Retirement plan rollovers


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Retirement plan rollovers

  1. 1. Retirement Plan Rollovers401k rollover, 403b rollover, 457 rolloverSUBMITTED BY TOM VILORD, PRESIDENT – VILORD WEALTH ADVISORS,TURNERSVILLE, NJINFO@VILORDWEALTH.COM, 877-VILORD1If you have a 401k, 403b, 457 or some other retirement plan with a previous employer, you should strongly considerthe benefits of transferring your retirement assets into a Rollover IRA.The Rollover IRA is a tax advantaged IRA account designed to receive retirement funds rolled over from an ex-employer’s retirement plan(401k rollover, 403b rollover, 457 rollover). The Rollover IRA allows funds to be transferred tax free and penalty freefrom other retirement plans and allows retirement funds already set aside to continue to grow tax deferred untilretirement.When leaving an employer, some investors believe it is advantageous to rollover your retirement plan into a new IRAversus leaving your money in your old employers retirement plan or transferring it into your new employers plan.Advantages of a 401k Rollover, 403b Rollover and 457 Rollover to an IRA 1. Control When the rollover process is complete, your retirement plan assets from your previous employer will be transferred to an IRA. Since you are the owner of an IRA, you have complete control versus being dependent upon the rules and policies of your former employers retirement plan. By rolling over your account into an IRA will not have the potential problems seen with some 401k, 403b and 457 plans such as untimely statements, lack of account information, or more importantly, a limited number of investment options. Also, there are a number of other problems that can arise with your retirement plan should your employer have financial troubles and go into bankruptcy. Rolling over your retirement plan to an IRA eliminates these problems and puts you in a position to be in complete control of your retirement account.
  2. 2. 2. Investment Flexibility Your previous employer’s 401k, 403b or 457 plan probably had between 10-15 mutual funds to choose from. A rollover to an IRA will increase your investment options and will improve your investment flexibility. Within an IRA managed by a BCM financial advisor you can invest in stocks, bonds and over 10,000 mutual funds. At Beacon Capital Management Advisors, we believe that over the long term greater investment flexibility may lead to improved performance through better diversification and increased investment selection. 3. Investment Advice Are you receiving guidance from a financial professional with selecting the appropriate investments in your 401k, 403b or 457? Probably not. This is perhaps the greatest advantage of a rollover to an IRA. If you opened an IRA rollover account, a BCM financial advisor would help you select a diversified investment portfolio based on your age, time horizon and risk tolerance.SUBMITTED BY TOM VILORD, PRESIDENT – VILORD WEALTH ADVISORS,TURNERSVILLE, NJINFO@VILORDWEALTH.COM, 877-VILORD1IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ATTEND ANY OF OUR UPCOMING WORKSHOPS OR NETWORKING EVENTS, OR IFYOU WOULD LIKE TO TALK TO US ABOUT YOUR INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO, PLEASE GIVE US A CALL AT856-227-2288, 877-VILORD1 OR SEND US AN EMAIL TO INFO@VILORDWEALTH.COM