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The parts of a map
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  • 1. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  • 2. The Parts of a Map Created by Mr. Raponi
  • 3. Maps
    • Map-making dates back to
    • the ________________ age, which was between 6,000 and 10,000 years ago.
    • People who make maps are known as
    • _______________________.
    • A map is a simplified picture of a space, a navigational helper that shows relationships between objects and places.
    Stone Cartographers
  • 4.
    • On a map, a model of a compass on the map that helps to show direction is known as the
    • ___________________________.
    • The four ways on a map (North, South, East, West) are called the
    • ___________________________
    • Another form of directions are known as
    • _____________________________. This means the directions such as Northeast and Southwest.
    Compass Rose Cardinal Directions Intermediate Directions North South East West NE SE NW SW
  • 5. Need a Way to Remember The Directions? Never Eat Soggy Waffles
  • 6.
    • On a map, a
    • _____________ tells you that one inch on the map represents a particular distance of land.
    • This is always different. On one maps an inch can equal 1 mile or an inch can equal 100 miles.
    • For Example, if you are looking at a map of the world, one inch on that map may equal 500 Miles. However, If you are looking at a map of Peabody, one inch on that map would probably equal 1 mile.
    Scale [ ] = 500 Miles
  • 7. What is Scale?
  • 8.
    • Maps have several symbols and they are explained in an area called the
    • _____________ or
    • _____________.
    • This area will tell you exactly what each picture on the map represents.
    Key Legend Map __________
  • 9.
    • An example of some types of symbols could include state parks, roads, cities and important landmarks.
    • An example could look like this:
    • = Hospital
    = Super Bowl Champion
  • 10. On a regular map, a ___________ will usually tell you the subject of the map. This portion of a map provides important clues about the cartographer's intentions and goals. Title
  • 11.
    • Some maps use a
    • ____________ of
    • ______________ and
    • ___________________.
    • This is also known as lines of
    • ______________________ and
    • _______________________.
    • We will discuss this in much further detail in the weeks to come.
    Grid Parallels Meridians Latitude Longitude
  • 12.
    • Every part of a map has a very simple purpose. That is to make sure that people who use maps have the accurate information that they need to understand the map.
    • The more that you know about maps, the easier it will be for you to use them.
  • 13. Mr. Raponi's Classroom = Computer = Filing Cabinet = Podium = Desks = Big Desk = Mr.Raponi
  • 14. Brain Pop Video
    • Parts of a Map