A 10 4 On Marketing


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Have you heard the latest Marketing buzz?

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A 10 4 On Marketing

  1. 1. A 10-4 ON MARKETING Have you heard the latest Marketing buzz? Just when you thought you were really smarter than a fifth grade, look again. Brushing up on the latest buzz should be number one in your itinerary. Is that a 10-4? Ok, that is CB talk it is that code to fully talk in codes using a radio frequency. Therefore, it is very important that you must have all that you want right now. With all the above in mind I have spent hundreds of hours to research what are the most beneficial and useful products and information to most people and have put together the most up to date items and information which you are most welcome to use for your reference and education.
  2. 2. A 10-4 ON MARKETING To be considered a true blue Marketing person, you must keep the 4Ps embedded in your heart and soul. These 4Ps make up the coveted Mix – Product, Price, Place and Promotion. This is a process for communicating and delivering offerings that have value for a given customer or client.
  3. 3. A 10-4 ON MARKETING A further explanation of the 4Ps can help a company or any business establishment to cater to a customer’s needs and wants. The Product aspect of this field focuses entirely with the specifications of the actual good or service and how it can relate to the customer’s requirements. Price, on the other hand, simply details the cost or amount a particular product or service. There are instances when price could be intangible – exchanged for time, energy or even attention.
  4. 4. A 10-4 ON MARKETING Place or Distribution is all about determining the right venue to bring a particular product or service to the end-user. The last P is perhaps the most exciting one since it deals with Promotion. This tests the company’s creativity in making their products or services stand out among other ones that belong to the same category.
  5. 5. A 10-4 ON MARKETING Have you grasped the fundamentals on Marketing? Is that a 10-4? For other related marketing information such as sales marketing, internet marketing, marketing advertising, online marketing, email marketing, business marketing, marketing strategy, marketing management, and direct marketing you can visit http://thebusinesshelp.com/marketing/