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France finished






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France finished Presentation Transcript

  • 1. 2 65 4 1 3
  • 2. FranceCreated byMr. Raponi
  • 3. Ireland U.K. Germany France
  • 4. France covers 212,390Land Area sq miles, slightly smaller than the state of _______________ is the largest country of Western Europe. A new tunnel called the ________________ is built under the English Channel and it connects England and France.
  • 5. In the southwest, theMountains ________________ separate France from Spain. In the southeast the _______________ divide France from Italy. At 15,771 feet, ________________ is one of the highest mountains in Europe and is located in the ______________ on the border of Italy.
  • 6. Rivers The ____________ river which is just under 500 miles long, flows into France’s capital city of _________________. This is the major river of France and is easily ________________ which means it is both wide and deep enough for ships to use.
  • 7. France is the largestAgriculture ______________ producer in Europe. France the leading agricultural producer in Europe. Farmers produce  Wheat  Poultry  Dairy  Beef and pork _______________ rank as one of the most important crops of France.
  • 8. Industry France’s natural mineral resources include 1. Coal 2. Iron Ore 3. Bauxite French workers produce 1. Airplanes 2. Cars 3. Computers
  • 9. People of Most French trace their ancestry to the France ________________ and the _________________ of early Europe. They speak French and about _________ are Roman Catholic. The population of France totals __________ million people.
  • 10. Kings ruled France forFrance’s History nearly ________________. In ________ the French people overthrew their last king. They set up a _______________, a government where people elect all important government officials.
  • 11. Paris itself is home toParis _______ million people. France’s literacy rate is __________ which shows the country’s emphasis on education. This city is home to some of the best known buildings, museums, and artwork in the entire world.
  • 12. Tourists from all over theTourism in world visit France’s France historic and cultural sites. Each year, millions of tourists go to the capital Paris, also known as the “City of _____________.” They visit such places as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and the home of the Mona Lisa, The Louvre Museum.