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Map Projections
Map Projections
Map Projections
Map Projections
Map Projections
Map Projections
Map Projections
Map Projections
Map Projections
Map Projections
Map Projections
Map Projections
Map Projections
Map Projections
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  • 1. Key A C D E F G
    • Which Town do you think has fishing as the basis for their economy?
    • What is the most Southerly Physical Feature?
    • What is a main reason that the Wheat Field is located where it is?
    • What is the Human Characteristic located furthest North?
    • What town do you think provides a lot of material to the government to make pennies?
    • What town is the furthest to the south, but still connected to the railroad network?
    H = Copper = Wheat Field = Railroad = Lake = River = Forest = Statue of Mr. Raponi = Golden Gate Bridge B N S E W
  • 2. Map Projections Created by Mr. Raponi
  • 3. Map Projection
    • A map projection is any method used in
    • ___________________ (mapmaking) to represent the curved surface of the earth on a flat surface.
    • This cannot be done without some
    • ____________________.
    • The mapmaker must select the one best suited to the needs, reducing distortion of the most important features.
    Cartography Distortion
  • 4. Distortions
  • 5. Mapmakers
    • Mapmakers and mathematicians have devised almost
    • ________________ ways to project the image of the globe onto paper.
    • Every projection has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. There
    • is no “______________" map projection .
    Limitless Perfect
  • 6. Good Uses of Flat Maps
    • Flat maps can be more useful than globes in many situations:
    • Maps are more compact and easier to store.
    • They are viewed easily on computer displays.
    • Maps can show larger portions of the earth's surface at once.
    • These useful traits of flat maps motivate the development of map projections.
  • 7. The Problem with Flat Maps
    • Every flat map misrepresents the surface of the Earth in some way.
    • No map can rival a
    • _______________in truly representing the surface of the entire Earth
    • Since the world is a sphere, and a globe is a sphere, a perfect representation can be made.
  • 8. Mercator Projection
    • This map makes areas
    • near the ____________ look bigger than they really are.
      • Example, Greenland looks bigger than it really is. Here, it is larger than S. America, but in real life, it is less than half the size.
    • This is because, on a globe, the lines of longitude meet at the poles, but on this type,
    • they are _____________.
    Poles Parallels
  • 9. Compare the Two
  • 10. Interrupted Projection
    • By creating
    • _____________ in the picture of the world, mapmakers showed the size and shape of most of the land quite accurately.
    • Problems:
      • The gaps make it impossible to figure distances correctly
      • You could not use this kind of map to chart a journey across the ocean.
  • 11. Peter’s Projection
    • The Peters Projection was created in
    • ______________ by Dr. Arno Peters to address some of the distortions of existing maps
    • Problem: One square inch anywhere on this map represents an equal number of square miles. Distorts the shape in some cases.
      • Example: Africa
  • 12. Robinson Projection
    • Presented by Dr. Arthur H. Robinson in
    • ___________________.
    • Today, many geographers believe this to be the best world map available. It has been called so by National Geographic
    • While the Robinson projection does distort the globe a little, (Check out Antarctica), it shows the sizes and shapes of most countries accurately.
  • 13. Conclusion
    • There are many other types of projections, each with positives and negatives about them.
    • The key is knowing for what purpose you wish to use the map.
    • You will then be able to pick the map that best suits your needs.
  • 14. Map Projections