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Namwan No.1 …

Namwan No.1
Jungko No.15
Vinat No.23

Published in Business , Technology
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  • 1. Good & Bad Website By Namwan No.1 JungKo No.15 Vinat No.23 M.5/12
  • 2.
    • Good We b site
  • 3. Easy Navigation
    • www.facebook.com
    • It has a clear menu on every page.
    • It is easy to find the people in the box
    • It can use very simple
  • 4. Images
    • www.sripanwa.com
    • - High quality photos
    • -Simple view of the hotel’s photos and clear
    • -Uses the suitable colour to make it more interesting
  • 5. Graphic
    • www.Kfc.co.th
    • -Logo is special symbol and everybody knows the man on the logo.
    • -The graphic on the website, for example its food, make it more interesting.
  • 6. Colour
    • www.myswitzerland.com
    • -Colour of menu, text, and images makes it more easy to find the information by using different colours but not too much, so it looks more tidy and clarification.
  • 7. Interesting Content
    • www.ebay.com
    • -The information is always clarified and updated.
    • -It uses simple colours to make it more interesting to visit.
  • 8. Concise
    • www.bangkokpost.com
    • -The information is expressing much in few words.
  • 9. Animation
    • http://disney.go.com/
    • disneypictures/
    • princessandthefrog/
    • -This website is included an animation and graphic which make it more attractive to the visitor.
  • 10.
    • Bad We b site
  • 11. BAD Navigation
    • This is an example of a bad navigation website www.shopping.aol.com There's too much of different sections. That makes it really hard to find the products you want.
  • 12. BAD Image
    • This is a bad example of a website call www.watching-grass-grow.com It downloads really slow and the picture is really boring.
  • 13. BAD Colour
    • This website www.nonggoofy.bloggang.com has a bad colour because there is way too many colour and hard too read aswell.
  • 14. BAD Graphic
    • The website www.loopnet.com is a bad example of graphic. The graphic in this website is not really outstanding and doesn’t sell the product.
  • 15. BAD Content
    • www.pattian.com/paint website has a bad example of a horrible content. There's barely any interesting information on it.
  • 16. BAD Concise
    • This website www.english-literature.com has a bad example of a concise. It’s just shows long and not so interesting facts. You would just sleep in front of the computer.
  • 17. BAD Animation
    • http :// www . jesus - is - savior . com / has a bad example of an animation website, because the animation of the website doesn’t have any moving picture and the text is hard to read.
  • 18. Conclusion
    • As you could see from the good and bad examples of the website we have shown. We have come to a conclusion that to create a good website you got to have all the seven features to make it look interesting for people to look at.