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Contact: Mr Vũ (Mr Vince) - (+84) 932571102
IR ID No. of my referrer: VN002907
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Mua Hang Truc Tiep Tu QNet Viet Nam
skype: vu.ngo.zy
yahoo: anhvu984

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Qnet viet nam - How to join Qnet - IR ID No VN002907

  1. 1. WAYS TO EARNUNIVERSAL COMMUNITY UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITY 3Because our universal community of customers and distributors are our most importantasset, QNET offers QInfinite, the most dynamic and innovative compensation plan in theglobal direct selling profession. With 8 ways to earn and up to 50% of the sales paid out incommissions, QNET is a powerfully rewarding, unlimited opportunity!QNET leverages today’s most effective form of distribution—relationship marketing. Withthis person-to-person approach backed by a world-class eCommerce platform, you canshare the borderless benefits of the QNET independent business opportunity with othersin your neighbourhood, your country, or anywhere around the world… and be rewardedfor doing so. Your income is based on your sales and the product sales of those in theorganisation you help create.QNET is the world’s fastest-growing online shopping and business community. Representingthe best lifestyle products in the right business, our world-class compensation plan is theheart of your QNET career as an Independent Representative.Q1Q2Q3Q4Q5Q6Q7Q8RETAIL PROFITREPEAT SALES POINTSEARLY PAYOUTFIRST PURCHASE PROFITSTEP COMMISSIONRANK ADVANCEMENT BONUSYEAR-ROUND REWARDSTRAVEL INCENTIVES
  2. 2. UNIVERSAL COMMUNITY UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITY4RETAIL PROFITREPEAT SALES POINTS (RSP)Selling QNET products directly to your Retail Customers is the cornerstone ofa solid foundation for your business.When you refer a Retail Customer who purchases products from the Company,you receive the Retail Profit, which is the difference between your customer’sRetail Price and your discounted price as an Independent Representative (IR).From every sale of a product from the QNET Repeat eStore to a RetailCustomer or your Direct Referral, the Direct Referrer up to three (3) levelswill earn the designated points, which can be converted into either cashor Business Volume (BV). Repeat Sales Points are automatically computedand you can easily manage them in your Virtual Office.BUILD A SOLID FOUNDATIONFOR YOUR BUSINESSTHROUGH SALES OF QNETPRODUCTS & SERVICES.Q2Q1
  3. 3. UNIVERSAL COMMUNITY UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITY 5EARLY PAYOUTTHE PATH TO IMMEDIATECASH IS QNET EARLY PAY.The Early Payout applies only to the IR’s Primary TC, Cycle 1, Step 1 and is paidaccording to the Commission Schedule. It’s a powerful way to get fast cash!Q3
  4. 4. UNIVERSAL COMMUNITY UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITY6FIRST PURCHASE PROFITSTEP COMMISSIONAs a Referrer, you will receive the First Purchase Profit from the qualifyingretail sales/purchases made by your new personally referred IR. The FirstPurchase Profit is the difference between the price of a new IR’s firstpurchase (made at Retail Price) and your IR Discounted Price.The Step Commission is another pillar of QNET’s QInfinite CompensationPlan. As a new IR, your focus will be on developing a base of customers andon helping your Downline generate volume through sales.The Step Commission is calculated from your placement tree, which has twolegs. You will be compensated based on successfully building sales volumewithin the placement tree. Your Upline (or anyone else in the placementtree) may also place IRs in your placement tree. As your group begins togrow, you are entitled to receive weekly commissions based on the volumegenerated on your lower-volume leg and the allowable commission amountsper Tracking Centre determined by your active rank.THE KEY TO SUCCESS IS TOEARN THE POWERFUL STEPCOMMISSION...Q5Q4
  5. 5. UNIVERSAL COMMUNITY UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITY 7RANK ADVANCEMENT BONUS...AND HELP OTHERS TO EARNIT BY EXPANDING YOUR QNETORGANISATION.With Rank Advancement in the Step Commission, you can be rewarded withup to USD 60,300 per week. As you grow and advance in rank, the amountpaid per step increases, the number of weekly steps allowed increases, and themaximised weekly payout can be achieved. It pays to grow!Q6
  6. 6. UNIVERSAL COMMUNITY UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITY8Q7Q8YEAR-ROUND REWARDSTRAVEL INCENTIVESOne of the most exciting ways to earn is with special cash and businessincentives for you and your organisation, periodic discounts on best-sellingproducts, and more! Interesting and meaningful promotions spark growth,fuel volume, and capture the imaginations of QNET IRs within the QNETonline shopping and business community.Another exciting reward gives you access to some of QNET’s most popularproducts without spending a cent! The QNET eVoucher is awarded everytimeyou complete your Step Commission Cycle, allowing you to earn andaccumulate eVoucher Points (EP) that are your currency for products in theQNET Redeem eStore. Here, your EP can be used to claim big-ticket items!There’s always something fresh, new, and fun with Year-Round Rewards.Life is to be enjoyed, and important milestones deserve to be recognised. Tohelp you savour the journey, the rich experience of travel is the crown jewelin QInfinite, the enhanced QNET Compensation Plan. Enjoy some of theworld’s most exciting and exotic destinations with the QNET Annual RewardTrips. Either take some well-deserved time out, embark on an adventure,or use your trips as a business opportunity to grow your borderlessorganisation.ENJOY THE EXCITEMENT OFYEAR-ROUND REWARDS ANDTRAVEL INCENTIVESTHAT RECOGNISE YOURACHIEVEMENTS.
  7. 7. UNIVERSAL COMMUNITY UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITY 9GETTING STARTEDIS SIMPLE.ENROL, QUALIFY, ACTIVATE, AND MAXIMISEBY HELPING OTHERS TO DO THE SAME IN YOURQNET ORGANISATION.ENROLEnrol online through www.qnet.net or through your Direct Referrer’s IR Personal Website.Simply pay for your one-year IRship Package, which includes your online Business Plannerand Product Portfolio consisting of an array of multimedia presentations, videos andbrochures. You also receive annual access to your own proprietary Virtual Office where youcan organise, manage, and monitor your business; an IR Personal Website that allows youto position your business according to your network and market preferences, and capitaliseon social media marketing; three innovative eStores for your product sales and purchases;and various new and exciting business, marketing and eCommerce tools to help you boost,promote, grow, utilise, capitalise and understand your QNET business!Once you enrol, you will be granted three (3) Tracking Centres. These business centresare the foundation of your placement tree.QUALIFYQualify at least one (1) of your Tracking Centres (TCs) with 500 qualifying BV each byselling products to a Retail Customer or making a Personal Purchase.ACTIVATETo activate means a Qualified IR directly refers at least one (1) Qualified Direct Referral perside of any of his/her Tracking Centres. There are two (2) ways to activate:• Personal Sponsorship• Combining BV from Personal Purchases, Qualified Direct Referral purchases, and directly referred Retail Customer purchases.MAXIMISEMove to action as you build and lead an organisation of people who share the samedreams and goals as you. By progressing through the QNET Star Ranks, you canmaximise your earnings and enjoy a richer and fuller lifestyle as a member of the growingQNET universal community!
  8. 8. UNIVERSAL COMMUNITY UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITY10NOTES ANDTERMINOLOGYINDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE (IR)A person who has enrolled to build a business organisation by selling products andreferring others.ENROLTo register as an IR in the QNET business with a one-year IRship Package.QUALIFIED IRAn IR who has at least one (1) Tracking Centre (TC) with the minimum qualifying 500 BV.ACTIVATED IRA Qualified IR who has placed at least one (1) Qualified Direct Referral on each side of anyof his/her Tracking Centres (TCs).ACTIVE IRAny IR who generates a minimum of 60 BV per quarter by making a retail sale/personalpurchase from the QNET Repeat eStore.REFERRERAn IR who refers Retail Customers or other IRs by helping them to become IRs of QNET.RETAIL CUSTOMERSomeone who purchases products from QNET but does not enrol to be an IR.BUSINESS VOLUME (BV)The point value of a product used to qualify Tracking Centres (TCs) and calculate StepCommissions.GROUP REPEAT BUSINESS VOLUME (GRBV)Business Volume (BV) earned from the repeat sales within your network.REPEAT SALES POINTS (RSP)Points earned from repeat sales on a quarterly basis, which are convertible into cash orBusiness Volume (BV).eVOUCHER POINTS (EP)Points earned at every Step 6 of any given Commission Cycle, redeemable for productsin the QNET Redeem eStore.
  9. 9. UNIVERSAL COMMUNITY UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITY 11BONUS SUMMARYBONUS WHAT YOU RECEIVE WHAT IS REQUIREDQ1RETAIL PROFIT• Sell QNET products to your friends andneighbours at Retail Price and keep thedifference• Become a QNET IndependentRepresentative (IR)Q2REPEATSALES POINTS• From every sale of a product fromthe QNET Repeat eStore to a RetailCustomer or Direct Referral, the DirectReferrer up to three (3) levels will earnthe designated Repeat Sales Points(RSP), which can be converted intoeither cash or Business Volume (BV)• Have Retail Customers and DirectReferrals who purchase productsfrom the QNET Repeat eStore• Manage your Repeat Sales Points(RSP) through your Virtual OfficeQ3EARLY PAYOUT• Receive up to USD 200 according tothe Commission Schedule• Become a QNET IR• Qualify and Activate your TrackingCentres (TCs)• Apply to only Cycle 1, Step 1Q4FIRST PURCHASEPROFIT• Receive the profit on the first orderat Retail Price by a new personallyreferred IR• Personally refer a new IR who makestheir initial purchase at Retail PriceQ5STEPCOMMISSION• Receive weekly commissions basedon the volume generated on yourlower-volume leg on the allowablecommission amounts per TrackingCentre determined by your active rank• Qualify and Activate all of yourTracking Centres (TCs)Q6RANKADVANCEMENTBONUS• Maximise your commissions up toUSD 60,300 per week through growthin volume and Direct Referrals• Develop leadership skills• As you advance in rank, the amountpaid per step increases, the numberof weekly steps allowed increases,and the maximised weekly pay outcan be achievedQ7YEAR-ROUNDREWARDS• Earn rewards, points and incentivestied to regular and on-going productpromotions and cash incentives• Learn and achieve the requirementsfor promotions/incentivesQ8TRAVELINCENTIVES• Earn travel incentives and recognitionassociated with Rank Advancements• Build and grow your network toresult in Rank Advancements andleadership development
  10. 10. UNIVERSAL COMMUNITY UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITY12REWARDS ANDRECOGNITIONTITLE ENTITLEMENTSBRONZESTAR• Bronze Star eBadge• Rank Recognition eCertificate• Congratulatory SMS and email• Announcement in QNET Recognition ePublicationSILVERSTAR• Silver Star eBadge• Rank Recognition eCertificate• Congratulatory SMS and email• Announcement in QNET Recognition ePublicationGOLDSTAR• Gold Star eBadge• Gold Star Pin*• Rank Recognition eCertificate• Congratulatory SMS and email• Personal phone call from a Senior Company Executive• Featured announcement in QNET Recognition ePublicationPLATINUMSTAR• Platinum Star eBadge• Platinum Star Pin• Rank Recognition eCertificate• Congratulatory SMS and email• Personal phone call from QNET Managing Director• Featured page in QNET Recognition ePublication• Personal letter of Congratulations• New Platinum Star Fly-In Travel: A VIP Tour to corporate headquarters with freeairfare and hotel accommodations for top-level leadership training*• Press release sent to local media**DIAMONDSTAR• Diamond Star eBadge• Diamond Star Pin• Rank Recognition eCertificate• Congratulatory SMS and email• Personal phone call from QNET Executive Chairperson and Managing Director• Personalised Diamond Star documentary in QNET Recognition ePublication• Personal letter of Congratulations• Diamond Star all-expenses paid VIP Destination Award Travel for two*• Press release sent to local media**STAR RANKS*Terms & Conditions apply.**Optional.
  11. 11. UNIVERSAL COMMUNITY UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITY 13REWARDS ANDRECOGNITIONPLATINUM STAR FLY-INAs a new QNET Platinum Star IR, you qualify for the VIP Tour at corporate headquarters,including free airfare and hotel accommodations for top-level leadership training.DIAMOND STAR AWARD TRAVELQualifying QNET Diamond Star IRs will enjoy an all-expense-paid trip for two to an excitingdestination announced annually.ANNUAL REWARD TRIPS*** Terms and conditions apply.
  12. 12. UNIVERSAL COMMUNITY UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITY14RANKS QUALIFICATIONS WEEKLY MAXIMISED CASHEARNINGS FOR 3 TRACKING CENTRES*BRONZESTAR•must be Activated**Up to USD 20,400 /week(USD 6,800 /TC /week)SILVERSTAR• Up to USD 28,350 /week(USD 9,450 /TC /week)GOLDSTAR• Earn 2 steps****• Retail sales/personal purchases of 60 BV/ quarter• Achieve 200 Repeat Sales Points (RSP)/quarter• Achieve 500 BV from new Direct Referral(s)/quarter• Achieve 1,000 BV in Group Repeat BusinessVolume/quarterUp to USD 37,500 /week(USD 12,500 /TC /week)PLATINUMSTAR• Retail sales/personal purchases of 60 BV/quarter• Achieve 600 Repeat Sales Points (RSP)/quarter• Achieve 1,000 BV from new Direct Referral(s)/quarter• Achieve 15,000 BV in Group Repeat BusinessVolume/quarter• 3 Direct Referrals with new Rank Advancementfrom Silver Star Rank upwards/quarter• 30 Indirect Referrals with new Rank Advancementfrom Bronze Star rank upwards/quarterUp to USD 48,675 /week(USD 16,225 /TC /week)DIAMONDSTAR• Retail sales/personal purchases of 60 BV/quarter• Achieve 1,200 Repeat Sales Points (RSP)/quarter• Achieve 1,500 BV from new Direct Referral(s)/quarter• Achieve 50,000 BV in Group Repeat BusinessVolume/quarter• 6 Direct Referrals with new Rank Advancementfrom Silver Star Rank upwards/quarter• 90 Indirect Referrals with new Rank Advancementfrom Bronze Star rank upwards/quarterUp to USD 60,300 /week(USD 20,100 /TC /week)*Based on three (3) Tracking Centres maximising.***One-time requirement, already earned in the Silver Star Rank.****One-time requirement, already earned in the Gold Star Rank.RANKQUALIFICATIONSSTAR RANKS
  13. 13. QNet Ltd47/F Bank of China Tower1 Garden RoadCentral, Hong KongTel: +852 2263 9000Fax: +852 2802 0981Email: global.support@qnet.net24/7 Multilingual QNET Global Support Centre (GSC)International+603 7949 8288 (All languages)Toll-Free Numbers*Hong Kong : 800 933 691India : 000 800 600 1144 : 000 800 100 7022Indonesia : 001 803 601 923Malaysia : 1 800 880 983Philippines : 1 800 1 601 0053Saudi Arabia : 800 860 1806Singapore : 800 601 1425Sweden : 020 795 050Taiwan : 00801 601 347Thailand : 001 800 060 102Turkey* : +90 212 414 1780UAE : 800 0600 212USA : 1 866 578 6077*All calls are free-of-charge when made from within the stated country,with the exception of Turkey, which is charged at local call rates(international call rates apply for calls made from outside Turkey).www.qnet.netCopyright © QNet Ltd / 2012. All rights reserved.Copyrights and/or other intellectual property rights on all designs,graphics, logos, images, photos, texts, trade names, trademarks,etc., in this publication are reserved. The reproduction, transmission,or modification of any part of the contents of this publication is strictlyprohibited.English Edition