pom(production&operation management)


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its about layou,capacity,and pom topics for education sector like mba college iilm

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pom(production&operation management)

  1. 1. Submitted By: Submitted By: Prof Sumer Yadav Vinay luthra Ishjyot singh Nishu Jain Section A Pgp 2008-10
  3. 3. Introduction to iilm IILM Institute for Higher Education was started with intent to impart quality in the field of education and equip young people with knowledge and skills which would help them, make meaningful contribution of global competition. The institute offers academic programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The Post Graduate Program (PGP) is a full time programme launched in 2004, with a unique mix of specializations specially designed to address the changing needs of the Indian industry. The institute has also recently introduced an executive MBA program as well as diploma programs in contemporary areas like Telecom, Insurance, and Banking & Finance Services. It has introduced modules like image management, language modules, public relations, personality development workshops as an integrated part of academic curriculum. This instills in its students professionalism, critical thinking and good communication skills/. With strong faculty strength of 91 and an intensive curriculum, the institute has been able to provide maximum individual attention to students. The institute has two well designed campuses in the heart of the city of Gurgaon and New Delhi with lots of open space and greenery around. This provides a right balance between concrete structure and natural ambience, in line with our mandate of holistic development. The classrooms are air-conditioned provided with modern audiovisual systems making it conducive for both round table group discussions as well as conventional lecture formats. The institute has entered into academic partnerships and tie ups with world s best universities, to name few, London School of Economics, University of Berkeley , Grenoble Graduate School of Business, France and many others. History IILM Institute for Higher Education was established in 1996 and is a premier business school in India. The institute offers academic programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It has centers in New Delhi, Gurgaon and Greater Noida. IILM Institute for Higher Education was started with intent to impart quality in the field of education and equip young people with knowledge and skills which would help them, make meaningful contribution of global competition In Persian, IILM, or ‘iilm’ means knowledge. IILM communicates a place for seeking and attaining education, and wisdom. IILM's mission is to become a Centre of Excellence in value based management education, training, research and consulting.. IILM logo combines a book, a swan and a lamp. IILM's mission is to become a Centre of Excellence in value based management education, training, research and consulting. IILM is located at central Delhi, India.
  4. 4. General view of education services Educational institutions in developing countries (India) have always faced more demand than they could cope with Education is a service that is geared primarily to the consumer market There is a category of customer for whom education and the pursuit of knowledge are expressive motives Lack of standardization open up the marketing opportunity of creating highly differentiated need based course packages. Services are perishable and cannot be stored Different pricing consideration make price a less important determinant of consumer choice Generally speaking educational institution ,have not been able to use promotional tool effectively Generally a lot of promotional activity builds on word of mouth communication and referrals. All these provide tangible clues and develop continuity in advertising.
  5. 5. Services provided by IILM Post Graduate Programmes in Management Post Graduate Programme - PGP Two year full time PGP of School of Business and Entrepreneurship. The PGP is the flagship programme of the School of Business and Entrepreneurship. It allows specialization in particular areas of business by selecting one of the clusters of strategic specialist units. The programme ensures thorough grounding of students in fundamental concepts in the various fields of business and entrepreneurship, and concurrently develops the requisite pragmatism to test and apply these concepts in real life situations. The first year is common for all the students of the PGP programme. They have to study the basic concepts of all the disciplines of MBA. In the second year, the students can opt for a specialization in: 1. FINANCE 2. HR 3. MARKETING Post Graduate Program in Retail - PGPR IILM Institute launched its Post Graduate Programme in Retail in the year 2006 in Gurgaon. It caters to the demand of retail management professionals and prepares its graduating students for challenging Careerss through an intensive and rigorous curriculum. Post Graduate Program in Facility Management & Real Estate - PGPFRM Facility Management as an area has assumed significance in the last few years with an increased expenditure in real estate projects, and the coming up of huge shopping complexes, hotels, hospitals, commercial spaces and buildings. DLF, the leader in the real estate industry in India, is pleased to be associated in the design and development of the one year full time Post Graduate Programme in Facility Management and Real Estate offered by IILM Institute for Higher Education, Gurgaon. DLF endorses this programme and recognizes its relevance to the real estate industry. A one-year full time programme would train participants to be professionals who are abreast with the issues of Facility Management and Real Estate.
  6. 6. Service design & Process design It is mass service that is high labor intensity and low degree of interaction and customization service industries . Service quality management has moderate level of difficulty. Iilm follows system approach It include every thing that might account for is happning ;accents connection and intractionm bw all function s Designing service processes in illm is done by designing high student contact and low student contact separately. When there is lecturer student are contacted & section is interactive it is high contact by service provider .But when lecture is done then contact is not so high as compared to the lecture. The process of service is done in 5 diffent ways 1. Lecture. 2. Technological lab. 3. Library. 4. Administrative work. 5. Maintenance and security work. These five department work together to provide core service. LECTURE FACULTY ROOM ROOM ADMINISTRATIVE WORK MAINTENANCE SECURITY
  7. 7. LAYOUT & LOCATION PLANNING OF IILM Layout for IILM is as important as any other thing for better performance. As we know there are there broadly types of layout in case of product like PRODUCT LAYOUT,PROCESS LAYOUT,FIXED POSTION LAYOUT. In case of educational service like they do not come in directly in these categories but they somehow modified with PROCESS LAYOUT. IILM identify that they have many process which need to change continuously so their layout is change continuously according to process. Situation 1 At the time of start of course the demand for service layout is different. 2A 2B 1C 1A Administrat FACULTIES ion AUDIT ORIUM Situation 2 After first trimester their will be senior .so at this situation the layout which is physical might be same but process of delivering service is different.
  8. 8. 2A FOR 2B FOR 1C FOR 1A FOR SENIOR JUNIOR SENIOR JUNIOR ADMISTRATION FACULTY AUDIT ORIU M In situation 2 we can see the service delivery is different the lecture room are few there for IILM has change the process by making shifts in same lecture room. CRITICAL POINT---in facility layout design due to some constraint IILM has to make shifts in lecture. These shifts generally of 1 hour 30 minutes .Due to these shifts the service quality is degraded. The flow of service is stopping some time more than 3 hour. RECOMMENDATION----the layout which IILM is using should be redesign and instead of these four lecture room they should be divided into half so as to make 8 lecture rooms by introducing the class times should be decreases and the main objective while redesigning service should be that shift should not exceed 1 hour. LOCATION PLANING IILM is in heart of india it mean capital of india new delhi.due to financial constraint many educational service can accomdate in delhi it self some try to start service but location and area is main concern for them.IILM has competitive advantage it in center delhi and resenable area of operation. The main characteristics of IILM location In center Delhi
  9. 9. Esaly connectable with all industrial area Connective via public transport is very good Basic raw material required for running service like electricity water etc is easily available. Environment and community which best and biggest advantage for IILM. Factor which IILM has to think for future concern for location. Development of new and big industrial area in NCR like gurgoan which far from iilm. OPERATIONAL STRATEGIES IN PRACTICE Operations strategies are those strategies which depends upon business grand stra. There are many business grand strate which basically design for completing its mission or objective of company like mkt development, prod develop, innovation, concentration etc. Iilm believes to follow those operation strateg which are high in demand at that time and have the requisite resources to fulfill that demand. Like suppose they believe in innovation in last summer they start SOP (STANDARD OPERTING PROCEDURE) strategy. Prod develop: Iilm follows prod develop strategy from past few years they regularly enhance the course manual and introduce competitive pogrammes. Different executive dean is provide with diff operations like Mr. rahul mishra-----foreign joint ventures Ms surbhi goyal-----academic programs Shuchi agar------ student management and activities
  10. 10. Director General Director Controller of Admission Associate dean Head of prog Placement cell exam cell CRITICAL POINT RECOMMENDATION
  11. 11. MAINTENANCE & MATERIAL MANAGEMENT IILM has state of art library and IT lab which provide material management properly Stratergies used by them. Labeling and maintaining all material on rigt palce Vendor management center are their Student feed back cell maintain specially for improvement in library and IT lab. E book and E resource are maintain in library computer as well as on LMS(learning management system) Cost to material management There are two senior head one for library (library head)and second for IT lab (IT lab head) There are 2 assistant for maintaining library and 4 assistant for maintaining IT lab. There is one departmental head for IT labs and library. Critical issues – Number of student---IILM maintaining a strategy of providing at least one computer per 10 student so according this there is a lot of chaos in both IT and library labs Area -------the area constraint is biggest problem for them Sound ----due to following constraint u cant get a pease full enviormrnt in both lab. Recommendation - Timing for both lab should be incressed and shift mangemnt should be introduce like it lab printing shift for each stdent Eg Printer 1 section c student Printer 2 section b student Printer 3 section a student Pinter 4 general for all section
  13. 13. Conclusion