Central america people and countries finished


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Central america people and countries finished

  1. 1. 7 38 6 5 1 4 2
  2. 2. Central America: The Countries and People Created by Mr. Raponi
  3. 3. Influence on Central America is a mixture of many the People cultures. The ____________ settled throughout Central America about 240 to 400 B.C. After A.D. 800 these people mysteriously left their cities and scattered throughout the area.
  4. 4. Lost City of Mirador in Central America
  5. 5. After the Native Americans, theInfluences ____________________ settled in Central America. For the next 300 years, Spanish landowners forced Native Americans to work on _____________________. Native Americans eventually accepted the language and religion of Spain.
  6. 6. Independence Most Central America countries gained their independence by ____________________. Waves of government problems, dictatorships and revolutions have been occurring in Central America from the mid-1800s until today. There is still fighting going on in Central America today.
  7. 7. Population Nearly __________ million Today people live in Central America. Almost ______ million people live in _________________, the most heavily populated country in the region. Only 300,000 people live in __________________, the regions least populated area.
  8. 8. Rural living is most More common in CentralPopulation America with about ____________ of all the people living on farms or in small towns. People in urban areas hold manufacturing or service industry jobs. People in coastal areas harvest shrimp and lobster to sell overseas or in marketplaces.
  9. 9. Most Guatemalans live inGuatemala the ____________________ area. The culture is both Native American and Spanish. A group of Guatemalans who speak Spanish and practice European ways are known as __________________. For many years, a civil war has been fought between the government and the peasants.
  10. 10. Another Central American Snake
  11. 11. Costa Rica offers one of the highest standards of living inCosta Rica the world. It also has one of the highest ________________________ in the world. (Which is the percentage of people that can read and write.) A well-developed democracy, Costa Rica has been a peaceful place for many years. Costa Rica’s capital is ________________________.
  12. 12. The southernmost country ofPanama Central America lies on an _______________________, a narrow piece of land connecting two larger pieces of land. This narrow piece of land separates the ____________________ and the ________________________. In 1903, the U.S. helped Panama win its independence from ______________________.
  13. 13. A canal was built to shortenPanama II shipping times between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The canal was completed in ____________ and made the journey between the oceans much quicker. Nearly ½ of Panama’s ________ million people live and work near the canal. Panama’s capital, _____________________, is the leading center of culture and industry.
  14. 14. Canal and Animals of Panama