RFID Shopping Trolley by Me


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Ahmedabad Mirror | Page 8 | 26-May-2012 | My Research Work at NIFT, Gandhinagar during Master of Fashion Technology programme.


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RFID Shopping Trolley by Me

  1. 1. CITY www.ahmedabadmirror.com/city 8L K Advani, Sushma’s AhmedabadMirror SATURDAY, MAY 26, 2012 NIFTian’s smartabsence pre-decided; trolley to makethere is no rift: BJP shopping faster The electronic trolley automatically receives, saves and transmits product information to complete billing process,Amendment to extend president’s term was known for long, says spokesperson thus saving customers from standing in a queueSushma gave the rally a miss because she had to reach Delhi on Friday night, while Advani didn’t attend due to throat infection MUMBAI Bharatiya Janata Partyleaders LK Advani and Sushma MODI MAY BE IN BJP PARLIAMENTARY BOARDSwaraj did not attend the key partyrally in Mumbai on Friday evening The new-found bon homie between Nitin Gadkari and Narendra Modi could seedue to prior engagements, party the Gujarat chief minister getting into the party’s Parliamentary Board soon.leaders said, denying that their Indications are that Gadkari could induct Modi into the powerful organ of the par- Vinay plans to instal a prototype at one of the retail outlets and get customer feedbackabsence was due to any discontent. ty following the recent coming together of the two that seems to have upset quite a few equations. Asked whether any party chief minister could get into the Parlia- Shraddha.Singh A The party said the absence of thetwo leaders was known much earli- mentary Board, a veiled reference to Modi, BJP spokesperson Ravishankar @timesgroup.comer. It also showed an invite of the Prasad said, “BJP president has discretionary powers and no one objects to it.”rally, which did not mention Only yesterday, Gadkari is believed to have extracted the resignation of Sanjay n NIFT, Gandhinagar graduateAdvani’s name. Joshi from the national executive at the behest of Modi. Today, Modi and Gadkari has designed an electronic trol- “Advani’s schedule was fixed ear- reached the stage together at a public meeting following the national executive ley which promises to not onlylier so he is not there and Sushma here, displaying their new bonding. Gadkari had come to the venue earlier but make shopping trips fun butSwaraj has to attend a programme waited for Modi to arrive so that they could take the podium together. PTI also increase sales for retailers. Vinayin Ghaziabad on Saturday morn- Prajapati (28), who recently complet-ing,” said party spokesperson ed his masters in fashion technology,Nirmala Sitharaman. Sushma Swaraj also denied spec- 2015 which means that the party has designed a trolley equipped with Asked if both the leaders decided ulation that there was a rift among will go to the 2014 Lok Sabha elec- wireless and radio frequency identifi-not to attend the rally as they were party leaders. tion under him, undermining cation (RFID) technologies, which canunhappy with the change in the “I respect and honour all deci- Advani’s role. Advani, many believe, automatically detect, receive, save andparty constitution that would allow sions of the party. Please do not has not yet ruled himself out as the transmit product information to com-a second term to party president draw any other conclusions. I must prime ministerial candidate for BJP. plete the billing process. This is aimed Vinay PrajapatiNitin Gadkari, Sitharaman said: reach Delhi tonight (Friday night) Incidentally, many senior leaders at enhancing customer satisfaction by“There has been no discontent over because I have to leave early morn- wanted change in presidentship reducing time consumption and also ley will also help the retailers to trackthe party resolution and he (Advani) ing for an important function in UP after the patry’s poor show in the cutting cost of services and inventory the buying behaviour of customers.is fully with us... it (any discontent) tomorrow (Saturday). I cannot five state assembly elections. BJP management at the billing counter. Prajapati’s research concentratesis all in the minds of the people.” attend tomorrow’s (Saturday) func- had performed badly in UP and “The inspiration for this trolley on automation of retail process that Another party leader said: “It was tions unless I take an early flight to Punjab where its seat count went came from my own shopping experi- involves customers. He said, “One canknown since long that we will pass Delhi,” she posted on micro-blog- down and lost power in ence. No customer enjoys standing in save on man power required to man-an amendment to the constitution, ging site Twitter. Uttarakhand. Goa provided the sil- a queue to get the billing done. It is age a retail store if RFID is imple- SENIOR LEADERS UNHAPPYand it is not for any particular ver lining where it defeated sheer waste of time. The RFID trolley mented at item level. More over RFID WITH NITIN GADKARIleader. It will benefit all presidents Congress. helps in fast shopping and checkout. can automate and reduce humanat state and district level as well. Gadkari’s decision to bring Uma The trolley automatically calculates errors at payment counters. It makesWhy would there be a sudden dis- The clarifications came after specu- Bharati from Madhya Pradesh to the worth of the good inside it, thus the process efficient.”content over something that is lations of serious cracks in the top lead the party in UP did not pay minimising the time at the billing “If all goes fine I will makeknown for so long?” leadership did the rounds. Advani’s off. Besides, reinducting former counter. It also has a navigator, which advancements in present proposal Party sources added that Advani non-unavailability was seen as his party general secretary Sanjay Joshi will guide the customers to different and instal prototype in an apparel orwas not well and suffering from a unhappiness with Gadkari getting and putting him in charge of polls sections of the store. This will help fashion accessories outlet and recordthroat infection. He had, however, the unprecedented second consecu- did not go well with his adversary attracting customers to that particular customers’ review. It will help meaddressed the valedictory function tive three-year term. Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra store and help the retailers in increas- prove that time is indeed money,”of the meet before leaving. Gadkari’s term will now end in Modi. AGENCIES ing footfalls,” said Prajapati. The trol- Prajapati added.