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  1. 1. www.natureherbs.org 2012Achillea Millefolium Alpine Strawberry Angelica Anise HyssopBeautiful in dried These decorative Angelica makes a Anise Hyssop is anbouquets and an "all little plants produce striking addition to attractive honeyheal" companion delicious, aromatic your garden plant - bees love it!plant for your red strawberries. landscape.garden!Artemisia Sweet Artichoke Imperial Arugula Lettuce Asclepias Silky MixAnnie Star PlantAn aromatic natural A wonderfully A nutritious peppery Asclepias Silky Mixpest repellent and unusual flower and lettuce that grows is a highly unusualeverlasting scent for edible! very easily! annual that is adried wreaths and butterfly magnet!crafts!natureherbs@ymail.com | +91 841 888 5555
  2. 2. www.natureherbs.org 2012Asclepias Tuberosa Ashwagandha Basil Amethyst Basil Genovese (Or Sweet Basil)Extremely attractive One of the most Amethysts deep Basil Genovese is ato butterflies and potent medicinal purple blooms will favorite for authenticother pollinators. herb in Ayurvedic add a lovely contrast Italian basil flavor medicine, also to your garden and and aroma. Perfect known as Winter wonderful flavor to for pesto! Cherry. your favorite dish!Basil Holy (Sacred) Basil Italian Large Basil Lemon Sweet Basil Siam QueenGreen Leaf DaniThis is the authentic Italian Large Leaf A must for the basil This delicious ThaiGreen Tulsi (Holy) Basil is a sweet basil lover looking for a basil has a distinctBasil used in many with larger leaves vigorous and licorice flavor andreligious and spiritual than most basil delicious lemon beautiful purpleceremonies, and varieties that will basil. blooms!may also help lower yield you tons ofblood pressure! flavor!natureherbs@ymail.com | +91 841 888 5555
  3. 3. www.natureherbs.org 2012Basil, Holy (Sacred) Bay Trees Bergamot (Bee BetonyRed Balm)Authentic Tulsi Commonly known as Chosen as the 2013 Well known for itsBasil that is a potent Bay Laurel or Sweet Notable Native Herb medicinal benefitsmedicinal and Bay, this savory by the Herb Society and beauty in thepopular spiritual culinary herb is a of America, were garden, this tisane isherb. must for any chef! honored to be their caffeine free and can exclusive grower of ease headaches. this wonderfully versatile herb!Borage Blue Buddleia Black Buddleia Nanho Buddleia Royal Red Knight PurpleA beautiful, Buddleia Black Buddleia Nanho Buddleia Royal Redbeneficial companion Knight offers rich, Purple is a sturdy produces lovelyplant and refreshing aromatic purple perennial for full sun wine-red to fuchsiaculinary herb, blooms that will that attracts colored blooms thatBorage is wonderful continue all summer butterflies, birds and smell amazing allin summer drinks and attract lots of bees! summer long!and salads! wildlife!natureherbs@ymail.com | +91 841 888 5555
  4. 4. www.natureherbs.org 2012Calendula Cardoon Porto Carnation Cat Grass SpinelessA gentle but potent Cardoon Porto The fragrance of the Give your indoormedicinal herb, Spineless is a Carnation is used in kitties a healthythese beauties are beautiful edible with potpourris and herb alternative to nibblingalso wonderful buds that resemble sachets! on harmfulculinary herbs and artichokes both in houseplants with ourcompanion plants. look and taste. nutritious cat grass!Catmint Catnip Catnip Lemon Celosia Cramers AmazonEasy to grow, your Catnip is a vigorous, This lemon-scented Eye catching in thekitties will love this high yielding plant Catnip will drive your garden or inhardy perennial, that your kitty will kitties wild! Its even arrangements, thiswhether fresh or love! a natural insect variety grows to bedried! repellent! VERY large!natureherbs@ymail.com | +91 841 888 5555
  5. 5. www.natureherbs.org 2012Celosia Cramers Chamomile Common Chamomile Roman ChervilBurgundyCelosia Cramers Chamomile Common This perennial variety Chervil lends a lightBurgundy is a real is a wonderfully makes a wonderful anise flavor to dishesshow stopper in the aromatic ground ground cover, a and is a keygarden or in a cover that naturally soothing tea and a ingredient in Frenchbouquet! repels pests and great skin treatment cuisine! doubles as potent for sunburns! medicinal herb!Chili Pepper Chives Chives, Garlic CilantroGreat for beginner A more subtle flavor Subtle garlic Cilantro is a zestygardeners! than its cousin, the flavoring that will add culinary herb found onion, Chives are wonders to soups, throughout Mexican easy to grow and eggs, potatoes and and Asian cuisine, contain natural more, without and its great for your antioxidants. overpowering the health! dish.natureherbs@ymail.com | +91 841 888 5555
  6. 6. www.natureherbs.org 2012Clary Sage Comfrey Common Costmary Cutting CeleryKnown for its Also referred to as Commonly known as Cutting Celery is amedicinal and ‘Knitbone’ as it is Bible Leaf for its more flavorfulculinary purposes, used to reduce historic use as an alternative to itsClary Sage is as inflammation of aromatic pest- crunchier cousin!beautiful as it is sprains and broken repelling bookmarkvaluable in the bones. in Bibles.garden.Datura Evening Datura Purple Digitalis Foxy Dill BouquetFragrance BallerinaA nocturnal blooming A beautiful addition An old fashioned Dill is a tangyplant with an to your moon favorite! culinary herb thatintoxicating garden, these also has a versatilefragrance! nocturnal beauties history as a will sweetly scent medicinal herb! your night!natureherbs@ymail.com | +91 841 888 5555
  7. 7. www.natureherbs.org 2012 Echinacea Epazote Eucalyptus Silver Evolvulus Blue Purpurea Magnus Drop Daze A beautiful, long Epazote is an herb This is a Hardy annual for lasting perennial, well-known to wonderfully sun, the wonderful this cone flower is Mexican and aromatic and more blue blooms are a work horse in the Caribbean cold tolerant continuous from garden and looks cooking. The variety of July to September. beautiful in cut name comes from Eucalyptus. bouquets! the Aztec (Nahuatl) epazotl. Fennel, Bronze Fennel, Green Feverfew Flax Bronze Fennel Green Fennel is A fantastic stress Ground seeds are a adds striking flavorful culinary relieving great source of beauty to your herb, potent medicinal herb, fiber! garden, provides a medicinal herb and Feverfew is also a safe haven for a great host plant beautiful bloomer butterflies and for Swallowtail that works well in makes a wonderful butterflies! arrangements. culinary and medicinal herb!natureherbs@ymail.com | +91 841 888 5555
  8. 8. www.natureherbs.org 2012 Germander Gomphrena QIS Gomphrena Heliotrope Upright Purple Strawberry Fields Marine Germander is a Gomphrena QIS A vibrant splash of Deep violet-blue wonderful Purple has a long color in the garden flowers grow in evergreen shrub lasting bloom used and a magnet for clusters atop that works well as in traditional hummingbirds! gorgeous dark both a small hedge Hawaiian leis. green foliage. or a ground cover. Wonderful for preventing erosion! Heliotrope Horehound Hyacinth Bean Hyssop Marine Ruby Moon Ideal for window A potent medicinal Not an actual bean, Hyssop beautiful boxes or hanging herb for treating this brilliant wine- bloomer that will baskets! respiratory colored climber flower all summer infections, will add height and long and attract Horehounds fuzzy elegance to your lots of helpful bees leaves are garden! and butterflies to beautiful in the the garden! garden.natureherbs@ymail.com | +91 841 888 5555
  9. 9. www.natureherbs.org 2012Indian Tobacco Joe Pye Weed Lambs Ear Lantana ButtercupAn herb with a Joe Pye Weed is The silvery foliage is Buttercup hashistoric past! definitely not a weed, perfect for creamy white and but a beautiful, contrasting or grey yellow blooming aromatic perennial gardens clusters that herb. butterflies love!Lantana Confetti Lantana Dallas Red Lantana Fantasy Lantana FuchsiaAn explosion of color A great show of A colorful mix of A profuse bloomer- blooming well into flowers that last from multi-colored blooms providing a punch ofthe fall - endless spring till frost - great that will dazzle. color from spring toblooms in the hot for warm climates frostclimatesnatureherbs@ymail.com | +91 841 888 5555
  10. 10. www.natureherbs.org 2012Lantana Trailing Lantana Trailing Lavender Grosso Lavender HidcoteLavender WhiteLantana Trailing A pronounced trailing This hardy lavender Hidcote hasLavender has a habit with beautiful is best appreciated beautiful dark bluetrailing habit that light blooms that look for its tall, sturdy blooms that smellcascades nicely from stunning in a growth habit and great and have greatwindow boxes and hanging pot large, profuse healing potential!hanging planters! blooms.Lavender Munstead Lavender Provence Lemon Balm Lemon VerbenaOne of the best The ideal Lavender Lemon Balm has a One of our mostvarieties of Lavender for crafts and terrific lemon aroma popular herbs -for its medicinal potpourri, this variety that tastes great in perfect for any use invalue, this aromatic is also deer and teas and salads, and the garden orbloomer has a drought resistant! its even a natural kitchen. The fresh,smaller, shrubbier mosquito repellent! lemony aroma ishabit. unforgettablenatureherbs@ymail.com | +91 841 888 5555
  11. 11. www.natureherbs.org 2012Lemongrass Lobelia Lovage Mint ChocolateLemongrass is a The brilliant red Possessing a flavor This herb can bestpotent medicinal blooms of this variety similar to celery, be described asherb, a light and are a huge hit with Lovage is a peppermint withflavorful culinary herb hummingbirds and it wonderful culinary chocolate overtones.AND it keeps grows nicely near herb popular inmosquitoes at bay! water! Eastern European cuisine.Mint Citrus Kitchen Mint Kentucky Mint Mojito Mint Mountain ColonelThis mint is a ‘must Unusual curly leaves A real mojito can This herb has thehave’ for any culinary that are very only be made with strong minty scentherb garden. A attractive in the herb the true Mojito Mint! without the invasivestrong and vigorous garden. Famous as runners of regularplant with a delicious an essential mint.citrus flavor. ingredient in mint juleps.natureherbs@ymail.com | +91 841 888 5555
  12. 12. www.natureherbs.org 2012Mint Orange Mint Peppermint Mint Pineapple Mint, AppleThis delicious citrus This mint is an old Lovely variegated Apple is lessherb plant is perfect favorite - easy to leaves and a sweet, invasive than otherfor summer drinks grow, dependable pineapple aroma. A Mints and has aand fruit salads. and a delicious beautiful and tasty fruity menthol scent. flavor. addition to any garden!Moonflower Morning Glory Mullein Nasturtium Alaska President Tyler MixAn amazing addition Legend has it that Herbalists Alaska Mix hasto your night garden, this seed was given recommend Mullein beautiful whitethis nocturnal to an Indiana farmer as one of the safest marbled leaves andbloomer has an by President John and most useful brilliant, edibleintoxicating perfume! Tyler. herbal lung tonics. flowers!natureherbs@ymail.com | +91 841 888 5555
  13. 13. www.natureherbs.org 2012Nasturtium Jewel Nightshade Oregano Greek Oregano ItalianMixThese blooms are This beautiful but This zesty herb is the Italian Oregano is andelightful "jewels" toxic herb is most flavorful excellent culinaryblooming profusely, historically known for Oregano and a variety with a strongwell-above the its hallucinogenic staple for pizza spicy flavor.attractive foliage. properties. sauce!Parsley Curly Parsley Italian Flat Patchouli Pennyroyal LeafThis is the tried and The strong flavored Delightful scent and This herb is known totrue parsley essential leaves of this parsley makes a great indoor repel insects andto pretty up any plant are great fresh plant! grows just like itsplate - a delicious or dried. cousin, the Mint.culinary herb.natureherbs@ymail.com | +91 841 888 5555
  14. 14. www.natureherbs.org 2012Perovskia Russian Pyrethrum Rosemary Arp Rosemary HardySage HillRussian Sage is Pyrethrums are Arp has been Upright and robust,extremely valuable beautiful, daisy-like introduced as an this aromatic herbfor its long season of flowers that contain a improved variety has a pleasing flavorbeautiful blooms in safe, all natural which shows better and fragrance forthe garden! insecticide. winter hardiness. cooking and soaps.Rosemary Prostrate Rosemary Salem Rosemary Tuscan Rudbeckia Prairie Blue SunA low-spreading, Salem Rosemary Tuscan Blue Rudbeckia Prairieevergreen shrub or smells and tastes Rosemary is a Sun has daisy-likeground cover. The terrific and its stems beautifully fragrant blooms fromleaves are VERY make great shish herb that produces midsummer till frost.aromatic! kabob skewers. wonderful dark blue flowers.natureherbs@ymail.com | +91 841 888 5555
  15. 15. www.natureherbs.org 2012Rue Sage Garden Sage Pineapple Sage PurpleRue is a beautiful yet A wonderful sage, all The bruised leaves Purple Sage is thevery pungent herb around plant for of Pineapple Sage most medicallythat butterflies flock every use! are an aromatic valuable Sage andto! delight! tastes great in stews and on meats!Sage Tricolor Salad Burnet Scented Geranium Scented Geranium Attar Of Rose CitronellaThe variegated Salad Burnet has an The beautiful violet Citronella Scentedleaves of Tricolor exquisite cucumber and lavender blooms Geraniums have aSage are a taste that is keep coming back citronella scent but itwonderful accent in wonderful for salads. each is debatable if theythe garden. year! actually repel insects.natureherbs@ymail.com | +91 841 888 5555
  16. 16. www.natureherbs.org 2012Scented Geranium Scullcap Shoofly Sorrel Blonde DeLime LyonHas a calming lime Scullcap (also Easy to grow and Sorrel Blonde defragrance that spelled Skullcap) is control! Lyon is a Frenchbalances cardiac, known to act as a variety of Sorrel andnervous, and sedative and has compliments oily fishimmune system. The antispasmodic and dishes well with itsbeautiful pink blooms anti inflammatory lemon flavor.keep coming back properties.each year. It is also agreat house plant,but be careful notover water. Drought-tolerant.St John’s Wort Statice Supreme Stevia Summer Savory BlueSt Johns wort is Statice Supreme A much sweeter Summer Savory is amost widely known Blue is an excellent natural alternative to sweeter, more subtleas an herbal everlasting, ideal for processed sugar and cousin to the Wintertreatment for dried arrangements! contains no calories! variety and is a greatnatureherbs@ymail.com | +91 841 888 5555
  17. 17. www.natureherbs.org 2012depression. salt substitute.Sweet Cicely Sweet Flag Sweet Marjoram Sweet WoodruffSweeten your Perfect for ponds Sweet Marjoram is Sweet Woodruff isgarden and water gardens! an elegant and aptly named - a versatile culinary sweet, well- herb with a milder mannered little herb flavor than its cousin, that works well as a Oregano. herbal ground cover.Sweetgrass Tagetes Mexican Tansy Tarragon French Mint MarigoldSweetgrass is used Mexican Mint Tansy is a natural Tarragon is thein prayer, smudging, Marigold has a insect repellent and aromatic aristocrat ofand purifying strong, sweet scent makes a beautiful fresh herbs!ceremonies and is and taste of licorice. and useful additionregarded as a to any garden!sacred plant by theNative Americans.natureherbs@ymail.com | +91 841 888 5555
  18. 18. www.natureherbs.org 2012Thyme English Thyme French Thyme Golden Thyme Lemon Variegated CarpetEnglish Thyme is a Sweeter than English Golden Variegated This lemon thyme isgeneral staple to Thyme, French Thyme is a quick wonderful for smallerculinary herb Thyme is a a major growing lemon spaces likegardening that goes component to French scented herb that flagstones andwith almost anything! cuisine. has beautiful stepping stones. variegated leaf patterns.Thyme Lemon Thyme Silver Edge Valerian VervainLemon Thyme has a Silver Edge Thyme Valerian is Considered a sacreddelicious lemon has brighter white considered "the poor herb by manyscent and tastes variegation than mans Valium" and cultures, Vervain is agreat with fish, other silver Thymes. has many medicinal great all-purposepoultry and in benefits! medicinal herb.marinades.natureherbs@ymail.com | +91 841 888 5555