Main Ideas                       Details About Algeria and Morocco                                        #               ...
Main Ideas                     Details About Algeria and Morocco                                     #                  Sl...
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Algeria and morocco filled in


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Algeria and morocco filled in

  1. 1. Main Ideas Details About Algeria and Morocco # Algeria is the ____________________________________country in Africa. Largest Africa has the highest ________________________________ than anywhere else in the world. ElevationAlgeria Oil Like neighboring Libya, Algeria must import 1/3 of its food and pays for it with _____________ and ____________________ pumped from underneath the _________________________________. Natural Gas Sahara Desert These deposits have helped Algeria’s _________________ growth, but widespread ____________ remains. Industrial Poverty Along the Mediterranean coast, you find hills, plains, and Algeria’s best ________________________ FarmlandThe Land of Inland, the land slopes up to the ________________________ Atlas MountainsAlgeria In Southern Algeria you will find the _________________________. Ahaggar Mountains Between these ranges you will find areas of the ______________________________. Ergs About ___________________ people live in Algeria and are of mixed _________________ and 31.7 million ArabThe People of Berber _______________ heritage.Algeria Muslims Arabic Most of the people are ____________________ and speak ________________________. French From 1834 to 1962, Algeria was a _____________________ colony. In _____________________, Algerian Arabs who wanted their country to be free rose up against the 1954 ____________________________. FrenchIndependence Civil War A bloody _________________, a conflict between groups inside of one country, erupted. 1962 When the fighting ended in _________________, Algeria had won its independence. Algiers ____________________________, the country’s capital and largest city, has nearly 2.2 million people. Many of the people live in the newer sections of the city that have modern buildings and streets.The Capital There are also older areas of the city called ________________________ where you can walk through Casbahs large marketplaces known as _______________________ Bazaars
  2. 2. Main Ideas Details About Algeria and Morocco # Slightly larger than the state of __________________, Morocco borders two bodies of water, the California Mediterranean Atlantic Ocean _______________________ and the ________________________.Morocco Europe The Moroccan Northern tip almost touched the continent of ________________________. Strait of Magellan Here you find the __________________________, a body of water that separates Africa and Europe by only _______________. 8 Miles Farmers in the fertile plains grow ______________________, __________________, Sugar Beets Grains Fruits Vegetables ____________________, and __________________________ for sale to Europe.Economy of Livestock Many farmers in Morocco raise _________________________, especially sheep.Morocco Leading industries include mining of ______________________, and _________________ has grown Phosphates Tourism quite a bit as well. Morocco was first settled by the _______________________ people thousands of years ago and their Berbers Atlas Mountains descendants still herd and farm at the bottom of the _____________________.History France Spain In the early 1900s, the Moroccan Kingdom weakened and __________________ and _____________ gained control of the country. In 1956 Morocco became independent once again and today is a _______________________-, this as Constitutional Monarchy we know is when there is a king or queen is head of state, but __________________________ run the Elected Officials government. Morocco has about _______________ million people living there. 30.7The People of With over 2 million people, the capital of Morocco is ______________________. RabatMorocco Moroccan culture is based on _______________________, ____________________, and Arab Berber _________________ traditions. African