Study guide for europe final exam


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Study guide for europe final exam

  1. 1. Study Guide for Europe Final Exam 1. The leader of the United Kingdom’s government is called the _______________. 2. These people of Ireland want North Ireland to remain as part of the U.K. ______________________________ 3. What is the capital of Ireland? __________________________________ 4. What is France’s capital city? __________________________________ 5. What is Italy’s longest river? ______________________________________ 6. What is the name of the largest ethnic group of Poland? ____________________ 7. What is the area of Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, and Denmark called? ___________________________________ 8. A huge mass of ice slowly flowing over a landmass. _______________________ 9. 10. What is Sweden’s capital city? ________________________________ 11. What country owns the large island of Greenland? _________________________ 12. Denmark lies on the _____________________________ peninsula. 13. What does Iceland’s economy rely mostly on? ___________________________ 14. What is the capital of Iceland? ______________________________ 15. This is the phrase that describes the percentage of people in a country that can read and write. _________________________________ 16. The government uses high rates of taxation to provide services to people who are sick, needy, jobless, or retired is known as a _______________________. 17. 18. Iceland is a tiny island that lies just below the ___________________________.Country Identification: I have attached a Europe map with the countries that you areresponsible for knowing highlighted.Open Response Questions: ONE of these questions is going to be on your Europe Final Test
  2. 2. 1. One of the major landforms within Europe is the Alps and they have quite an affect on thepeople who live in the countries in which they run. Please give me an idea of what countriesthis magnificent mountain range runs through, and give me two effects that the AlpsMountains have upon those people. These can be either positive or negative effects.2. Pick one of your favorite landmarks of Europe and describe it to me. Remember, ILIKE details. Be sure to include what country it is located in, an idea of when it wascreated, and details about why it was built and what purpose it has served.3. Throughout talking about the continent of Europe, we heard quite a bit about tourismbeing a huge industry for the countries located there. Why do you think that that is? Whatfactors contribute to Europe being such a huge tourist destination, what countriesspecifically have we mentioned as tourist destinations and what do they offer totravelers?