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  • 1. 20 19 18 21 4 6 12 9 16 8 13 17 3 5 1 15 10 22 1114 7 2
  • 2. 2 54 7 6 3 1
  • 3. ArgentinaCreated byMr. Raponi
  • 4. Argentina’s land area of 1,056,640 sq milesThe Land makes Argentina South America’s second largest country behind only _______________. The southern tip reaches just about down to the continent of _________________.
  • 5. The spectacularThe North ________________ is one of the scenic wonders of the world. Along the northern border, the Iguazu River empties into the _______________ River.
  • 6. Iguazu Falls From a Distance
  • 7. The Andes tower over theThe Andes ________________ part of Argentina. Mount ___________________, with a height of 23,000 feet is the highest mountain is South America. East of the Andes is a region of rolling hills and desert valleys.
  • 8. Mt. Aconcagua, The Highest Mountain in the Americas
  • 9. In the center of Argentina are treeless plains known asTreeless Plains _______________ which spread for 500 miles. This land is home to farmers growing grains and ranchers raising livestock. Most of Argentina’s urban areas are located in these plains. More than _________ of the people live here.
  • 10. A Little About Argentina
  • 11. Argentina’s major farmAgriculture products are beef, corn, and wheat. Huge _________________, or ranches cover the Pampas. Owners of these ranches hire ___________________, or cowhands/cowboys. These cowhands are the national symbol of Argentina.
  • 12. -This is called a bolo and itis a weapon that has beenemployed by the Gauchos ofArgentina for many years.-It is typically made of along string with rocks on theend that can be used tostun enemies or animals.-Keep this in mind while youwatch the next video, youwill see a Gauchoperforming for an audiencewith two Bolos.
  • 13. What are Gauchos?????
  • 14. Argentina is one of theManufacturing most _______________ countries in South America. ________________ is Argentina’s most valuable mineral resource. Argentina’s leading manufactured goods are food products, leather, electrical Equipment, and textiles.
  • 15. Argentina’sThe People _______________ people live mostly in certain areas of the country. More than 1/3 of the country’s people live in or around ___________________, Argentina’s capital city.
  • 16. The country has very fewInfluences Native Americans before the arrival of Europeans. In 1816, a general named ______________________ helped Argentina win its freedom from _________________. During the late 1800s and early 1900s, some of Argentina’s people grew wealthy from industry and the raising of livestock.
  • 17. Argentina Argentines are mostly Today of _________________ ancestry. The official language of Argentina is ___________________. 86% of Argentina’s people live in cities. Just about 5 million people live in Argentina’s capital, ____________________.
  • 18. Argentina