IBM Connections 3.0.1 & Beyond


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IBM Connections 3.0.1 & Beyond

  1. 1. 1 IBM Connections 3.0.1 & beyond
  2. 2. The wider organization uses Social Collaboration Profiles Home page Find the people you need See whats happening across your social network Communities Work with people who share common roles and expertise Social Analytics Discover who and what you don’t know via recommendations Files Post, share, and discover documents, presentations, images, and more Micro-blogging Wikis Reach out for help your social network Create web content together Activities Bookmarks Organize your work and tap your Save, share, and discover bookmarks professional network Forums Blogs Exchange ideas with, and benefit from Present your own ideas, and learn Value = Discoverothers you dont the expertise of what know and who you should know from others
  3. 3. Social Analytics to Recommend Content and People● People, Community and Content recommendations● Based on user Profiles – tags, social network and actions● Available in Home page, Profiles and Communities● IBM is the first to provide this capability Value = Discover what you dont know and who you should know
  4. 4. Community Enhancements● Ability to create a sub-community within a Community● Ability to create an Activity with a subset of Community members● Easily share a File from your personal Files list with a Community● Ability to send invitations to new Community members B2C Value = Increase sales and customer retention B2E Value = Lower costs with productive remote employees
  5. 5. Forums application● Stand-alone Forums● Multiple Forums in a Community● Browse by topic, tag and search● My Forums, Public Forums, Ownership, and Following views● Question and Answer topic workflow
  6. 6. Email Digest and Improved Notifications● Includes option to receive followed content as an email digest● Central preferences for how to get notified about different types of content● Ability to follow individual content, people,Communities and tags Value = Reduce redundant work!
  7. 7. Getting Started Page ● Users are introduced to the features ● Instructional videos are provided ● Customized instructions on how to get started
  8. 8. Improved Navigation Model● Main navigation uses an easy to use drop down menu● Left navigation will provide an easy way to filter content● Home page widgets can live under the left navigation Value = Faster access to the information you need
  9. 9. Accessibility for Widespread Usability Connections 3 is fully accessible to and usable by any and all interested professionals, including those with disabilities.● Implementations of international accessibility standards that enable interoperability with assistive technologies used by professionals with disabilities● Best-of-breed capabilities for people with vision and mobility impairments.● 100% compliant with Section 508 of U.S. Rehabilitation Act Value = Increase sales by giving sales staff all the answers
  10. 10. Lotus Connections Mobile● Lotus Connections supported on: ─ Apple iPhone and iPod Touch ─ Apple iPad ─ Android 2.x devices ─ Nokia S60 3rd and 5th edition devices● Profiles board, Communities, Files, Forums and Bookmarks are now available Value = Increase sales by giving sales staff all the answers
  11. 11. Integration ● Integration with Lotus Notes ● Integration with Sharepoint ● Integration with WebSphere Portal
  12. 12. Video and Photo Galleries● Create a more compelling experience for visitors through Video and photo sharing● Be able to share rich media in addition to text the to make the experience more satisfying and compelling● Upload images and videos for viewing inline● Preview an image collection from a preview dialog● Stores uploaded images and videos into the Files repository● One media gallery widget instance allowed per Community
  13. 13. Idea Center Blogs promote Idea Generation● Gather structured feedback through IdeaCtr blogs from customers● Generation and filtering of the best ideas● Post ideas and gather feedback from customers in a more efficient and structured way● Allow voting and comments from customers to bring popular ideas to surface● Facilitate moving the best ideas to development of the idea via use of Activities
  14. 14. Idea Center Blogs• Members can see the list of ideas, comments and votes• Members can offer up comments and cast votes themselves• New ideas are shown in the widget• Shows the ideas with the most votes
  15. 15. Graduated Idea• Owners can take a graduated Idea and start an activity for it – so that people can take action on the idea• A section is created called “Graduated Idea from IdeaCtr blog• The graduated idea is now an entry within the section• A link to the entry within the IdeaCtr blog is appended to the top of the entry body
  16. 16. New Moderation Capabilities● Higher quality community participation through moderation● Get the benefits of community participation, while also having the confidence of being able to moderate and govern activity and content in your customer communities● Protect the community from inappropriate content● Community members and owners can participate in the moderation process
  17. 17. Global Pre-Moderation Community Pre-Moderation
  18. 18. Outlook Social Connector● Profiles network locally synchronized as contacts● Profiles photos and meta-data on each contact record● In-context view of social activity from Connections● In-context view of social activity from selected message.● Ability to Invite to network from selected message.● Ability to follow a user (subscribe to get updates in digest form) from selected message.● Connections tab on Outlook ribbon bar● Address emails with Profiles directory search● Copy emails and all attachments into a new or existing Activity● Search Lotus Connections data
  19. 19. Files Connector for Lotus Notes● Access Connections Files from Lotus Notes Sidebar● Drag and drop files to quickly upload● Search for files and people and download
  20. 20. Coming Soon in IBM ConnectionsIBM Connections Next
  21. 21. In-Context Experiences● Take action on content directly from your Activity Stream as well as your Inbox without switching contexts (ex. File Preview, Comment inline, Vote on an idea, etc)● Consistent user experiences for navigating all tools and interacting with content across the portfolio● Share and personalize content no matter where you are using the share button in the navigation
  22. 22. Microblogging Enhancements● Add Images to your Status Updates ─ Upload files quickly and easily ─ Preview as a thumbnail● Like Status Updates ─ Single click to give positive feedback ─ See who else Liked the entry● Search Microblog Entries ─ Refine in or out of network ─ Hashtags searchable● Expanded Social Analytics ─ Microblog Tag cloud ─ Top contributors on search terms
  23. 23. Enhanced Communities for TeamsAdd new functions to communities to meet team use cases forsharing and collaboration● Calendar widgets for events ─ Calendar added to Community – Daily, Weekly, Monthly views – Overview on Community page – Support for repeating events (daily, weekly etc.) ─ iCal feed allows you to view in personal calendar such as Lotus Notes ─ Integration into Connections Activity Stream and Search● LDAP Group support ─ Allow LDAP groups to join Communities ─ Keep LDAP group in sync with Community access
  24. 24. Business to ConsumerCreation and management of compelling customer communities● Reports/ dashboard to monitor adoption and community vitality ─ Comprehensive set of metrics of all Connections services – Content in the database – Page view ─ Targeted Users – Business Owner / IT Owner – Instance Owner (Community owner, Blog owner etc.) ─ Support extensibility – Flexible drill down and data slicing – Create/Modify metrics
  25. 25. Different User Metrics● Metrics overview page● Drill Down● Filter by Geography● Custom Reports
  26. 26. Thank you