Finding My Font: A Grand Tale of Lucid Adaptation


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An overview of the development and impact of communications technology on human communication. (The pdf doesn't show the video inserts.)

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Finding My Font: A Grand Tale of Lucid Adaptation

  1. Finding My Font A Grand Tale of Lucid Adaptation!
  2. •We become speakers, •using mouth and ears •time & place unified
  3. With speaking, we • begin to tell stories • experience/ create meaning • we are no longer locked into the now • imagine possibilities and • we can remember past experiences • plan ahead • have a point of • but most of all, seek view and create meaning! • can spin a message
  4. We represent meaning visually using our hands and tools!
  5. Speaking>skill & art, > text to preserve
  6. Chirography Language no longer just transitory; selections of language can outlive creators! Voice separated from words Tools for recording! Eyes and symbols carry the meaning
  7. Centuries Pass ... Books are rare. Very few can read or write. Texts are copied by hand. Texts with information and wisdom are sometimes lost or altered. But much knowledge is preserved and passed on! Time and space no longer imprison person’s / culture’s ideas & information
  8. The Invention of Type! Type - individual letters organized into words and sentences. Mechanical production, not by hand. Many more books. Many more steps between author and reader’s text. Multiple identical copies of texts.
  9. The Printing Press Leads to • posters and more politics • authorized versions of texts • authorized translations of the Bible • the goal of universal literacy
  10. Because of the Printing Press, we developed • alphabetic indexes • modern science • modern poetry and novels • the quantification of knowledge • dictionaries • privacy and plagiarism!
  11. Because of the printing press The expense & bureaucracy of publishing limits who can get published Type itself gives off a sense of authority to readers’ eyes/ understanding Manuscript is further separated from printed text One hand, pen, paper > machinery > text on paper for eyes
  12. More steps between writer’s hand and tool and readers’ eyes
  13. Separation Writers are distanced from creating a meaningful text • handwriting has no authority • printed text is hegemonic
  14. Visual (still & moving) and Aural Representations - 20th Century - Mass Media
  15. My world starts with books, photos, radio, records, movies, television, (eye/symbol, eye, ear, ear & eye)
  16. I despise my handwriting • I can’t type without multiple errors • My composing and publishing are alienated! • I don’t try to publish
  17. Technology Liberates! Word-processing and the Bank Street Writer + My first writing group = Neatly printed text I created directly (with 2 hands and my writing machinery)
  18. I shape my text directly and my appetite is whetted for a beautiful appearance to equal my meaningful composition of words
  19. A student points to a book on typography
  20. • This new tool gives me control over my text’s appearance! • With control comes responsibility! • I study layout, page design and Fonts
  21. • I use my new tool to write and publish • I use my new tool to apply to OISE • I use my new tool to study how to learn to use this new tool • I use my new tool to write a thesis about learning to use this new tool!
  22. • I found my font - Lucida Grande • I created my beautiful and meaningful thesis using my 2 hands & my laptop • I put it online - accessible beyond time and place • Readers’ eyes will see my words in letter symbols > literacy • So what’s next in my (our) grand communication adventure? > secondary orality and individual connecting >A hint ...
  23. Bibliography & Image Credits Available on Request For More About Joan’s Work, and This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Canada License. To view a copy of this license, visit q_1=2&q_1=1&field_commercial=n&field_derivatives=sa&field_jurisdiction=ca&field_format=&field_worktitle=Fin ding+My+Font&field_attribute_to_name=Joan+Vinall-Cox%2C +Ph.D.&field_attribute_to_url=&field_sourceurl=&field_morepermissionsurl=&lang=en_US&language=en_US&n_qu estions=3