Angola and namibia finished


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Angola and namibia finished

  1. 1. 3 5 15 4 6 11 9 16 13 1410 12 8 7 2 1
  2. 2. Angola and Namibia Created by Mr. Raponi
  3. 3. Malawi Angola ZambiaNamibia Zimbabwe Botswana
  4. 4. Angola is a huge, nearlysquare mass of landthat covers more than480,000 miles, an arealarger than Texas andCalifornia put together.Angola also include atiny, _____________,or an area of a countrythat is separated fromthe main part.
  5. 5. Who can give me an Exclave of the UnitedStates?
  6. 6. Most of Angola is part of the same huge inlandThe Land __________________ that sweeps through the Republic of South Africa. Many rivers cover this area, some flow into the _________________ in the north and others flow into the _________________ Ocean
  7. 7. Hilly grasslands cover northern Angola. TheMore Land southern part of the country is a rocky desert. If you traveled across Angola, you experience two types of climate  __________________ areas has a desert climate.  The ________________ has a tropical climate.
  8. 8. Nearly _________ ofThe Economy Angola’s _________ million people live in the countryside where subsistence farmers grow corn, cotton, and sugarcane. Mining provides most of Angola’s income. Angola is rich in diamonds, iron ore and manganese, ______________ is the country’s leading export.
  9. 9. In the 1400s, theHistory ______________ kingdom ruled a large part of northern Angola. From the 1500s until its independence in _______________, Angola was a colony of ______________. Although African languages are spoken, _________________________ is the official language.
  10. 10. South of Angola liesNamibia, one ofAfrica’s_______________countries.Namibia becameindependent in________________after 75 years ofSouth African rule.
  11. 11. Namibia has a land area of 317,870 sq miles, ½The Land the size of ____________________. A large plateau runs directly down the center and is the most populated area of the country. The _________________ desert runs almost the entire length of Namibia’s Atlantic coast, it stretches for 1200 miles.
  12. 12. The Namib Desert
  13. 13. Namibia’s economy relies on the export ofThe Economy ___________________. I’m Hungry! The country is rich in deposits of diamonds, copper, silver, and zinc. Due to its desert environment, the country has trouble feeding its people as farmers receive barely enough rainfall to grow corn.
  14. 14. Yummy BreakfastOne of kid’s favorite foods in Namibia is scrambled Ostrich Eggs.
  15. 15. A Bit More About the Ostrich Eggs
  16. 16. The Hoba Meteorite which is thought toRock have hit the Earth 80,000 years ago is found in Namibia, and it is the largest known meteorite in the world. image Weighing over 60 TONS, it is 9 feet long and 8 feet wide Where you see it now, is where it hit way back when. It is too heavy to move!
  17. 17. Population Only ___________ million people live in Namibia- one of the least populated countries of Africa. Most people belong to African ethnic groups. English and _____________________, a language created by Dutch settlers in the area, are the official languages.
  18. 18. Namibia
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