Stock market in belgium


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Stock market in belgium

  1. 1. Vinayak Panikkar Stock Market in Belgium
  2. 2. NYSE Euronext (NYX)  Founded in 1801 in Brussels as Brussels Stock Exchange (BSE)  Merged with Paris Bourse and Lisbon Stock Exchange and Amsterdam Stock Exchanges in 2000  The new stock exchange was called the Euronext Brussels which is the first pan-European exchange for equities and derivatives.  Euronext Brussels is a subsidiary of Euronext NV which is headquartered at in Amsterdam.
  3. 3.  Euronext and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE Group Inc.) merged to form NYSE Euronext in 2007 which is the “first global stock exchange”  Most well known index is BEL20.  It is the 5th largest stock exchange in the world, with a market capitalization of USD2.93 trillion (as of 2010)  The standard term of the settlement is T+3. When giving an instruction it is possible to set the price maximum to two decimal places.
  4. 4. Structure Segments on the basis of sectors  NextEconomy: lists companies companies whose equities are traded continuously and are active in sectors such as information technology andbiotechnology  NextPrime: companies in more traditional sectors that are traded continuously
  5. 5. Indexes Euronext Brussels:  Belgian All Shares Index  BEL20  Bel mid  Bel Small [Together covering about 70% of all listed companies]  Bel-20 volatility index
  6. 6. Belgian All Shares Index (BAS)  This index includes all domestic shares traded on the regulated market, with the exception of all companies with a free float of less than 5%. This index is the benchmark for the Belgian companies.  The BAS index is an "All Shares index" that reflects the overall trend of Euronext Brussels. The shares in these indices are weighted according to their daily market capitalization .  The BAS index has two versions, Price and Return. The indexes are calculated after the close of the market once a day. The difference between the price index and the Index Return is that the price index does not take into account the reinvestment of net dividends and Return Index does.
  7. 7. BEL20:IND  The BEL20 is the benchmark stock market index of Euronext Brussels.  The BEL 20 Index is a modified capitalization- weighted index of the 20 most capitalized and liquid Belgian stocks that are traded on the Brussels Stock Exchange. The equities use free float shares in the index calculation. The index was developed with a base value of 1,000 as of January 1, 1991.
  8. 8. Contd.  The BEL20 is a market value-weighted index.  In general, the index consists of a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 companies traded at the Brussels Stock Exchange.  Criteria for listing: at least 15% of its shares must be considered free float in order to qualify for the index.  The minimum requirement for an existing constituent to remain in the index is a market cap of 200000 times the index value  In addition, a candidate for inclusion must possess a free float market capitalisation (in Euros) of at least 300000 times the price of the index on the last trading day of December.
  9. 9. Other Indexes Bel-20 volatility index  To measure implied volatility of option prices.  Follows the VIX methodology (American indicator bases on S&P 500 index) Bel mid and Bel Small The BEL Mid Index consists of the following main caps after the biggest shares of the BEL 20 index form (horse tailing)  Introduced in 2005  Bel Mid: about 22 companies  Bel Small: about 46 companies.  Their composition is reviewed at a higher frequency than BEL 20.
  10. 10. Bel-20 volatility index  To measure implied volatility of option prices.  Follows the VIX methodology (American indicator bases on S&P 500 index)
  11. 11. NYX Indexes NYSE Euronext:  Euronext 100  AEX index  CAC 40  Euro Stoxx 50
  12. 12. NYSE Euronext Indices  Euronext 100: Blue Chip Index- Each stock must trade more than 20 percent of its issued shares over the course of the rolling one year analysis period.  Next 150 Index: lists market capitalization of 150 largest stocks. ( representing )large to mid cap.  Price index and total return index of the NextPrime and NextEconomy segments are independent  AEX Index- 25 of the most actively traded securities on Euronext Amsterdam.