Central america land and economy finished


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Central america land and economy finished

  1. 1. 4 7 14 12 9 16 5 18 101 6 17 15 19 13 2 20 3 11 8
  2. 2. Central America: The Land and Economy Created by Mr. Raponi
  3. 3. Central AmericaThe Land extends for more than 1,000 miles North to South and measures ________ miles wide at its widest point. _________________ are a part of life in Central America, there is a rugged landscape and many active volcanoes.
  4. 4. Central America is anMore Land ___________________, a narrow piece of land that connects two larger pieces of land. This region, actually part of North America is made up of seven countries:  _________________  Belize  El Salvador  _________________  _________________  Costa Rica  _________________
  5. 5. Climate of The climate of Central America is mostly tropical, the Area _________________ however can block the movement of winds and moisture. In Caribbean Lowlands, people expect more than 100 inches of rainfall a year as well as cool breezes from the sea. These breezes can turn into _____________________ in which winds can reach more than 74 mph. These are a major threat to people of the area.
  6. 6. The Sloth in Central America
  7. 7. The Economy _________________ and ________________ are Central America’s most important resources. Both agricultural products from the farms, and wood products from the rainforests are sold around the world.
  8. 8. Owners ofFarming ___________________, large farms that raise crops for money, grow coffee, bananas, and sugar cane. These farmers sell their harvest to the United States and to some Western European countries. This region also has several subsistence farmers who only sell a small portion of their crops to pay for supplies.
  9. 9. These dense rainforests offer valuable wood:Rain Forests mahogany, balsa, and teak; all of which are exported. Scientists use trees and plants from rainforests in medical research and for creating new ____________________. Many people believe that they key to curing many of the world’s illnesses will be found in a rainforest.
  10. 10. In Caribbean lowlands,Rain Forests farmers have cleared rainforests to raise Continued crops. Stop knockin This poses a severe down my problem for both the home plant and animal life of you the area. The animal’s meanies. habitat is being destroyed, leaving their lives in ruins. Farmers in this area mostly ______________ who raise livestock.
  11. 11. The Boa Constrictor
  12. 12. Industry Although the region has a number of small industries, not much manufacturing has been developed. Many countries in Central America are lacking the money to build manufacturing centers and factories. Most of the countries of the region are poor in _______________________, especially fuels.
  13. 13. Guatemala and Costa RicaIndustry are the exception to the lack of minerals. Guatemala has a few ______________ deposits and it is sold overseas. Costa Rica exports ___________________, which, as we know, is a mineral used in making aluminum.
  14. 14. MONKEYS!!!