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Legacy Power Point

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  • 1. Passing on Cherished Values in a Values-Starved World 1
  • 2. First American Woman to Summit Mt. Everest Legacy: “As a loving mother, wife and friend, and someone who lived a full life and found her passion in life.” 2
  • 3. Discoverer of The Titanic Legacy: “As an explorer. Our society tends to think explorers are people you read about in history books when, in fact, our planet is largely unexplored and in need of modern explorers.” 3
  • 4. Legendary Educator Legacy: “I want my students to tell their children about what they learned from me. How I gave them the tools that helped them make a meaningful place for themselves in life.” 4
  • 5. Ethical Dissenter Legacy: “Courage is contagious. I’d be happy to be a link in that chain of examples who helped people tell the truth even when it was risky.” 5
  • 6. Founder of First, Non-Profit Pharmaceutical Company Legacy: “Someone who had the courage and vision to accomplish what others said couldn’t be done.” 6
  • 7. Pioneer Civil Rights Leader Legacy: “As a non-registrant in peace-time draft, my work with the Congress of Racial Equality with special attention to the Journey of Reconciliation, and for helping to found the American Committee on Africa.” 7
  • 8. Only Hispanic-American U.S. Ambassador (Honduras) Legacy: “I would like to be remembered as a kind person who constantly worked for the empowerment of the less fortunate.” 8
  • 9. Hero & Survivor of Collapse of One World Trade Center Legacy: “He lived his life well and he did the best he could to take care of his family.” 9
  • 10. Former Schizophrenic, Now Physician & Researcher Legacy: “I would like to be remembered for the material I published or the things I’ve written. How will it stand the test of time?” 10
  • 11. First Female Commercial Airline Pilot & Captain Legacy: “I weaved the winds of change, chance and opportunity, coupled with luck and timing.” 11
  • 12. Ethical Dissenter Legacy: “A man of principle” 12
  • 13. How do you want to be remembered? 13