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Mobile, Metrics & Mayhem

Mobile, Metrics & Mayhem



This was one of my talks for goto; conference in Zurich ...

This was one of my talks for goto; conference in Zurich

When delivering mobile solutions, many people often try to bring a 1-to-1 mind-set of analytics to mobile from their desktop-web experiences; however, mobile is too young. Although not in its infancy, it's still much like the wild west. Before planting analytic hooks into our mobile applications we must understand the story first before mining for data — there's more besides just focusing on the physical limitations. This session will present 6 mobile metric categories that will help you make decisions on how to forecast what features to cut, expand or attract more attention with.



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    Mobile, Metrics & Mayhem Mobile, Metrics & Mayhem Presentation Transcript

    • Mobile,Metrics &Mayhem
    • MobileAnalyticsMaking sense from datayour users give you Presentation by: Vincent Baskerville | @whoisvince
    • vince baskerville | @whoisvince
    • realize your brand nation prove guide the business value listen engage the conversation on existing networks to understandunderstand the tap into existing harness the power to transform the overall create an owned hubsocial customer social networks drive business impact customer experience vince baskerville | @whoisvince
    • realize prove your brand nation enterprise suite the business value integration guide employee solutions participation the conversation KPI dashboards social marketing engage community social commerce on existing networks listen widgets social support mobile social innovationto understand level upsocial media monitoring
    • questions &vote vince baskerville | @whoisvince
    • vince baskerville | @whoisvince
    • vince baskerville | @whoisvince
    • web metrics• hover • entry / exit• clicks • page views• above / below fold • browsers• heat maps • operating systems• page load • network speed• time on page • ... etc vince baskerville | @whoisvince
    • vince baskerville | @whoisvince
    • vince baskerville | @whoisvince
    • understand the story 1st before mining for data Text vince baskerville | @whoisvince
    • what’s so specialabout mobile• over 1 billion smartphones in use worldwide• it took us 16+ years to pass 1 billion, but only 3 yrs to the next bill. vince baskerville | @whoisvince
    • what’s so specialabout mobile• 3.2 billion people (46% ofactive cell phone billion) have *at-least* 1 population of 7• 800 million without includefew zombies unemployed, babies and a elderly, disabled, vince baskerville | @whoisvince
    • mobile web mobile app Session tracking done primarily through Session tracking done primarily through cookies & JavaScript UDID / adertisingIdentifier (iOS6)Measurement model centered around page Measurements focused more on deep views, referrals, search & visits engagements, nav funnels, up-charges Unique visitors are tied to server IP Can track ‘anonymous’ users 100% with addresses or logins accuracyThings get really, really complicated if using can break down per device; +/- for media queries Android heavy fragmentation vince baskerville | @whoisvince
    • vince baskerville | @whoisvince
    • It’s impossible to get real time data from a phone that’s notalways on or in range of a cell tower vince baskerville | @whoisvince
    • Flurry.comvince baskerville | @whoisvince
    • ApplicationDelegate #import "Flurry.h" - (void)applicationDidFinishLaunching:(UIApplication *)application { [Flurry startSession:@"YOUR_API_KEY"]; //your code } vince baskerville | @whoisvince
    • MixPanel.comvince baskerville | @whoisvince
    • how engagedare your users vince baskerville | @whoisvince
    • mobile metricscategories• content • biz funnels• user behavior • technical• people / location • elements / ui vince baskerville | @whoisvince
    • content• screens • ads• unique visitors • in-app purchases• page / layout views • funnels vince baskerville | @whoisvince
    • content vince baskerville | @whoisvince
    • content vince baskerville | @whoisvince
    • content vince baskerville | @whoisvince
    • user behavior• user paths • frequency• exits / bounce rate• touch events vince baskerville | @whoisvince
    • user behavior vince baskerville | @whoisvince
    • people / location• new / active users • geographic usage• user segments • session length• demographics vince baskerville | @whoisvince
    • people / location vince baskerville | @whoisvince
    • engagement• frequency of visit • duration• depth of visit• lifecycle metrics vince baskerville | @whoisvince
    • technical• devices • benchmarks• carriers / speed • version adoption• errors / bugs • os / firmware• cross-app usage vince baskerville | @whoisvince
    • elements / ui• a/b tests• e-commerce• cta conversions vince baskerville | @whoisvince
    • 3 engagementload types Cognitive Visual Motor vince baskerville | @whoisvince
    • Cognitivein relation to thinkingand the users memory;high human energy &attention vince baskerville | @whoisvince
    • Visualpertaining to the usersperceiving, noticing theui / ux flow vince baskerville | @whoisvince
    • Motorphysical actions; usingthe keyboard, scrolling,pinching, zooming, etc vince baskerville | @whoisvince
    • cognitive loads are the *mostexpensive* —  take lots of humanenergywhile motor loads are leastexpensive vince baskerville | @whoisvince
    • vince baskerville | @whoisvince
    • vince baskerville | @whoisvince
    • vince baskerville | @whoisvince
    • when you lower all the loads you are also lowering engagement and entertainment. vince baskerville | @whoisvince
    • vince baskerville | @whoisvince