My story | How to become an entrepreneur by accident

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My story on how did I become an entrepreneur

My story on how did I become an entrepreneur

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  • 1. HOW TO BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR BY ACCIDENT Entrepreneurship Tuesday Ville Simola
  • 2. When I was a kid…
  • 3. My dream job was to become a movie director…
  • 4. …or a football manager
  • 5. ..but I loved making profit by trading Donald Duck cartoons
  • 6. When I was a teenager..
  • 7. I fell in love with computers…
  • 8. …and coded my first website
  • 9. …but ended up producing and selling strong home-made brew
  • 10. When I went to University..
  • 11. At first, I felt completely lost…
  • 12. …then I saw an opportunity in selling fireworks
  • 13. …which helped me to find Aalto Entrepreneurship Society
  • 14. After joining Aaltoes..
  • 15. I build a network of 1000+ professionals
  • 16. I helped to create summer jobs for 40 students…
  • 17. …and continued to create 50+ companies
  • 18. After helping others I felt now it’s time to do my own stuff..
  • 19. So you can call me a serial entrepeneur nowadays…
  • 20. Since I’ve build one of the first crowd funding platforms in Finland called Kiririnki
  • 21. I’m working with a health startup Checkmylevel that has raised 2M+ in funding
  • 22. Together with a team of young coaches setting up the biggest football conference in the Nordics called Arctic Football Forum
  • 23. Running my own consulting company (If I have time) 
  • 24. I’m living the life of an entrepreneur… and I LOVE IT!
  • 25. Lessons learned
  • 26. Lesson #1: Start doing stuff when you are young
  • 27. Lesson #2: Do not get disappointed even if your plans don’t go like planned
  • 28. Lesson #3: Get to know people
  • 29. Lesson #4: Pay it forward
  • 30. Lesson #5: Just do (great) stuff