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First field hockey in Vietnam (en)
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First field hockey in Vietnam (en)


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First field hockey in Vietnam is invested by Vietnam Hockey Co and designed by VinaPlanners.

First field hockey in Vietnam is invested by Vietnam Hockey Co and designed by VinaPlanners.

Published in: Sports

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  • 1. VinaPlanners Designing First Field Hockey Centre in Vietnam As the mainstream real estate business planning and design work in different remains stagnant in Vietnam, VinaPlanners sectors of the real estate. The challenge is Co Ltd has move into master planning and how to design a hockey centre that will helpIn This Issue designing projects for the niche market. promote the sport and ensure that it is aVinaPlanners Following master planning work in niche destination that hockey players woulddesigning first sectors like medical cities, golf courses and return to. The image and the ambience of marinas, it has secured work on the master the centre should be interesting, bright and field hockey planning and designing of the first field shows professionalism, for example center in hockey centre in Vietnam. The project is on something that youths endear to or proud to Vietnam be associated with.” He added, “we are a 10,080 square metre site located about 35 kilometres from Ho Chi Minh City Centre honor to be given the opportunity to be in Ben Luc in Long An Province. The involved in designing the first ever fieldRoad map of development comprises 6,500 sq m hockey hockey centre in Vietnam.” Hockey in field, coach parking, car parking and a 400 square meter building to accommodate Scheduled to be completed in twelve Vietnam showers, changing rooms, stores, cafe and months time, the hockey centre would be a hockey showroom. The centre would be opened to anyone interested in playing field the focus for the development of field hockey. Project Manager, Thai Luu hockey in Vietnam and house the office of representing social enterprise, Vietnam the future Vietnam Hockey Federation Hockey, said “this is hopefully the first of when it is set up. As field hockey is only a many such hockey centre in Vietnam. fledgling sport in Vietnam, the centre will provide training courses for Vietnamese coaches notably the physical education teachers from schools and universities and training centre for hockey players. Commenting on the project, VinaPlanners’ Architecture Director Le Quang Hieu, said “the project shows yet again the ability of VinaPlanners to understand requirements of the niche market readily and take on Room 606, 6th Floor, Hoang Anh Gia Lai Tower Room 606, 6th Floor, Hoang Anh Gia Lai Tower 7/1 Thanh Thai Str, Ward 14, Dist 10, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 7/1 Thanh Thai Str, Ward 14, Dist 10, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam T +84 8 3868 7698 F +84 8 3868 7798 T +84 8 3868 7698 F +84 8 3868 7798
  • 2. ROAD MAP OF HOCKEY IN VIETNAM For the record, prior to 2008, there is no Vietnamese word for “hockey”. Most Vietnamese never heard of “hockey” until the Vietnamese word “khúc côn cầu” (crooked stick and ball) was apparently coined for journalists and reporters during the first Vietnam Hockey Festival in 2008 so that it could be properly reported in the media. It could have been used earlier by the sports officials in the country, but it remained foreign until 2008 when a Singaporean James Chew hockey coach started to introduce field hockey to the local schools and community and set up the Tornados Hockey Club in Ho Chi Minh City which was opened toAlthough hockey is still young in Vietnam, we are hoping everyone interested in taking up field hockey. This is thethat with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Sports first and the most important milestone for hockey inand Tourism and the Vietnam National Olympic Council, Vietnam. Since then, he brought hockey to Vietnam in an active way as Ambassador for Hockey Development inthe sport will develop quickly and Vietnam would have Vietnam for the Asian Hockey Federation.both men and women representing their country ininternational events like the Olympics Games, Asian In 2004, records in a field hockey website showed thereGames and The South East Asian Games. Mr Thai were a few expats: Englishman Ben Rowse (former HKadded “Vietnam Hockey is already looking for another Valley player) and German First Division player Jan Vonsite in Danang and possibly later near Hanoi, Can Tho Enden from Bonner THV included played hockey in Hanoiand Haiphong. Ultimately, it would be great to have a but no hockey in Ho Chi Minh City. At that time, there were about a dozen players and most of them are centre in each of the 63 provinces and cities inVietnam”. In 2007, Singaporean James Chew introduced field hockey to primary schools a few districts of Ho Chi Minh City. TheVinaPlanners is helping to research on the playing field first school that enrolled for hockey was Nguyen Van To instandards of other countries which serve as good District 10. In 2008, the second school, Hoang Van Thuinternational benchmarking. Vietnam with a population of enrolled to play hockey. Today most of the boys that are inover 90 million, should study and compare herself with the Tornados Hockey Club come from these two schools.other field hockey playing nations which are successfulin the sport and embrace good practices and culturesuch as Australia, the Netherlands, Malaysia andArgentina in the provision of hockey facilities. RegularWorld Champions in field hockey, the Netherlands with apopulation of 16 million has 1,000 hockey pitches. Evena small country like Singapore with a population of 5.5million, there are 12 hockey fields. VinaPlanners isconvinced that the demand for hockey fields will be therein the future. It is estimated that 0.5% of the populationespecially between 6 and 18 years old will play fieldhockey in Vietnam in next 10 years or so including thosefor recreational purposes. That is a staggering 450,000hockey players which works out to be an average of7,100 hockey players per province. James Chew and Nguyen Van To’s pupils Room 606, 6th Floor, Hoang Anh Gia Lai Tower Room 606, 6th Floor, Hoang Anh Gia Lai Tower 7/1 Thanh Thai Str, Ward 14, Dist 10, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 7/1 Thanh Thai Str, Ward 14, Dist 10, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam T +84 8 3868 7698 F +84 8 3868 7798 T +84 8 3868 7698 F +84 8 3868 7798
  • 3. James Chew set up a field hockey club in Vietnam named as 2) Form the Vietnam Hockey Federation;Tornados Hockey Club in January 2008. Since then, the 3) Promote and develop field hockey in Vietnam in aVietnam Hockey Company set up in February 2012 to sustainable manner.spearhead the promotion of field hockey seen as the next key The Vietnam Hockey Centre is a one - stop centre forplatform for hockey in Vietnam. The most important activities everything field hockey. It is planned to be the first hockeyfor Tornados Hockey Club and Hockey Vietnam Company will coaching and training centre of Vietnam as well as thebe the annual Vietnam Hockey Festival. In first year of this retail/wholesale centre for the procurement of hockeyfestival in 2008, there are 14 men teams and 3 women teams, equipment and meeting place or base for charting out the roadmostly from Singapore, Malaysia of which 3 are Vietnamese map for the development of field hockey in this vast country ofteams. In 2012, which is the fifth Vietnam Hockey Festival, as Vietnam with 90 million people. The Centre comprises of a fullmany as 32 men teams and 12 women teams are expected of size hockey pitch and a 400 sq meter building to house the HQwhich 5 or more are Vietnamese teams. office of the Vietnam Hockey Federation, class rooms, meeting rooms, a hockey equipment shop, a café, showers andUp to now, there are many changes of Tornados Hockey Club changing rooms, and parking facilities. Before this, there is nowhich has 50 over members. Some old members stopped standard size hockey field in Vietnam. The dimension of aplaying hockey due to private reasons, some new members standard hockey field is 55m x 91.5m. When compared with thejoined the team. other countries around the world, we can see the fact that hockey Vietnam is just at the beginning stage and starting atHowever, the fact remains that Tornados Hockey Club is ground zero. There are about 1,000 standard and trainingdeveloping their skills in hockey day by day and more hockey fields in Holland and even in Singapore there are 13local residents know more about hockey. standard size hockey fields.To sum up, we can see the main points of the past of hockey This will be the one-stop specialist field hockey business entityin Vietnam as follows: dedicated to support and promote the development of hockey in Vietnam to world class standard. Vietnam Hockey Company - 2004 – Expats played social field hockey in small commits to bring more hockey activities to local residents as courts in Hanoi well as popularize this sport and its benefits to the populace. - 2007 - Hockey introduced to Nguyen Van To Primary School Moreover, this hockey centre will attract many expats and - 2008 – Tornados Hockey Club formed. hockey players around the world to congregate to share and - 2008 - Hockey introduced to Hoang Van Thu learn about field hockey as well as contribute to the tourism Primary School industry and economy in Vietnam. - 2008 – 1st Field Hockey Match in Vietnam between Tornados HC and Australian Grand Masters in Each year, continuing from the success of 1st Vietnam Hockey RMIT, HCMC Festival, Vietnam Hockey Company and Tornados Hockey - 2008 - The first Vietnam Hockey Festival was Club organized Vietnam Hockey Festival inviting many teams organized successfully to bring hockey Vietnam all around the world to come to Vietnam and join this Festival closing to the region and the world. - 2009 – 2nd Vietnam Hockey Festival as an activity to promote the movement of Vietnam Hockey. - 2010 – 3rd Vietnam Hockey Festival - 2011 – 4th Vietnam Hockey Festival - 2012 – Vietnam Hockey Company set upAnother milestone of hockey Vietnam is the setting up ofVietnam Hockey Limited Company (known as “VietnamHockey”) incorporated on 2nd February 2012 to invest in thedevelopment of field hockey in this sports loving country of theSocialist Republic of Vietnam. The 3 main tasks of thecompany are as follows:1) Build and manage the Vietnam Hockey Centre; Tornados Hockey Club Room 606, 6th Floor, Hoang Anh Gia Lai Tower Room 606, 6th Floor, Hoang Anh Gia Lai Tower 7/1 Thanh Thai Str, Ward 14, Dist 10, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 7/1 Thanh Thai Str, Ward 14, Dist 10, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam T T +84 8 3868 7698 F F +84 8 3868 7798 +84 8 3868 7698 +84 8 3868 7798 Tornados Hockey Club
  • 4. This year, 2012, will be the 5th Vietnam Hockey Festival. However, the most important thing to develop this sport is thatVietnam Hockey Festival is not only a hockey tournament making hockey an “official sport” recognized by the Vietnamper se but also introduces Vietnam to the hockey fraternity authorities particularly the Ministry of Education so thataround the world bringing best international hockey practices hockey can be played in schools across the country. At theto Vietnam. moment, Vietnam Hockey Company is trying to make progress to set up Vietnam Hockey Federation with theBesides Vietnam Hockey Festival, to notch up skill levels for Vietnam Olympic Council (VOC). Thereafter, there is need toVietnamese hockey players, the Tornados Hockey Club convince VHF to join the Asia Hockey Federation (AHF) andattended some hockey tournaments in Singapore, Malaysia. International Hockey Federation. If Vietnam HockeyNow, Tornados Hockey Club players practices once a week Federation is affiliated to FIH, Vietnam can bring our localat the Su Van Hanh Pitch. The club welcomes new members players to Sea Games 2015 in Singapore and the otherto join. If you are interested in hockey and would like to regional and international competitions such as: Asian Gamesbecome a member of Tornados, please visit 2017 and Olympic Games in 2020… This is one of for more information. opportunity not only to demonstrate the integration of Vietnam to but also to introduce Vietnam to the world now that sportsMoreover, The Vietnam Hockey Center with the first always bring everybody together. With the vast benefitsstandard size field for hockey has started in July 2012 by hockey brings to local residents and Vietnam, we hope thatVietnam Hockey Company at Thuan Dao Industrial Park, everyone who loves sport in general and hockey in particular,Long An Province. together make the dream come true with us. We appreciate allIn summary, here are the current status of hockey Vietnam: of your contribution since it is require a big effort from many parties to set up the Vietnam Hockey Federation. - 3 hockey teams: Tornados Hockey Club, and Saigon International (most of them are expats). Moreover, Vietnam Hockey Company desires to have more These two teams are based in Ho Chi Minh City standard fields not only in Ho Chi Minh City but also in another and Long Khanh Hockey Club – a new team in province. If hockey is more popular in Vietnam, Vietnam Dong Nai Province. Hockey Company could invest more fields. As we mentioned - 1 company which business is related to hockey: above, there is many benefits from hockey, therefore, the Vietnam Hockey Limited Company. This company is also investing for the full facilities more fields we have, the more benefits we can get from for hockey including: Vietnam Hockey Center hockey. In the future, with the deeply interest of hockey, and taking the process for Vietnam Hockey Vietnam Hockey Company will open more fields to make this Federation. sport close to local residents. - Events of hockey – Vietnam Hockey Festival: that is organized on the second week of Regarding the number of hockey players, now, Vietnam has November each year by Tornados Hockey Club just about 60 hockey players. The reasons are many for and Vietnam Hockey Company. This year, 2012 limited numbers but the chief amongst these are the non- will be the 5th of Vietnam Hockey Festival. recognition of hockey officially and also due to the lack of local opportunity to try this sport as well as it is necessary to have money to purchase equipment to play this sport such as: stick,We can see that there are more activities for hockey in ball, leg guard, shoes and bags.Vietnam this year compared with 2008. However, it is stilllike a drop in the ocean when comparing with other mature This is also another barrier for locals who would like to playhockey playing countries in the world. this sport. Hockey is still little known to the general public due to the limited and irregular publicity given to the sport in theWith strong commitment to hockey and to Vietnam, Vietnam media. Of course hockey is competing with soccer which isHockey Company had set goals to develop of hockey. really popular in Vietnam. Some Vietnamese especially thoseFirstly, Vietnam will have a first standard field for hockey. in the provinces do not even know that there is field hockey.Additionally, Vietnam Hockey Company plans to enlarge and That’s why hockey is not popular in Vietnam and this iswould like to have more fields across the 63 provinces and something that Vietnam Hockey Company is trying to rectifycities in Vietnam. using publicity in the website and social media to promote hockey in Vietnam. Room 606, 6th Floor, Hoang Anh Gia Lai Tower Room 606, 6th Floor, Hoang Anh Gia Lai Tower 7/1 Thanh Thai Str, Ward 14, Dist 10, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 7/1 Thanh Thai Str, Ward 14, Dist 10, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam T +84 8 3868 7698 F +84 8 3868 7798 T +84 8 3868 7698 F +84 8 3868 7798
  • 5. Vietnam Hockey Center in futureWhen the Vietnam Hockey Center is in operation, this place willhouse the office of the Vietnam Hockey Federation as well asthe center for training coaches and hockey players. VietnamHockey Company will welcome and introduce this sport to all Firstly, we would like to thank you for taking time to readlevel of education in Ho Chi Minh City from elementary schools our feature on hockey. We hope that our newsletter hasto universities. Due to the cost of the equipment, sponsorship furnished you with information on hockey that you findfrom companies are sought to donate hockey sticks to students useful and interesting.(aged 6 to 18) in schools. ® VinaPlanners Co Ltd. This article “First field hockey center in Vietnam” has been prepared in good faith and with due care by VinaPlanners Co Ltd. We obtained some of the information from sources we believe to be reliable. However, we have not verified the accuracy of the information from these sources and make no guarantee, warranty or representation about it. If you would like to find more information about hockey in Vietnam, please visit the website: VinaPlanners Co Ltd is a professional consultancy inFrom that, we believe that we can fast track the development of Master Planning, Urban Design and and there will be more Vietnamese hockey players in the VinaPlanners Co Ltd can undertake Grade 1 Masterfuture. Planning work with its team of urban planners, urban designers, architects and infrastructural engineers whoIn conclusion, our goals for hockey Vietnam are: possess Professional Certificates required by Vietnamese Law as well as international accreditations - Open 1st Vietnam Hockey Center in 2013 with full by professional Institutes such as the Royal Town facilities for hockey at Thuan Dao Industrial Park, Planning Institute of England. We also can undertake Long An Province. There will be more activities of master plans which include golf course, marina, eco- hockey in this center. After that, when hockey becomes popular, hockey fields can be launched to tourism area and other real estate uses. Our other provinces in the Central and the North. experienced staff will make sure you’re satisfied with our - Establish Vietnam Hockey Federation and convince deliverables if we have an opportunity to provide our Vietnam Olympic Council to join AHF and FIH and services to you. Do not hesitate to contact to us at there will be a Vietnam Hockey Team attending to below address or at if you Sea Games in Singapore 2015. need more information about our company or its - Bring hockey to schools and local residents and make it more popular by publicize in the internet and services. social media in order to develop hockey. Room 606, 6th Floor, Hoang Anh Gia Lai Tower 7/1 Thanh Thai Str, Ward 14, Dist 10, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam T +84 8 3868 7698 F +84 8 3868 7798