The marketing of airports areas vincent gollain 2013


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How to market an airport and surrounding areas?

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The marketing of airports areas vincent gollain 2013

  1. 1. Cergy-Pontoise, 14th Feb. 2013 Airport Areas : Territorial Marketing and Competitiveness Vincent Gollain, Chief Territorial Marketing Officer, Coordinator Hubstart Paris® Paris Region Economic Development Agency
  2. 2. CONTENTS • An economy of mobility and efficiency • Airport Areas, key places and economic drivers • Airport Area Marketing Case Studies • How to market Airport Areas ?
  3. 3. An Economy of Mobility and Efficiency
  4. 4. New paradigms demand new strategies. Be prepared! Exchanges and Mobility are increasing Efficiency and Productivity are Key to Success
  5. 5. The Mobility of Goods Volume of world merchandise exports from January 2000 to March 2012 (monthly data)
  6. 6. World imports and exports as a percentage of world GDP Growth in world trade Source: Fidelity Asset Management, World Bank and IMF, as of December 31, 2010.)
  7. 7. Our Economy is driven by Mobility Volume of world merchandise exports from January 2000 to March 2012 (monthly data)
  8. 8. Mobility of Business Tourists 15% of international tourists reported travelling for business and professional purposes
  9. 9. For City-Regions, more and more assets are mobile
  10. 10. And, at the same time …
  11. 11. Efficiency and productivity are Key to Success in Business
  12. 12. Competitiveness depends on Efficiency : « Be on Time or …» … you loose Clients!
  13. 13. Consequently A Company’s level of Competitiveness depends on « speed », efficiency, productivity More and more industries need locations giving them quick access to : Meeting venues showrooms clients or suppliers (…) Companies have to optimize budgets Business Locations must hone their competitive edge!
  14. 14. Airport areas, key Places and economic drivers
  15. 15. Airport Areas are key Connectors 810 million passagers for the 14 main international airport (+ 10 % in 5 years)
  16. 16. Airport Areas are key Locations Airport Areas are the Places located in and around international airports They offer a great accessibility They create an efficient environnement for companies
  17. 17. Airport Areas are key Locations for New Development Headquarters, Porsche in Atlanta Shopping Centers, Aeroville, Paris CDG High Tech Industry, Yokohama
  18. 18. Diversified industries : example of Pudong (Shanghaï) and it’s future plans
  19. 19. Airport Areas are becoming key Locations for Training facilities BEFORE : RESORT AREAS NOW : AIRPORT AREAS
  20. 20. Airport Areas are key Locations for Foreign Investors 2008 – 2011 : 40 new foreign companies created 1,700 jobs in the Greater Roissy Corridor Source : PREDA / AFII / HUBSTART PARIS
  21. 21. Airport Areas are key Locations for Sustainable Development Urban Farms, Atlanta
  22. 22. Airport Areas Marketing Case Studies
  23. 23. Airport Areas are becoming key Business Locations, but : Competition is High Competition is Global Clients are demanding Changing global regulatory environment No one-stop economic development team Different levels of goverment with different agenda © PREDA - Photographe : Vincent Gollain
  24. 24. You need a Territorial strategy to make it down the road to success. The key elements are : Cooperation among important players Effective urban planning Development of new infrastructure Efficient transportation links Good business service mix for companies © PREDA - Photographe : Vincent Gollain
  25. 25. Marketing of Airport Areas: The Power of Alliances Airports Partnerships Alliances and Brands © PREDA - Photographe : Vincent Gollain
  26. 26. Mix - Marketing of Airport Areas: Brand of the Airport Brand of the © PREDA - Photographe : Vincent Gollain Alliance for the Airport Area
  27. 27. Competition is fierce. You need a Territorial Marketing Toolbox that contains: A Methodology Techniques : brochures, trade show, branding, etc. Examples of Best Practice © PREDA - Photographe : Vincent Gollain
  28. 28. Find Your USP with the help of the method « Cerise Revait® » © PREDA - Photographe : Vincent Gollain BEFORE : GENERAL MESSAGE NOW : KEY SELLING POINTS
  29. 29. Mix-Marketing of Airport Areas: Examples Business Incubator, Hubstart Aeropole Business Tour, Atlanta Brochures, Amsterdam © PREDA - Photographe : Vincent Gollain Trade Show, Schipol Showroom, Beijing Team Alliance, Hubstart Datagora
  30. 30. How to market Airport Areas?
  31. 31. 8 Recommandations for Marketers Form an alliance with a governance Create a Brand Build a team to coordinate the marketing strategy Set up a marketing strategy Establish a budget Share a facility with a dedicated Team Provide services to investors Evaluate your actions © PREDA - Photographe : Vincent Gollain And don’t forget that you need Time & Confidence !
  32. 32. Vincent Gollain,