Supreme Wealth Alliance Details


Published on - Manny Viloria gives some background info about the Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate.

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Supreme Wealth Alliance Details

  1. 1. Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate DetailsA lot of people are asking for details regarding the SupremeWealth Alliance Ultimate (SWA Ultimate) program, becausethey’re excited to make money online.Here are the answers to your questions.Hi! I’m Manny Viloria ( ) andbefore we begin, please answer the following questions: 1. Who first invited you or first told you about SWA Ultimate? 2. Who was the first person who made you become aware of SWA Ultimate because of shared videos?That’s the person you should work with when you become aregular SWA Member like me. To be clear, I’m not part of SWA Management. I’m just a regularSWA Member who enjoys helping out current and future SWAMembers like you.Now let’s move on to the popular questions about SWA…What is SWA Ultimate all about? SWA Ultimate is an online library of electronic books or e- books in PDF format (at least 350 e-books as of August 2012), which you can download to your hard disk. From what I’ve seen, these are best read on your desktop computer or laptop.Copyright © 2012 by Manny Viloria – Page 1
  2. 2. And according to Coach Kiko Javier, more e-books will be added in the future.How do we make money with SWA? One way of doing this is by reading some of the e-books, such as the ones related to Personal Development, Self- Improvement, and Motivation. When you are able to create a Success Mindset, your environment will change in order to match your outlook in life. Another way of making money is by teaching others what you have learned from the e-books. You can become a paid Speaker or Trainor. And lastly, you can participate in the “Member Gets Member” system, which is a bonus portion of SWA Ultimate. You’ll find a quick summary of SWA Pay Plan 1 and Pay Plan 2 in this video: do I need e-books, when I already have so many books? Remember: You need to invest in yourself first, before others will invest in you. If you look around you, highly successful people have read a lot. They’ve attended trainings and worked with Mentors.Copyright © 2012 by Manny Viloria – Page 2
  3. 3. Also, experience will show you that Leaders are Readers. If you want to constantly improve yourself, you need to read. And inside the SWA Community, you will be able to interact with other SWA members who can share useful lessons based on their life experiences. Now since you’ve reached this part of the PDF file, we can assume that you are a reader. How do I market or promote SWA Ultimate? First of all, please get in touch with the first person who made you aware of SWA, and ask him or her about the preferred marketing approach for your group. People are different, which means that marketing styles are also different. Here is a sample of possible marketing styles: 3 Minutes A Day On Facebook Marketing Method – If you often log into Facebook and have at least 100 FB friends, you can easily do this 3 days a week, at only 3 minutes each day. Simple, fast, and easy!  To get details regarding this, please ask the person who first made you aware of SWA Ultimate. 17 Minutes A Day Marketing Method – If you are a more long-term type of person who likes to write and help others online, you can do Blogging (or publishing articles online).Copyright © 2012 by Manny Viloria – Page 3
  4. 4. How do I receive my SWA commissions? You can choose to have your commissions sent to you via Western Union or LBC Express (transaction charges will be deducted from your commission). You can also have your commissions deposited straight to your Philippine bank account (BPI, BDO, Unionbank, Metrobank).How do I join the Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate? If you’re based outside the Philippines, you may send $55 via Western Union to Francis Chaves. If you’re in the Philippines, you may send P2,500 via Western Union, LBC Express, bank deposit (BPI, BDO, Unionbank, Metrobank). For the payment destination details of Franco Renato Chaves (Chavesnet Enterprises), please contact the person who first made you aware of SWA Ultimate. That person will also help you in registering your SWA Account online. Please give the SWA Admin up to 2 days to activate your SWA Account from the time your payment is made. Thanks!Is SWA Ultimate for me? Please answer the following questions…Copyright © 2012 by Manny Viloria – Page 4
  5. 5. 1. Are you serious about improving yourself and your life? 2. Do you understand that just as in any other business, earnings are not guaranteed? 3. Are education and training important to you? 4. Do you want to learn online marketing and how to have an extra income online? If you answered YES to all the questions above, then please contact the person who first made you aware of the Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate program now.I look forward to seeing you inside SWA Ultimate community.To Your Success! Kind regards,Manny Viloria More and more Filipinos are starting to use the Internet toearn extra income. Kailan po kayo magsisimula?Copyright © 2012 by Manny Viloria – Page 5