Must know tips for buying a new laptop


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Must know tips for buying a new laptop

  1. 1. ==== ====Acer is one of the best upcoming PCs available. Click here for more great reviews andinformation: ====Acer Laptops was launched in the year of 1976. Acer Laptop has all features and it can bepurchased at an affordable price rate. Acer is the second largest computer manufactures in theworld. When you are buying laptop, you should consider two things. The first one is cost of thelaptop and second one is quality of the laptop. Acer Extensa and travel mate laptops are awardwinning notebooks. Acer has laptop for home users, large corporations and private company. AcerAspire series and Acer Extensa series are inexpensive entry level laptops.Business people will use Acer Travel Mate Laptop. Ferrari series laptops are special editionlaptops from Acer. Acer notebooks come with pre installed operating system such as windows XP,Linux and Windows Vista. In Acer website, you can checkout all Acer laptops that are available inthe market. You can even contact Acer toll free to find about its latest models.Acer notebooks come with one year international travellers warranty. You can make use of thiswarranty anywhere in the world. This laptop comes with security protection called finger printrecognition. With this protection, no one can access your personal data except you. This notebookhas many USB ports, Wi-Fi internet connectivity, Web camera, Bluetooth connectivity, PCMCIAand many other features. The Acer Aspire One D255 is a special notebook because it comes withdual core Intel Atom processor.Each core is running at 1.5GHz boasting, hyper threading and 512KB of L2 cache. The hyperthreading will give bit of boost when you perform multitask. Acer Aspire One D255 comes with theIntel GMA 31509 integrated graphics. This laptop comes with eye catching design. The AcerAspire One D255 notebook has 250 GB hard drive, 1GB of DDR2 RAM, integrated WiFi, 10.1 inchLED display with resolution of 1024 x 699 pixel and Bluetooth. This notebook also includes six cellbatteries.Acer laptops are available at reasonable price rate. The Acer laptop price depends upon itstechnology and features. There are many websites which provide price list. The user can purchasethis laptop through online shopping. There are many portals which provide this facility. The Aceraspire laptop price rate starts from Rs.28, 500 to 35, 900. The Acer Extensa Laptop price ratestarts from Rs.26, 500 to Rs.31, 500. The cost of the Acer Travelmate laptop is Rs.33, 700. TheAcer Aspire Timeline Series price rate starts from Rs.39, 900 to Rs.44, 400.Vinnit Alex is well known author who provide helpful information about buy brand laptops such asand Acer laptops price list and Dell Laptops Price list you can also check product of Naaptolreviews through Online Shopping in India.
  2. 2. Article Source: ====Acer is one of the best upcoming PCs available. Click here for more great reviews andinformation: ====