Elsoc quiz 2011 finals.with ans gcvinu
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Elsoc quiz 2011 finals.with ans gcvinu



The PPTs of Elsoc Epsilon Gen Quiz 2011

The PPTs of Elsoc Epsilon Gen Quiz 2011
Conducted By Vinay Goddemme & Ashwin Gowda KS Bmsce Quiz Club



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Elsoc quiz 2011 finals.with ans gcvinu Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Finals
  • 2. Dextrorotary
    • 8 Questions
    • 3. +10 on a direct and a pass.
    • 4. Infinite Bounce
    • 5. Clockwise
  • 1. South Africa vs England Test series - 5th Test* Test no. 1483 | 1999/00 season* Played at SuperSport Park, Centurion* 14,15,16,17,18 January 2000 (5-day match)Score card: SA 248/8 declared and second innings forfeitedEngland 0/0 declared and 251/8England won by two wicketsPlayer of the match: MP Vaughan (England)This match went into cricket record books for two reasons.Identify both the reasons
  • 6. Hansiecronje became the first captainto forfeit a complete innings of a testmatchRain had washed out second, third andfourth days play and Cronje was bribedto make alive a game, otherwise movingtowards a dull draw
  • 7. 2 put funda
  • 8. Its on somnath it points that there is no land between this point and south pole
  • 9. 3
    X is a cartoon character created by Joanna Ferrone and Sue Rose. Rose first developed the character in 1985 on a napkin in a restaurant. They later stenciled X on T-shirts with the credo:“X is for X, X is against no one“
    There was a Neopets sponsor game starring X.
    In the early 1990s X had his own comic strip in the teenage magazine YM.
    X appears in the animated short Logorama as bystander.
  • 10. Fido dido
  • 11. 4
    MoniNaor was the first person to theorize a list of ways
    to verify that a request comes from a human and not a bot
    Primitive _______s seem to have been developed in 1997 by Andrei Broder,
    Martin Abadi, Krishna Bharat, and Mark Lillibridge to prevent bots from
    adding URLs to their search engine. In order to make the images resistant
    to OCR (Optical Character Recognition), the team simulated situations that scanner
    manuals claimed resulted in bad OCR. In 2000, Luis von Ahn, Manuel Blum, Nicholas
    J. Hopper, and John Langford coined the term ________,
    improved and publicized the notion, which included any program
    that can distinguish humans from computers. They invented multiple
    examples of ________, including the first_________s to be widely used,
    which were those adopted by Yahoo!
  • 12. Captcha
  • 13. 5
    The flag of X is as follows: seven white stars on a black background. One star, the one nearest the center, is much larger than the others, over 3 times the size. The other six are spread out around it in the following manner: five form an arc above the central star, and one is below them all. The Settlers chose to have seven stars as a reference to the Seven States and Councilors with the large star representing the King of X, and his dual role as a Councilor and King. The colors represent X - life, strong and thriving, in the darkness of space. The star formation is not placed dead center, but that is intentional, representing the how the settlers did not know where they were, but in their determination to save the Human race, settled down in an unknown place, and made life grow and prosper.
  • 14. Utopia
  • 15. 6
    X is a fictional character from India who originally appeared in Y short story "In the Rukh" (collected in Many Inventions, 1893) and then went on to become the most prominent and memorable character in his fantasies.
    In the stories, the name X is said to mean "frog". Y made up the name, and it "does not mean 'frog' in any language other than the language of the forest."
    Y stated that the first syllable of “X" should rhyme with "cow" and is pronounced this way in Britain, while in America it is almost always pronounced to rhyme with "go".
  • 16. Mowgli
  • 17. 7 yaaruyaarigehelidaru
  • 18. Amir khan to annaHazare
  • 19. 8
    Aves practus
  • 20. Levorotary
    • 8 Questions
    • 21. +10 on a direct and a pass.
    • 22. Infinite Bounce
    • 23. Anti-Clockwise.
  • 1 Which country has the highest time zones ?? How many??
  • 24. France 12
  • 25. 2
    Wilson: Maybe it's X...Lisa Cuddy: Maybe it's X...Eric Foreman: Maybe it's X...Allison Cameron: Maybe it's X...Robert Chase: Maybe it's X......Lawrence Kutner: Maybe it's X...Thirteen: Maybe it's X...Chris Taub: Maybe it's X...Jeffrey 'Big Love' Cole: Maybe it's X...__________: If someone says X, you're fired!What is X and
    the blank?
  • 26. Auto immune
    House md
  • 27. 3 This mural found
    in .............. temple is
    believed to be that of the
    King ........ .......... who ruled
    the Chola empire around 11th
    The temple remains one of the
    greatest glories of Indian
    architecture and is a part of
    the UNESCO world heritage
    site “Great living Chola
    Identify the ruler and the
  • 28. Raja RajaChola I (985– 1014 CE)
    Gangaikondacholisvaram Temple andAiravateswara Temple completes the 'GreatlivingChola temples
  • 29.
  • 30. 4 In which novel do you find the followingsatire (on both places and events)Karnistan (Pakistan)Great Mango march (Great Salt march)Hastinapur massacre (JallianwallahBagh)Snoop-ing, the capital of Chakra (Beijing,the capital of PRC)Also identify the author
  • 31. The Great Indian Novel by ShashiTharoor, a satire on Mahabharata
  • 32. 5
    What was the controversy over these two stamps?
  • 33. Answer Slide:
    The two stamps are actually part of a single stamp. The stamps, approved by Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, have a perforated line between the royal couple.Together they are worth $NZ5.80 ($4.33) but when separated the prince is worth $NZ3.40 and his fiancee Catherine Middleton a cheaper $NZ2.40. The major controversy is though, not due to the pricing, but the figurative splitting of the Royal couple.
  • 34. 6
  • 35. Q name the 3rd celebrity airbrushed from this beatles album cover hitler and jesus being the first two
    Ans Gandhi
  • 36. Life magazine estimated in 1936 that 10 million Americans, or approximately 6% of the population had at least one. A Harris Poll, done in 2003, nearly triples those numbers and estimates that 16% of Americans now have one or more .
    An article ranked __________ as the sixth fastest growing retail venture of the 1990s, right behind Internet, paging services, bagels, computer and cellular phone service. On the average, an establishment is being added in the country every day.
    Virtually every language is searched for . Japanese and Chinese characters/symbols are among the most frequently searched. Backs rank the highest in searches (lower, upper and all over) Unmentionables also rank high.
    __________ in the Western world today has its origins in Polynesia (a large grouping of over 1,000 islands scattered over the central and southern Pacific Ocean).
  • 37. Tattoos
  • 38. 8
    For what did this Italian actress, disc jockey, and presenter gain notoriety earlier this year?
    Hint: Footballs!
    Elena Di Cioccio
  • 39.
  • 40. Stage Two
    • 6 individual questions connected by a common theme.
    • 41. Qsn. 1 - +50
    2 - +50
    3 - +40
    4 - +25
    5 - +20
    6 - +15
    • Constant -10 on a wrong connect.
  • 1.
    X is a building which is modeled after the picadilly circus in London. The first film to be screened here was The Broadway Melody in April 1936. The theatre also had a wooden dance floor which was used by English soldiers for ball dancing.Initial ticket prices ranged from eight annas for the front seats to 1 rupee and 12 annas for the balcony's highest seat, called The Dress Circle. The theatre also had a bar which served drinks to patrons who came to watch movies.
  • 42. 2.
    A ledger on display in the main building of the club is open to a page that has a list of "irrecoverable debts" that were written off by the club. One of these is the sum Rs.13, owed by Winston Churchill
  • 43. 3.
    X is a massive rock which is an abrupt rise above the ground of peninsular gneiss as the main rock formation and with an assessed age of about 3000 million years. X has generated wide interest among the scientific Most of the rocks on the X, next to the Y, have hollows in rocks, which were once used to light lamps.This landmark spreads over an area of 16 acres (6.5 ha). This rock is contiguous and similar to the rock at nearby
  • 44. 4. ID the Logo
  • 45. 5.
    Sir Vivian Richards and Gordon Greenidge debuted here.
  • 46. 6.
    The __________covered an area of 13 square miles, extending from the Residency on the west to Binnamangala on the east and from the Tanneries in the north to Agram in the south. By area, it was the Biggest of its type in South India. What are we talking about???
  • 47. Theme : Bangalore
    1 Plaza theatre
    2 The Bangalore Club
    3 Bugle rock
    4 Nimhans
    5 Chinnaswamy stadium
    6 the cantonment
  • 48. LVC
    • 10 slides/visuals
    • 49. A common connecting theme
    • 50. Slide 2 - +50/-25
    3 - +45/-22
    4 - +40/-20
    5 - +35/-17
    6 - +30/-15
    7 - +25/-12
    8 - +20/-10
    9 - +15/-7
  • 51.
  • 52.
  • 53.
  • 54.
  • 55.
  • 56.
  • 57.
  • 58.
  • 59. Give me a chance
  • 60.
  • 61. Ans Rafael Nadal
  • 62. Connects
  • 63. 1
  • 64. Stdiums in Pak
  • 65. 2
  • 66. Tintin
  • 67. 3
  • 68. Oscar winning celebrities on FRIENDS
  • 69. 4
  • 70. Grandmasters of Priory of Sion
  • 71. 5
  • 72. Heads Of State Who have Won Nobel Peace Prize
  • 73. 6
  • 74. Khelein Hum JeeJaan Se
  • 75. 7
  • 76. Code names Of windows products
  • 77. 8
  • 78. Towers in UB city
  • 79. LVC 2
  • 80.
  • 81.
  • 82.
  • 83.
  • 84.
  • 85.
  • 86.
  • 87.
  • 88.
  • 89.
  • 90. Movies which won best picture oscar