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  • 1. 2 6 7 8 5 14 3 10 9
  • 2. Switzerland & Austria Created by Mr. Raponi
  • 3. Ireland U.K. GermanyPortugal France Switz Austria Spain
  • 4. Switzerland and Austria together cover about 47,300 square miles, anSwitzerland area the size of ________________. Switzerland practiced __________________ -meaning that they refuse to take sides in disagreements and wars between countries. This was especially true during both World Wars.
  • 5. The Alps make SwitzerlandLand of theSwitzerland __________________ of Central Europe. This is a high place from which rivers flow in all different directions. Several rivers including Germany’s ________________, begin in the Swiss Alps. Dams built produce a large amount of hydroelectricity for the country.
  • 6. Another mountainLand Continued range, the _________________ runs across Northwest Switzerland. ________________, Switzerland’s capital and ________________, the largest city are located in the “Middle Land” plateau.
  • 7. Switzerland is a thrivingSwitzerland industrial nation as they create many high quality goods such as electronic equipment, clocks, and watches. A large producer of the world’s chocolate. Zurich and ____________ are important international banking centers
  • 8. Switzerland has many differentThe Swiss ethnic groups and religions. People Switzerland has four official languages  German  French  Italian  Romansch (somewhat resembles Italian, French, and Spanish and is spoken by less than 1% of the people. The Swiss have had a stable ___________________ government for 700 years.
  • 9. This country is now very small, onlyAustria about the size of ________________. Austria used to be one of the strongest countries of Europe. However, it lost most of its power and land to other countries.
  • 10. The Land of Austria is a landlocked country Austria located south of Germany The Alps cover ________________ of Austria. In winter, lowland areas receive rain, and mountainous regions have snow.
  • 11. People of Austria Most of Austria’s ______________ people live in cities and towns and work in factories or service jobs. Most Austrians speak ________________ and 80% of the people are Roman Catholic
  • 12. Capital of The culture of Austria ________________, Austria’s capital, has fascinated the world. Mozart, one of the most famous composers of all time, was from this largest city of Austria.