of voodoo make a pilgrimage, traveling to the Haitian village of Souvenance, 145km north from Port Au Prince, capital city of Haiti. Voodoo is one of three state-recognized religions in Haiti. (Photo and caption by Vincent Tremeau/National Geographic Photo Contest)#
  48. 48. THE LOST GATEWAY(Places) - A huge cargoship, dwarfed by theGolden Gate, passing 48under the bridge, amidstdense fog. Fog sodense, that both the shipand the iconic bridgeare hidden underneath,as if both are lost. A longexposure createdghosting of the movingship, adding to theeffect. This wasphotographed aftersunset. (Photo andcaption by IndranilMukhopadhyay/National Geographic PhotoContest)#
  49. 49. 49PORTRAIT OF A SNOWY EGRET (Nature) -I was lucky enough to catch a close upshot of this Snowy Egret right after it hadmade a dive for food. (Photo andcaption by GrahamMcGeorge/National Geographic PhotoContest)#
  50. 50. 50HOW’S MY HAIR LOOK?(Nature) - Femalebonobos carry and nursetheir young for four yearsand give birth on averageevery five years. (Photoand caption by GrahamMcGeorge/NationalGeographic PhotoContest)#
  51. 51. 51IN YOUR ROOM #8 (People) -Wearing a ballerina laceskirt and oversized low-heelsandals, the big dream inthis little Kazakh girls mind isto become an actress.(Photo and caption by Ro-hsuam Chen/NationalGeographic PhotoContest)#
  52. 52. 52LIBYAN REBEL AT THE OLDSHIPYARD OF BENGHAZI(People) - During theLibyan revolt againMuammar Qaddafi, thecity of Benghazi wasliberated early on andbecame the base for therebels and the transitionalgoverning body. Armedrebels were seen all overthe place. Many of themhad no previous warexperience but joinedthe revolt willingly to getrid of the regime. Thisrebel, with his spick andspan boots andoutfit, was guarding theold shipyard. (Photo andcaption by Mohannadkhatib/NationalGeographic PhotoContest)#
  53. 53. 53THE FISHING VILLAGES OFXIAPU (Places) - Thepicturesque fishing villagesin Xiapu of Fujianprovince, China attractedme to keep visiting over theyears. But I think herbeautiful landscapes arebest pictured in rainyseason. (Photo and captionby Michael LAM/NationalGeographic Photo Contest)#
  54. 54. Sophia is the one of the most visitedmuseums and most prominent monumentsin the world in terms of the art and history of 54architecture. It has been called “the eighthwonder of the world” by East Roman Philonas far back as the 6th century. It was usedas a church for 916 years, but following theconquest of Istanbul, the Hagia Sophia wasconverted into a mosque. It was used as amosque for 482 years, and then convertedto a museum in 1935. (Photo and captionby Melih Sular/National Geographic PhotoContest)#
  55. 55. CATCHING FISH (Places) -The fishers caught fish inthe night. They use the fireto bring the fish close to 55the boat and then catchthem. (Photo and captionby Chang MingChih/National GeographicPhoto Contest)#
  56. 56. 56GOLDEN HOURCHARM(Nature) – Thisphoto wastaken on theside of the roadin SouthernPennsylvaniaduring theinfamous"Golden Hour".(Photo andcaption byMandyMichels/National GeographicPhotoContest)#
  57. 57. 57TEA TESTING (People) -After the harvest and theprocessing, in a teafactory, tea is tasted todetermine the differentquality of the tea. (Photoand caption by EdoardoAgresti/NationalGeographic PhotoContest)#
  58. 58. 58ONNO (People) - A little girl,called Onno, after working inan Arbore farm in Omo Valley,Ethiopia. The Arbore tribe livesin the driest area of OmoValley. They lives thanks tocows, goats and the they growsorgo. (Photo and caption byJuan Carlos RuizDuarte/National GeographicPhoto Contest) #
  59. 59. 59COLORFUL MANSION (Places) - Artmansion. (Photo and caption byHideyuki Katagiri/National GeographicPhoto Contest)#
  60. 60. 60AUTUMN WOODS (Places) - A shotof autumn woods taken atQueenstown, New Zealand.Looking down from a hot airballoon, the photographer tried tocapture a moment of peace andtranquility manifested by a paletteof autumn colors. (Photo andcaption by Po Chun Hsu/NationalGeographic Photo Contest)#
  61. 61. TWO FISHERMEN (People) - The shoal 61is one of the most fascinating placesin Xiapu, China. Fishermen farmfish, shrimp, and oysters and plantseaweed along this coastal area.(Photo and caption by PengJiang/National Geographic PhotoContest)#
  62. 62. 62TREES AND THE BLUE POND (Nature) - This pond islocated in a small town, on a northern island, Japan.The trees standing in the pond are sapless whitebirch. The blue color of the pond is natural;ingredients from a hot spring are thought to be thecause, the color changes according to theseason, weather and time. I took this photo in theearly morning in June this year. (Photo and captionby Yukio Miki/National Geographic Photo Contest)#
  63. 63. BOLD & SHY (People) - Theunlucky car breakdown turnedlucky when I found this school in 63a small village Khangral in Kargilon the way to Leh from Srinagar.The teachers also let me and myfriends in to take pictures andmost of the kids were excitedabout it. Some were shy andkept hiding while this little girlenjoyed the limelight. (Photoand caption by AnjumVahanvati/National GeographicPhoto Contest)#
  64. 64. 64STILT FISHING (People) - Stilt fishing is a typicalfishing technique only seen in Sri Lanka. Thefishermen sit on a cross bar called apetta, tied to a vertical pole planted into thecoral reef. This long exposure shows howunstable their position is. (Photo and captionby Ulrich Lambert/National GeographicPhoto Contest)#
  65. 65. 65PIECE OF HEAVEN (Places) - Jamnik, a small village inSlovenia. One morning in autumn, fog was just in the rightheight at the right time. The atmosphere washeavenly, unforgettable. (Photo and caption by JanezTolar/National Geographic Photo Contest)#
  66. 66. 66TRONA PINNACLES (Places) - We were leaving Trona Pinnacles afterspending the night there when I looked back and saw the hazy morninglight striking the landscape in a really magical way. I used the 300mmsetting on my lens to compress the pinnacles up against the mountains inthe background. I converted the picture to black and white to emphasizethe shapes of the pinnacles and their relationship to the mountains. (Photoand caption by Bill Sharpsteen/National Geographic Photo Contest)#
  67. 67. 67EPHEMERAL WORLD (Places) - I ventured to MendenhallLake and Glacier on many occasions during my visits toJuneau, always admiring the scene. But, on this morning, Iarrived just in time to capture Mother Natures mostamazing show: the combination of dark mountainridgelines, icebergs and water movement accentuatedby the misty morning clouds and mirror-like water madefor a truly striking image. I stood in awe from the wonder.(Photo and caption by Julia Thomsen/NationalGeographic Photo Contest)#
  68. 68. 68FURY AND THE SEA (Nature) - I had my first visit to the Oregon coast this summer. I was standing on a sea rock in a morning during high tide trying capture some shots of the crashing waves. The water levels were getting higher and higher and I realized the whole area would soon be immersed. It was my first time facing and feeling the fury of the sea at such close distance. For millions of years, human beings have been living on this planet and feeling the power of Mother Nature. (Photo and caption by Cheng Niu/National Geographic Photo Contest)#
  69. 69. 69 THE BATTLE OF FLOUR #1 (People) - This particular battle takes place during the traditional parade of Citta della Pieve. The three Terzieri challenge each other with blows of bags of flour in a spectacular and chaotic battle. The air quickly becomessaturated with flour and in some moments is difficult to breathe. (Photo and caption by Andrea Cittadini/National Geographic Photo Contest)#
  70. 70. 70ARANJUEZ I (Places) -Winter in Aranjuez. (Photoand caption by AntonioMartinBallesteros/NationalGeographic PhotoContest)#
  71. 71. 71Badain Jaran Deser
  72. 72. 72Clayoquot SoundUNESCO BiosphereReserve, VancouverIsland, B.C., Canada
  73. 73. 73Ethiopia, Lalibela, House of St George
  74. 74. 74Haha-jimaOgasawara Japan
  75. 75. 75Hongkong
  76. 76. 76Hongkong
  77. 77. 77Iron bar & pipeshop, Youngdengpoin Seoul, South Korea
  78. 78. 78Kalalau Valley,Kauai, Hawaii
  79. 79. 79Malmøya- golden rocks areafrom the coastal line in Larvik ,Norway
  80. 80. 80Paris, 2011
  81. 81. 81Red Sea, Egypt
  82. 82. 82San Blas, Panama
  83. 83. 83Sao Paulo, Brasil
  84. 84. 84Trænstaven-located faroutside the coastline of Northern-Norway
  85. 85. 85Velavaru Maldives
  86. 86. 86Biei - Hokkaido, Japan.
  87. 87. 87Kalmthout, Antwe Biên tập PPS:, Bỉ