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Presentation monavie

  1. 1. Network Marketing Business and You <br />Diamond Abundance Group <br />
  2. 2. YourMillion Dollar Question???<br />Can I Achieve SUCCESS here?<br />
  3. 3. Financial Freedom<br />For some people, in life Success signifies……. <br />
  5. 5. Introduction - NETWORK MARKETING <br />It is a business concept where a company appoints representatives or agents to introduce their products or services to the inner circle group of the said representatives, emphasizing duplication of the process that the company otherwise would not reach with traditional online or offline marketing methods. <br />
  6. 6. 10REASONS WHY NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS<br />1. Low Investment / No Financial Risk<br />2. Unlimited Income potential with Immediate Result<br />3. Open to All. Anybody Can Join<br />4. Superior Quality Products<br />5. Expanding Global Market <br />6. Opportunity to Leverage<br />7. Freedom /No Restrictions<br />8. Free Training / Support<br />9. Created most millionaires in the last 10 years<br />10. Technology/Internet – seamless world<br />
  7. 7. Network Marketing Business and You<br />Industry – Network Marketing<br />In last 50 years, from territory based direct selling business it has grown globally, attracting 70 million people around the world. Expected 400million in the next 5 years<br />U.S.A <br />In the past 7 years, there were over 64,000 millionaires made thru Network Marketing. 20%of newly turned millionaires every year succeeded through the Network Marketing Industry.<br />Malaysia<br />USD2 billion industry with a rate of 40% growth. 10th top market for network marketing in the world. 4million Malaysians have involved in network marketing business until now.<br />
  8. 8. Network Marketing Business and You<br />Why the huge Growth?<br />Internet & Communication Technology<br />GrowingGlobalMarket<br />Globalization/Infrastructure<br />
  9. 9. What can YOU achieve here?<br />
  10. 10. What the Experts Say?<br />Anyone can do this biz, regardless of background, skills, capital or academic excellence.<br />YOU ARE THE CUSTOMER,YOU ARE THE ENTREPRENEUR<br />-Paul Zane Pilzer – Economist, Author/Millionaire Entrepreneur<br />“Marketing is a powerful tool and network marketing can increase that power; provided you’re self motivated.<br />YOU ARE THE ADVERTISER,YOU BECOME RICH,NOT THE AGENCY<br />- Donald Trump – Billionaire<br />“There is a chance that an average person can enjoy the benefits of financial success without the hassles associated with traditional business”.<br />NETWORK MARKETING IS A BIZ FOR PEOPLE WHO LIKE HELPING OTHERS IN BECOMING RICH<br />- Robert Kiyosaki – Best Seller Author/Entrepreneur<br />
  11. 11. to BECOME WEALTHY and HEALTHY<br />Opportunitymeets theQualities<br />
  12. 12. Our Excitement<br />Our Confidence<br />Monavie’s Super Benefits<br />To provide balance nutrients<br />Enhanced immune system function, disease prevention<br />Protect the eyes, improve vision<br />Restore youthful vitality<br />Reduce cholesterol<br />Strengthen blood circulation, prevention of cardiovascular<br />Improve Digestion<br />Prevent cancer disease<br />Reduce blood sugar<br />Detox<br />
  13. 13.
  14. 14. PREMIUM HEALTH JUICES<br />Featuring a synergistic fusion of 19 fruits from around the world, our body beneficial blends provide essential vitamins and phytonutrients for your overall health. <br />
  15. 15. ACAVIE<br />
  16. 16. THE RIGHT PRODUCT <br />Açai, white grape, apple, acerola, aronia, purple grape, cranberry, passion fruit, prune, kiwi, blueberry, wolfberry, camucamu, pomegranate, lychee fruit, pear, banana, cupuaçu, and bilberry.<br /><ul><li>Key Benefits
  17. 17. Offers potent antioxidant protection against free radicals.
  18. 18. Features a variety of key nutrients for optimal health.
  19. 19. Delivers the antioxidant capacity of approximately 13 servings of fruits and vegetables in just four ounces.
  20. 20. Provides nutritional benefits for all ages.
  21. 21. Contains antioxidant polyphenols, which studies suggest may play an important role in long-term health.
  22. 22. Essential Facts
  23. 23. In excess, free radicals produce harmful oxidation that can damage cell membranes and accelerate the aging process.
  24. 24. MonaVie's freeze-dried açai has a higher ORAC score than any other fruit or vegetable tested to date, boasting an antioxidant capacity more than 15 times higher than blueberries and more than 20 times higher than raspberries (J Agric Food Chem. 2006, 54(22):8604-10).
  25. 25. Health experts agree that a diet rich in a variety of antioxidants helps fight the signs of aging and is essential to maintaining good health.
  26. 26. Powerful antioxidants found in fruits—like those in MonaVie—help prevent cellular damage by neutralizing free radicals.</li></ul>MONAVIE ORIGINAL<br />The Premier Açai Blend™<br /><ul><li>MonaVie's delicious blend of body-beneficial fruits is designed to nourish your body with powerful antioxidants and nutrients.</li></li></ul><li>THE RIGHT PRODUCT <br />Açai, concord grape, pineapple, apple, prickly pear, pomegranate, elderberry, yumberry, bilberry, blackberry, blueberry, cherry, cranberry, raspberry, aronia, acerola, strawberry, cupuaçu, and camucamu<br />Key Benefits<br />Boasts heart healthy levels of plant sterols to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels.<br />Features resveratrol, which supports your cardiovascular system by helping protect healthy blood vessels.<br />Delivers powerful antioxidant polyphenols to promote a healthy cardiovascular system.<br />Features a wide array of essential nutrients for optimal health. <br />Offers potent antioxidant protection against free radicals.<br />Delivers the antioxidant capacity of approximately 13 servings of fruits and vegetables in just four ounces.<br />Essential Facts<br />Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States.+<br />Maintaining healthy cholesterol levels is a primary line of defense against heart disease.±<br />MonaVie Pulse provides a healthy, targeted approach to maintaining your cardiovascular health.<br />`<br />MONAVIE PULSE<br />The Premier Açai Blend™<br />MonaVie Pulse features a heart healthy blend of fruits specifically chosen for their ability to nutritionally support cardiovascular health.<br />
  27. 27. THE RIGHT PRODUCT <br />Açai, white grape, apple, acerola, aronia, purple grape, cranberry, passion fruit, prune, kiwi, blueberry, wolfberry, camucamu, pomegranate, lychee fruit, pear, banana, cupuaçu, and bilberry.<br />MONAVIE ACTIVE<br />Promotes healthy joints, increase vitality, and get your body in motion today.<br />Coming Soon<br />BENEFITS <br /><ul><li>Increases joint mobility and flexibility
  28. 28. Encourages healthy connective tissue and joint cartilage
  29. 29. Fights oxidative damage and aging
  30. 30. Features plant-derived glucosamine to improve range of motion</li></li></ul><li>Eczema cured after Monavie<br />Success4096Group<br />AFTER 1 MONTH<br />BEFORE<br />AFTER 1 WEEK<br />
  31. 31. Testimonials by Star Athletes <br />
  32. 32. LOCAL TESTIMONIAL <br />After drinking Monavie Juice Actress Normala eye sight improved tremendously.<br />
  33. 33. THE RIGHT PRODUCT <br />MONAVIE (M)MUN<br />Optimize your body’s natural defense to support your health year round<br />BENEFITS<br /><ul><li>Optimize your immune system
  34. 34. Helps safeguard your body against potentially harmful microorganisms
  35. 35. Fights oxidative damaged and aging
  36. 36. Strengthens your natural defenses with Wellmune-backed by $250 million in research</li></li></ul><li>THE RIGHT PRODUCT <br />
  37. 37. THE RIGHT PRODUCT <br />
  38. 38. THE RIGHT PRODUCT <br />
  39. 39. THE RIGHT PRODUCT <br />
  40. 40. THE RIGHT PRODUCT <br />
  41. 41. THE RIGHT PRODUCT <br />
  42. 42. RVL TESTIMONIALS<br />
  43. 43. THE RIGHT PRODUCT <br />
  44. 44. THE RIGHT PRODUCT <br />
  45. 45. THE RIGHT PRODUCT <br />26 other reasons why you need Monavie..<br />Protect Cells<br />Scavenges for Free Radicals<br />Strengthens Cell Membrane<br />Builds Proteins<br />Restores Antioxidant Number<br />Strengthens Immune System<br />Enhances Cellular Communication<br />Strengthens Nervous System<br />Helps Reduce Risk of Cancer<br />Relieves Inflammation<br />Impedes NRS Free Radicals<br />Fights Bacteria<br />Fights Viruses<br />Provides essential Oils<br />Combats effects of Diabetes<br />Strengthens Vision<br />Strengths Mental Clarity<br />Provides Essential Fatty Acids<br />Stabilizes Proper Cholesterol Levels<br />Helps Prostate <br />Strengthens the Heart<br />Fights Cellular Mutation<br />Inhibits Platelet Aggregation and Clotting<br />Helps Digestion<br />Strengthens Memory<br />Host of benefits<br />
  46. 46. -WEALTH<br />“Within the functional food & nutritional beverage, MonaVie is perfectly positioned for exponential growth. I fully expect them to become the prominent driver within this category over the coming years.”<br />Maria Ramirez<br />World’s Foremost Financial Forecaster<br />“The Best Investment I ever made.” Warren Buffet, Billionaire Investor<br />“It makes a tremendous contribution to the overall prosperity of the economy.” Tony Blair<br />“Network marketing become undeniable that it’s a viable way to entrepreneurship & independence for millions of people” Dr Stephen R Covey<br />“Your industry promotes core values all around the globe. It gives people a chance to make the most of there life” Bill Clinton<br />“10 Million new millionaires will be created between 2006-2016, in direct selling, technology, home-based business, product distribution, or emerging trillion-dollar industry like wellness” Paul Zane Pilner<br />“Starting your own direct selling business may be your ticket to lasting financial freedom & better life” Robert Kiyosaki<br /> D r I n k I t . F e e l I t . S h a r e I t<br />
  47. 47. Report from W.H.O<br />Heart Disease<br /> Obesity<br />Stroke<br />8. Alzheimer <br /> Cancer<br /> Diabetes<br /> Osteoporosis<br /> Arthritis<br />
  48. 48. Nutritional Facts for Cancer<br />News from Pantai Hospital<br />
  49. 49.
  50. 50. RECOGNITION<br /><ul><li>No 1 in Food & Beverage category
  51. 51. No 18 on Inc. 500 for 2009
  52. 52. Direct Selling News $100 Mil Club 2009
  53. 53. 14th largest DSN $100 Mil Club 2010</li></ul>MEDIA HIGHLIGHTS<br /><ul><li>MTV Cribs
  54. 54. CBS’ The Doctors
  55. 55. Rachael Ray
  56. 56. Today Show
  57. 57. Fortune
  58. 58. Inc.500
  59. 59. Vogue
  60. 60.
  61. 61. Businessweek</li></li></ul><li>WORLD WIDE ATTENTION<br />Buletin Utama 8.00pm 9 Nov 2008 <br />
  62. 62. THE RIGHT TIMING<br />Opening Soon :<br />Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand, China, India, Philippines, Vietnam and many more.<br />You become International Entrepreneur <br />
  63. 63. Combined experience of<br />More than 100 man years<br />
  64. 64.
  65. 65. Exponential Growth<br />
  66. 66.
  67. 67. 30% OF TOP EARNERS IN <br />THE NETWORK INDUSTRY <br />
  68. 68. MLM Top 500 Income Earners <br />No.1. Lita & Brig Hart Monavie $950,000 (RM3,040,000)<br />No.2. Barry Chin & Holly Chen Amway $850,000<br />No.3. Howe Kean & Shu Chen Foo Amway $450,000<br />No.4. Enrique & Graciela Varela Herbalife $425,000<br />No.5. Gina & Steve Merritt Monavie $407,000 (RM1,302,000)<br />No.6. Carol & Ken Porter Monavie $400,000 (RM1,280,000)<br />No.7 Sunny Su & Debra Hsu Hsieh Amway $400,000<br />No.8 Charlie &Debbie Kalb Monavie $398,000 (RM1,273,000)<br />No.9. Rolf Kipp For Ever Living Products $375,000<br />No.10. Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring $365,000<br />
  70. 70. THE RIGHT COMPENSATION<br />07<br />04<br />01<br />Decide 4, 5 or 6 Figures Income<br />05<br />02<br />06<br />07<br />03<br />
  72. 72. U<br />B<br />A<br />RIGHT SYSTEM 2-4-2-4<br />The System that put you to Success<br />7 AVENUES OF INCOME:<br />1. RETAIL PROFITS<br />2. FIRST ORDER BONUS (FOB)<br />3. STAR MAKER BONUS (SMB)<br />4. TEAM COMMISSIONS (TC)<br />5. EXECUTIVE CHECK MATCH<br />6. LEADERSHIP POOLS<br />7. MULTIPLE BUSINESS CENTER<br />1.BE A STAR<br />2.MAKE A STAR<br />THE ONLY NONE FLUSHING PLANYOUR EFFORTS WONT BE A WASTE<br />Membership RM 60 <br />BE ACTIVE – Buy 3cases or Combo To Start Your Business and need not Pay the RM 60 for Membership.<br />Sign up for Auto ship 1 or 2 cases <br />Qualify – Sign up 2, one on the left and right.<br />The SYSTEM 2-4-2-4 – Duplicate the system and teach your team members to follow. <br />MonaVie pays commission every week. The week closes on every Saturday 2pm Malaysian time.<br />A NEW GENERATION BINARY <br />2. FIRST ORDER BONUS (FOB) One Time Only<br />Every new personal sign up<br />You buy 100 PV – Sign up with 100PV = FOB 10USD<br />You buy 100 PV – Sign up with 200PV = FOB 20USD<br />You buy 200 PV – Sign up with 100PV = FOB 20USD<br />You buy 200 PV – Sign up with 200PV = FOB 40USD<br />B2<br />A1<br />B1<br />A2<br />C<br />D<br />3. STAR MAKER BONUS (SMB) One Time Only<br />Every personal sign up STAR<br />You 100PV – 20USD<br />You 200PV – 40 USD<br />C2<br />C1<br />D1<br />D2<br />4. TEAM COMMISSION (TC)<br />TC - 10% on your lesser leg in a week<br />Minimum 500PV on your lesser leg.<br />Max Pay Out Per Week USD 10,000 <br />
  73. 73. U<br />U<br />U<br />B<br />A<br />B<br />A<br />B<br />A<br />RIGHT SYSTEM 2-4-2-4<br />The 3steps with 3cases<br />1.BE A STAR 2.MAKE A STAR<br />Step 1/Week 1<br />Step 3/Week 3<br />YOU BE A STAR<br />Buy your 3 cases<br />Sign up A(left) 3 cases and B(right) 3cases<br />FOB: 40USD from A and 40USD from B<br />Total Income 80USD = RM 256.00<br />BCF 100PV From Step 2<br />300PV<br />300PV<br />300PV<br />Step 2/Week 2<br />YOU BE A STAR 500<br />HELP A and B to BE A STAR<br />SMB: 40USD form A and 40USD from B<br />TC: 90USD from your lesser leg 900PV x 10%<br />Total Income 170USD = RM 544<br />B2<br />A1<br />B1<br />A2<br />300PV<br />300PV<br />500<br />B2<br />A1<br />B1<br />A2<br />C<br />D<br />300PV<br />300PV<br />300PV<br />300PV<br />300PV<br />C<br />1000PV<br />900PV<br />C2<br />C1<br />D1<br />D2<br />300PV<br />300PV<br />INCOME : <br />Step 1 / Week 1 = 80 USD = RM 256<br />Step 2 / Week 2 = 170 USD = RM 544<br />Step 3 / Week 3 = 250 USD = RM 800<br />TOTAL INCOME = RM 1600<br />Sign up C (left) 3 cases and D (right) 3cases<br />FOB: 40USD from C and 40USD from D<br />HELP C and D to BE A STAR<br />SMB: 40USD frpm C and 40USD from D<br />TC: 90USD from your lesser leg 900PV x 10%<br />Total Income 250USD = RM 800<br />300PV<br />300PV<br />300PV<br />300PV<br />1000PV<br />900PV<br />Make the 3 steps work in a day , a WEEK<br />or a MONTH the future is in your HANDS<br />
  74. 74. Start NOW !!<br />U<br />B<br />A<br />RIGHT SYSTEM 2-4-2-4<br />Name :<br />1.BE A STAR<br />2.MAKE A STAR<br /> Name :<br /> Name :<br /> Name :<br /> Name :<br /> Name :<br /> Name :<br />B2<br />A1<br />B1<br />A2<br />C<br />D<br /> Name :<br /> Name :<br />Complete the 2-4-2-4 and get all your team members to duplicate, YOU ARE ON YOUR WAY TO BLACK DIAMOND. YOUR DREAMS WILL COME TRUE<br />C2<br />C1<br />D1<br />D2<br /> Name :<br /> Name :<br /> Name :<br /> Name :<br />
  75. 75. Go For The 3 cases or The Combo as you can SAVE MONEY<br />Every 1 case gives 100 PV<br />Keep 4 bottles for yourself to consume and SHARE THE BALANCE WITH YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS<br />MONAVIE PRODUCTS<br />DRINK IT, FEEL IT, SHARE IT - DRINK FOR FREE<br />
  76. 76. THE RIGHT COMPENSATION<br />REWARDS AND <br />RECOGNITION<br />The sky is the limit. Monavie’s Rewards and Recognition programs takes you in, around and out this world. <br />As a Monavie distributor, you have the opportunity to earn the following.<br /><ul><li>Mercedes Sedan
  77. 77. Exotic Cars
  78. 78. Trips around the world
  79. 79. Cash Bonuses of USD7Million
  80. 80. Private Jet Access
  81. 81. A trip to outer space</li></li></ul><li>Brig & Lita HartDouble Crown Executive<br />
  82. 82. Steve & Gina MerrittCrown Black Diamond<br />
  83. 83.
  84. 84. For every bottle you buy or sell USD1 goes to the cause of Brazilian Children. Until to-date almost USD 90 million have been channeled to the under privileged. <br />
  85. 85.
  88. 88. Vinayagam<br />Contact : <br />+6012 6071048<br /> <br />Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia<br />