Haiti and the dominican republic finished
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Haiti and the dominican republic finished






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Haiti and the dominican republic finished Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Haiti and TheDominican Republic Created by Mr. Raponi
  • 2. Haiti and the One Island, DominicanTwo Countries Republic share an island named _____________ with the west 1/3 of the island belonging to _____________ and the eastern 2/3 belonging to the ______________
  • 3. Haiti won its independencefrom ______________ in1804.During most of the 1900s,_______________ ruledHaiti.In 1990, Haitian voterselected Jean Bertrand Aristideas a Democratic president.Aristide’s supporters praisedhim as “the firstdemocratically elected leaderof Haiti” and a friend of the
  • 4. Haiti’s 27,750Land of Haiti square miles makes Haiti a little bit smaller than the state of ______________. At 174 miles long, the _______________ River is the longest in the country and is used for irrigation.
  • 5. Power struggles and civilEconomy of war has left Haiti’s Haiti economy in ruins. Haiti’s people are generally poor and live in ________________ areas. Coffee, the cash crop, is shipped through ___________________, the capital.
  • 6. The word barbecue comes from the SpanishMmmmm, BBQ! translation of the native Haitian word barbacoa. It seems that the Spaniards, who arrived just a few years after Columbus landed in North America in 1492, found the Haitian natives roasting animal meat over a raised metal framework. A fire was built underneath, and the flames and smoke would rise and envelop the animal meat, giving it flavor.
  • 7. There are overPeople of Haiti ______________ people that live in Haiti. The major language of the country are French and ______________, which is a mixture of French and English.
  • 8. 2010 On January 12, 2010, at 4:53 pm local time. HaitiEarthquake was struck by a magnitude-7.0 earthquake, the countrys most severe earthquake in over 200 years. The epicenter of the quake was just outside the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince. On February 10th the Haitian government gave a confirmed death toll of 230,000. Widespread damage resulted from the quake. The capital city was devastated.
  • 9. More Haiti will need to be completelyEarthquake rebuilt from the ground up, according to a journalist, as "even in good times, Haiti is an economic wreck.” As many as one million Haitians were left homeless.
  • 10. The DominicanDominican Republic’s 48,730 Republic square miles makes it twice the size of _______________ The D.R. gained its independence from Haiti in _______________.
  • 11. Lies in the middle of theLand of the ______________________ D.R. and is subject to severe storms from June to October. The D.R. has the highest mountain in the entire Caribbean, ______________________ at 10,417 feet. The longest river in the Caribbean is also located here, the __________________.
  • 12. Economy of As in most Caribbean island nations, the D.R. __________________ plays a major role in the economy. Farmers produce sugar, coffee, cocoa, bananas and rice. Miners produce nickel, silver and gold.
  • 13. Sugar Farming, Not An Easy Job
  • 14. People Of the __________ million people living in the Dominican Republic, about ¼ of the population lives in the capital city, _____________________. _______________ is the main language and 95% of the population is Roman Catholic. One of the Major activities within the D.R. is baseball, it is the national game.