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080314 Pixel Ache University2008



Pixel Ache University 2008 presentation: short briefing on Internetix, Nettilukio and Sometu-network.

Pixel Ache University 2008 presentation: short briefing on Internetix, Nettilukio and Sometu-network.



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080314 Pixel Ache University2008 080314 Pixel Ache University2008 Presentation Transcript

  • Ville Venäläinen March 14yh, 2008 PixelAche
    • What is Internetix?
    • Nettilukio - high school in the internet
    • Sometu - Social media supporting learning -netwotk
    • Some facts:
      • The first open learning environment in Finland
      • It was founded with the belief in mind that we are now living a time where our society will shift into a information era
    • Traditional means of existing institutions are not going to work in a new world
    • New institutions and new ways to operate must be found
    • The first thing to do was to find a place where new forms of behaviour can be born or found
    • In the mid 90's the Internet was a untouched playground for this kind of trial
    • Seeking was made with on demand approach
    • We started to look for what we will find on our way
    • Soon was founded:
      • Internetix campus – www.internetix.fi open learning environment for studies
      • Metodix - learning environment for methodological studies and research
      • Nettiradio mikaeli – first digital learning radio
      • Different kind of tools and experiments on the future research, learning environments, etc.
      • ...and Nettilukio
    • Students form a very heterogeneous group:
      • Age (16-75)
      • Place of residence (around the globe)
      • Aims of studying (degree, hobby)
      • Various situations in life (athletes, shift workers, parents of small children, various disabilities etc.)
    • Over 400 students studying over the net
    • The whole studying is done on the net with no student parties or breaks between lessons
    • The big thing isn't that it operates fully on the internet
    • The big thing is that it’s based fully on trust on its students
      • There are hardly no tests in courses
      • Grades are given on evaluation of the course specific portfolios or other skills demonstrations made in different kind of projects etc.
      • Still these people pass matriculation examination, which is the only time that they are forced be present IRL
  • Social media supporting learning- network
    • Is an experiment where people from different domains gather around a common interest in social media
    • It started in a workshop hosted by Internetix in co-operation with presenters and participants
    • a network containing over 200 participants
    • Network members have a very heterogenous background: business, teaching, studying, citizen media, activism etc.
    • It is a network which is defining itself all the time 
    • It has no single
      • mission
      • opinion
    • • It's all about experimentation, encounters, sharing information and ideas - a journey where we learn and build something new together 
    • Action is what ever comes to people's mind
    • The interest can be work or study related or something just for fun
    • Current  actions
      • Theme meetings monthly
      • Sometumob
      • Different sessions and forums related to support for social media and teaching
    • You can join us in http:// sometu.ning.com/
    • Ville Venäläinen
    • internetix
    • [email_address]
    • +358 44 794 5102
    • skype:ville.venalainen