Presentation Antwerp & Copenhagen (November 2012)
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Presentation Antwerp & Copenhagen (November 2012)



A brief presentation to the University of Antwerp & University of Copenhagen.

A brief presentation to the University of Antwerp & University of Copenhagen.



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Presentation Antwerp & Copenhagen (November 2012) Presentation Antwerp & Copenhagen (November 2012) Presentation Transcript

  • BRAZILIAN LUDIC INTERFACESUsing game mechanics and entertainment for serious purposes Msc. Vicente Martin Mastrocola November 2012
  • About the speaker #vince #vincevader #teacher #brazil #gaming_concepts #advergames #são_paulo #espm #reseacher #games #boardgames #star_wars #ludology
  • ObjectiveDiscuss (with some brazilian cases studies) the impact of a ludicinterface in the mediatic scene and how important it can be for thecontemporary world.
  • Ludic InterfacesFirst of all its important to define the idea of ludic interfaces. According toEuropean Masters in Ludic Interfaces Institute ludic interfaces are playfulinterfaces. The notion of a "homo ludens", introduced by Johan Huizinga,is the conceptual backbone of the tools we are looking at. Think ofdevices like the Wii console, solar power operated building façades,unconventional musical instrument controllers, game art devices.
  • Johan Huizingas magic circle Real World: - Questioning - Fear - Uncertainties - Responsibilities Magic circle: - Dreams - Immersion - Narration - Catharsis - Challenge - Experience - Meanings
  • Johan Huizingas magic circleInside the magic circle, real-world events have special meanings, asin the example below (ADAMS & ROLLINGS, 2009, page 8):
  • Case 1: My Red and Black BloodRecent Brazilian advertising campaign (2012) for blood donation.The red colour of the t-shirt was replaced with white, and only withblood donations the color will (gradually) change. The image belowshows this process. Video case:
  • Case 2: Climate GameClimate Game works in the area of serious games and is a gamethat, when played with strategy, negotiation and diplomacy,challenges its players to save the world from imminent destruction.
  • ConclusionLudic interfaces and game mechanics could be used for seriouscauses. A game could be used for teaching. A game interface couldbe a meaningful space for significative experiences.It seems that these ideas are essential to study and understand thegaming universe around the people and the impacts of the gameculture in the mediatic scene and how important it can be for thecontemporary world.
  • ReferencesADAMS, Ernest; ROLLINGS, Andrew. Fundamentals of Game Design.New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall, 2009HUIZINGA, Johan. Homo Ludens: A Study of the Play-Element inCulture. Boston: The Beacon Press, 1955.Iuppa, Nick & BORST, Terry. Story and simulations for serious games:tales from the trenches. Burlington: Focal Press, 2007.
  • THANK YOU! E-mail: Facebook: Vince Vader Twitter: @vincevaderSite: