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  • 2. Why have you chosen your production company logo? • We have chose our production company logo because our film opening is in horror genre where it relates to the production company. The production logo represents horror genre film. The logo suggests that because it shows an old haunted house with a moon and bats , which is a generic convention of horror. • We have decided to use black and white on the logo because it’s a common combination colour used on horror film. The colour contrasts between the text and the image so that it is clear to see.
  • 3. What is a production company? What do they do? • A production company is a company for physical production of media, performing arts, film or a television program. Production Company for films provides the money, and sets the budget and make decisions on what director, and actors can be hired, a production company also handles scheduling, scripting, the production itself, and marketing, therefore they are responsible if anything were to go wrong on the film such as actor being injured or property being damaged. • An example of a major production company: 20th Century Fox Pictures
  • 4. What is the job of a film distributor? • A film distributor is a really important role in film industry, it plays a big factor in a film’s success. • A film distributor controls the marketing and circulation of movies in theatres and also home viewing such as television rights/DVD. The job of film distributor involves in deciding how much the film is advertised on TV, internet or magazine etc… The Distributor arranges screenings and uses other marketing technique that will make the exhibitor believe they will profit financially by showing the film. • They also have to decide how many theatres in the film will show in and for how long • Example of a film distributor: New Line Cinema
  • 5. Which film distributor would you choose for your film and why? What other films have they distributed that are similar to yours? • I would like to choose Paramount Pictures as film distributor for our film. It is ranked as one for the largest film studios and the reason why I want to choose it is because it has distributed various commercially successful film where one of them include Paranormal Activity. It is similar to our film because they are both in paranormal genre.
  • 6. How would your film be funded? • I would hope that our film ‘Slendy’ would get funded by national Lottery - UK film council/British film institute. It supports UK film production, distribution, education, audience development and market research. • The national Lottery – BFI is well known, it distributes 27 million pounds to support film production and oher media production. • If our film is funded by the BFI then we can solve the financial problems and we are able to distribute Slendy in the UK with the help of BFI.
  • 7. Titles - Why do you need them? How have you presented them? • We have to put titles in our film opening because we need to show the audience who participated and helped in the production of the film, it is important to give them credits to prove that they worked on our film. The title credits are shown at the bottom right of the screen throughout the film opening like most other film opening, so that audience can focus on what’s happening in the film as well as looking at the titles. • However we have shown our main film title differently. We introduced it about half way through of our film opening and also at the end of the film opening in full size so that audience knows it is important and they will know what film they are watching.
  • 8. What films have influenced you from the industry and why? • In my opinion, the film ‘I know what you did last summer’ influenced me the most. The film has a lot of suspense chase scenes which gave me inspiration to our film opening. Although it is a slasher film but I think the micro features are similar to paranormal which we have used in our film. • The other film is Paranormal Activity. It gave us ideas on how to use camera angles effectively to show tension and suspense such as the picture on the bottom right.