Renesas motion control: Your inverters based on RX600 and RL78


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How to design your 3-phase inverter?
Which are the suitable Micro-controllers (MCU)?
Which are the existing Reference kits to speed up my development?
How long does it take to calibrate my own motor?
Which safety functions are already available?
Which additional services are available?

Such questions are answered by the presentation.

RX62T Motor Control Kit (YRMCKITRX62T):
Renesas RX62T/63T Microcontroller Family:
Renesas RX MCU Family:
RL78/G14 Motor Control Kit (YRMCKITRL78G14):
Renesas RL78/G14 Microcontroller Family:

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Renesas motion control: Your inverters based on RX600 and RL78

  1. 1. Industrial Business GroupVincent MignardJuly 2012Renesas Electronics Europe00000-ARev. 1.10Make your inverterssuccessful with RenesassolutionsYour inverters based on RX600/RL78
  2. 2. I want to design a new cordless electric mower:- with high performance- highly efficient & silent- with long battery life- low BOM cost- compact inverterSource: Corbis
  3. 3. Keywords: Cordless, running on battery, highly reliable, “built to last”Blade rotorBrushless Motor ACSensorlessDriving wheels2 x Brushless Motor DCwith hall sensors
  4. 4. Keywords: Vector control algorithm, high dynamics, speed & torque accuracyMedRPMSpeedLow HighMedNmTorqueLow HighMedanglePositionLow HighMedRPMSpeedLow HighMedNmTorqueLow HighMedanglePositionLow High
  5. 5. Keywords: User safety, battery management, system reliabilityDynamic brakingOver- temperature detectionAlarm on batterySelf diagnosticsIn-rush limiting
  6. 6. Which MCUs and A&P do you propose?Which MC Ref. kits may you offer?How do you demonstrate it?
  7. 7. Keywords: ASSP for inverters, in MP, industry provenOne RX62TSix IGBTsTwo couplersTwo RL78/G14Six MOSFETsTwo couplers
  8. 8. Keywords: Off-the-shelf solutions, cheap kits, easy to develop withYRMCKITRL78G14
  9. 9. Keywords: RX FPU enables accurate & real-time control, high integrationDrive any 3-phase Brushless AC/DC motorsUse royalty-free vector control s/w using smallflash footprint and minimum CPU resourcesMCU & MOSFETs on-boardContains: Schematics, Gerber, BOM list,datasheets, User’s Manual
  10. 10. External Parts Cost (€)- Quad Op-Amp IC 0.3- PCB used by Op-Amp 0.20- Mounting & testing 0.40TOTAL € 0.90Keywords: PCB sized reduced, heat-sink dimension reduced3-phase waveforms are sinusoidalHigh integration, low BOM costs, e.g. Op-ampSpecial price: €99/kit until Dec. 2012, MOQ: 10 kitsSelf-Test MCU s/w VDE certified for RL78 & RX600families. Chip robustness proven by Langer EMV
  11. 11. Schematics review offered PCB layout review offeredBrake system tests offeredSet of services during your design for min volume of 200kpcs/yBFG experts support services
  12. 12. Our Laboratory offers all services in our facilities!
  13. 13. Renesas is your one stop shopMicrocontrollers Optocouplers IGBT, MOSFETsTools infra. Software Support
  14. 14. Thanks for making her happySource: Corbis
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